Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Babu Antony, Vijayaraghavan, Shammi Thilakan, Poorna

Director : Simon Kuruvila

Music : S.P.Venikitesh

The early 90's saw the rise of some heroes who were notable through negative roles only, thus many projects were made and marketed under their label. The main participants in that group were Suresh Gopi and Babu Antony. M
ovies like 'Thalasthaanam', 'Ekalavyan', 'Commissioner' etc gave a star image for Suresh Gopi, who acted as villain in many movies since the mid 80's period. Another tall personality Babu Antony, who was introduced by Bharathan (in 'Chilambu'), had also entered the hero position at the same time and gave movies like 'Gaandhaari', 'Arabia', 'Kadal', 'Chandha', 'Bharanakoodam', 'Boxer', 'Kambolam' etc. Though the number of projects were more, the trend lasts for around 3-4years only. After that, he took a gap from the industry, to concentrate more on the personal life. In the second entry he was doing more character and villain roles, now after a gap of around 10years, he had done a hero role in a movie titled 'K.K.Road'.

As there were not
many releases last week, I was forced to watch the movie. Since traveling is a passion for me, I liked the title of the movie, 'K.K.Road' (it means Kottayam-Kumili road, a notable and busy traffic section connecting the districts of Kottayam and the hilly areas of Idukki). I had not heard the director's name Simon Kuruvila before; but the name of political leaders from different parties who were associated with this movie is good enough to give an idea about the personal connection of this producer-director. Some of the politicians who acted in notable roles in the movie includes T.N.Prathapan, C.K.Padmanabhan, P.C.George and V.N.Vaasavan; M.K.Muneer had sung a couple of songs for the movie and Kadannappally Ramachandran's name was there one the top of the voice artists list. Cinematographer Venopalan, who worked for movies like 'Ente veedum Appoontem', 'Mr.Brahmachaari', 'Nammal', 'Pandhayakkozhi', 'Arayannangalude Veedu' etc; is there behind the lenses to give support for the new director. The experienced writer Kalloor Dennis ('Sandharbham', 'Mimics Parade', 'Kudumbasamedham', 'Neelakkurukkan' fame) has written the script.

In the beginning, the dead bodies of 4 members belonging to a family were found in the valley. Haridas (Babu Antony) is the police officer who took in charge of the investigation. The chief minister (C.K.Padmanabhan) gave him full freedom to do his duty. The suspects (Vijayaraghavan, Abu Salim, Nishanth Sagar) were questioned. When the investigation started, a couple of other murders also happened. In the end, the honest officer found out the real culprits.

Viewers are always interested to watch a murder investigation subject even if it is presented in an average way only. We all are aware of such a fact, except the director here. The scripting side it too weak. By placing the politicians (who are inexperienced in the acting area) in some notable roles and lengthy scenes, the whole environment has badly affected. We can't blame 'them' for the poor performance, it is the person who had given them such a burden is really responsible. The characters done by the politicians are given their real names, the reason for that is unknown. The press conference scene and the arrangement of photographers in it are too amateurish. The name of a finance company and its credibility repeated many t
imes by some characters shows that the shooting of the movie happens at least a couple of years before. There is no big suspense element as expected and the motive for the murders are also weak.

Babu Antony did the lead role in his usual way. Action director Palaniraja still follows
the same fighting methods he did for the same hero almost 15years before. Songs by S.P.Venkitesh are very below average, choreographer Shanthi did her work according to the song. Venugopalan's camera work is average only. P.C.Mohanan is the editor. Sun Pictures is the distributor (they are surely not the banner who are producing the 150crore project 'Yendhiran').

In the climax, the hero is chasing the villain in a vehicle, then a fight followed by the running sequence, that didn't ends forever; On the other side a meeting involving most of the leaders (mentioned above) in which the lengthy speech of one by one were also shown, I didn't have the patience and broad mindedness to watch such a horrible situation, I left the theater at that moment...

'K.K.Road' is one such film where some politicians also got the chance to show their faces. Since there is nothing interesting in the subject and its execution, it is better to keep distance.

