Monday, September 8, 2008

Dhaam Dhoom

Prominent Cinematographer turned Director Jeeva’s new venture ‘Dhaam Dhoom’ has caught attention well before its release. It is not because of the stars who acted in the film or the kind of theme he has selected for the film, but for a different cause. The issue will be remembered forever, it is not a happy situation to be quoted; it was in the middle of the shoot of this particular film at Russia, Jeeva passed away in his 40's after suffering from a heart attack. The film was completed with the effort of his associates lead by Manikandan under the guidance of his tutor PC Sreeram and Jeevas’ wife, Aneez Jeeva who also worked as the costume designer for the movie.

Jeeva has worked as cameraman for big films like ‘Gentleman’, ‘Kadhalan’, ‘Indian’, ‘Run’, ‘Sandaikkozhi’, ‘Laysa Laysa’, ‘Abhimanyu’, ‘Chandralekha’, ‘Hera Pheri’, ‘Chup Chupke’, ‘Hulchal’ etc. Though worked as associate for PC Sreeram, it was Priyadarshan who made him independent through ‘Abhimanyu’. Later Jeeva entered the direction area through ‘12B’(Jothika & Shyam), then he gave films like ‘Ullam Ketkume’ (debut film of artists like Asin, Arya and Pooja), ‘Run’ (hindi version with Abhishek Bachan) and ’Unnale Unnale’(Vinay & Sada). None of these were big hits, but all the movies caught attention due to the selection of theme and its presentation.

‘Jayam’ Ravi, Kankana Ravaut (‘Gangster fame), Laxmi Rai, Jayaram etc has acted in the film. Harris Jayaraj has scored some good numbers in his usual style. ‘Pudhu Pudhu’ song is different in its tune and picturisation. The film has got a good representation of Russia with its excellent cinematography.

‘Jayam’ Ravi did the role of an MBBS student. He is engaged, just 10 days before marriage he goes to Russia for attending a conference. There he happens to meet a native lady who was involved in some drug smuggling activities and as a result of keeping in touch with her, he is arrested as a suspect and jailed for committing a murder. In the later stages only he came to know that was a trap. Laxmi Rai, who plays the role of a lawyer, comes for his rescue. In the middle of these hurdles and hazards, his lady love and its emotions is also showed through a parallel track. In the end, how he reaches back is what showed in this film.

‘Dhaam Dhoom’ has got the sad signature of its cinematographer/ director in each and every colourful frame. I don’t have a sadist mind to make my comment on each and every scene of this film. Knowing all the circumstances nobody can do that. But I am sure, you don’t see much negatives here. You can watch it if you have got any sentiments for Jeeva.

‘Dhaam Dhoom’ is a love story filled with some songs, actions, chase sequences etc.

Rating : 3 / 5

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dai ithu vaichathe film kanan oru moham sathyam anna