Rating : 2 / 10

Friday, September 24, 2010


Medium : Tamil
Starring : Vikranth, Harish, Ramakrishnan, Singam Puli, Poongodi, Swasthika

Director : Raasu Madhavan

Music : Sabesh Murali

The hang over of movies like 'Subramanyapuram', 'Nadodikal', 'Renigunta' etc is still there in the
kollywood. This time, director Raasu Madhavan ('Mayandi Kudumbathaarar' fame) has come up with a village based action subject placing many new faces. Actor Vijay's cousin Vikranth ('Karka Kasadra', 'Nenjathai Killathe', 'Engal Aasaan' fame) has done a notable character in the movie. Director Nanda Periyasamy comes in the negative role.

As every such projects, here also the story happens in a pla
ce around Madhurai, named Goripalayam. This is the story of four friends who were not having an attractive childhood. The circumstances had made them to involve in all kinds of criminal activities. On the other side, they are also having the kindheartedness to help others. On an occasion, a rich family in the locality, acted against the gang. This is due to the fact that the elder brother of the rich family misunderstood that his sister being loved by a member of the gang. They gave the quotation of destroying the whole gang to a professional killer. Who all remains after the battle is shown in the bloodshed second half of 'Goripalayam'.

The conventional way in which the past of each of the group members shown in the beginning, should have been avoided. The love track in which the rich girl getting into an affair with the
baddie is not a believable thing. The ambition of Vikranth's character and the way in which his character is portrayed has got a mismatch. The lead scene dialogue for the song given to him is a reason provided for the song. The first half area in which the life of the group members shown is too rough. The way in which the hero reacts to the family members due to the drug effect might be realistic, but it won't be an attractive thing for the viewers. The scenes in which one of the group member's mother getting into an illegal relationship with the neighbor should have been treated in a professional way. The way in which Mayilsamy's character tells his flashback and the group reacts in a sentimental way cannot be treated as a perfect sight.

The suspense element that is put on the marriage related portion is good. The scenes in which the group reacts to the established gang leader from outside and the way in which they enters the colony and run away from there are done neatly. Cinematography is done by Balabharani. Music directors duo Sabesh Murali has given mostly 'gana' songs, one of them is a romantic number. By putting many new faces and that too in a violent background, director Raasu Madhavan tried to tell something, but in the end it is not at all conveyed to the expected level.

There are romance, sentiments, songs, fights etc mixed with extreme violence in 'Goripalayam'; but it won't give an attractive sight as you expects...

Rating : 4.5 / 10

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Piranha (3D)

Medium : English
Starring : Elisabeth Shue, Adam Scott, Steven R. McQueen

Director : Alexandre Aja

Few days back only we have discussed about a hollywood 3D movie and its drawbacks, this week you have got another one to watch. The title is also unusual, 'Piranha'. The trailers of this
one have been showing since many weeks and it gave an idea about the theme. English men are always interested in making projects having unusual machines as the villains, sometimes big animals will play the negative roles and natural calamities can also be a crucial factor for a story. Some of the examples are 'Terminator', 'Anaconda', 'Dantes Peak' etc. To be in such a group, 'Piranha' deals with the story of man eating fishes in a lake.

The story happens in the Lake Victoria and
its surrounding areas. In the beginning itself, you are shown the death of a fisherman. His dead body is found later by the coastal guard (Elisabeth Shue) and her team. In the spring festival season, a large crowd gathers in the lake side for the party. Most of them are dancing and enjoying in the water. At the same time a team of scientists (lead by Adam Scott) went to shoot the under water sequences in the lake and are attacked by the Piranhas (flesh eating fish with sharp tooth) and a couple of people are killed. This causes the coast guard team to announce an emergency.

They warned the crowd from entering into the water, in the enjoyment mood nobody obeyed them. They were attacked by a group of Piranhas, many were killed and deeply wo
unded. At the same time, a group who are involved in the shooting of a porn movie in a boat far away from the shore, has also been attacked. The lady guard rushed to the spot to rescue them hearing that her kids are also there in the particular boat, thus goes the episodes of 'Piranha'.

In the first half, the director had tried to make a hype of the creature without fully showing them. The scenes that involves the after effects of the attack has been done well, but they are too brutal. On one such occasion you are shown the body of a lady got cut into two pieces when she is taken to the shore by a couple of persons. The underwater sequences needs more clarity.

The dancing scenes and the arrangements at the shore looked similar
to the MTv late night show named Grind. The over doze of sex in that area, especially the situations like the shooting of a porn movie should have been avoided. Had the censor board in India been seriously taken such an issue, the movie would have been released with an 'A' certificate only with too many cuts. The theme is lacking a proper end in the climax, it looks like they want to do a sequel of this movie. The visual effects and the make up done for the victims of Piranha attacks needs special mention, but it won't be an attractive sight.

'Piranha (3D)' is yet another example of a hollywood movie bearing a non realistic theme, those who are too particular about the fact can watch this. It is strictly not recommended for family audiences due to the inclusion of many vulgar situations.

Rating : 5.5 / 10

Monday, September 20, 2010

Boss Engira Bhaskaran

Medium : Tamil
Starring : Arya, Nayantara, Santhanam, Subbu Panchu, Vijayalakshmi
Director : M.Rajesh

Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja

After enjoying the success of historical subject 'Madrasapattinam', rising star Arya has come up with a comic entertainer, 'Boss Engira Bhaskaran'. He got Nayantara as his pair for the first tim
e. It is produced by big banner Red Giant Movies. M.Rajesh ('Siva Manassile Sakthi' fame) has directed the movie. His first movie was having actor Jeeva in lead role and Arya doing a guest appearance and for 'Boss Engira Bhaskaran', the former one comes in the guest role, which is a coincidence to be noted.

Bhaskaran (Arya) is an easy going guy, who is spending his life in a don't care manner, without doing any job. He is still struggling to pass his arrears. On one such appearance, he met Chandrika (Nayantara), a college lecturer. He started loving her. His elder brother's (Subbu Panchu) marriage is fixed with Chandrika's sister (Vijayalakshmi). Bhaskaran told the love matters to his brother's wi
fe, but she doesn't agrees saying about the irresponsible attitude in life. Bhaskaran leaves the house with the ambition of finding a job and make money, whether he succeeded in it or not is shown in the later portions of 'Boss Engira Bhaskaran'.

The story of the movie is not a fresh one. These type hero roles has happened many times before in many languages. The hero's character lacks the stability that required and the way in which he succeeds and wins the heroine is a cinematic thing only. The characterization of hero's bother is realistic and Subbu Panchu (son of veteran producer Panchu Arunachalam), who did the hero's bother has performed well, but his voice is lacking the necessary gain in many portions. Vijayalakshmi ('Friends' fame) did well in his wife's role also. Like 'Yaaradi Nee Mohini', 'Vallavan' and 'Kalvanin Kaathali', Nayantara is having a domination character; since his looks are more suited for such types of roles, she is good. Though it is not an extra ordinary effort, Arya is also ok for the role. Santhanam, who comes as the hero's friend, has got many laughing situations to handle. Shakila's role is a repetetive one only.

The cinematic spoof done for Jeeva's guest character is not an easily digestive one. His guest role is not so charming as Arya's one in 'Siva Manassile Sakthi'. The episode involving the tutorial college should have been done in a more serious way. The way in which the hero talks to his lover in the class room cann
ot be accepted and the way in which the love at first sight situations are created also needs more clarity. It has now become a trend in using the Ilayaraja songs as bg score, but here in some situations they felt awkward. The group dancers for the marriage song should have been avoided.

Songs by Yuvan Shankar Raja are not so excellent to be remembered. Some colorful visuals has been given by Sakthi Saravanan ('Chennai600028', 'Saroja', 'Goa' fame cinematographer). Vivek Harshan ('Big B', 'Sagar Alias Jackie' fame) is the editor.

If there are no choices, you can watch 'Boss Engira Bhaskaran'. Please note that it is just an average movie only...

Rating : 5.5 / 10

Saturday, September 18, 2010

National Film Awards 2010 - a review

Sorry for being late; At this point, I decided to write my opinion about the national film awards announced recently, only after a friend of mine who is residing outside Kerala called up and asked about my views. As every year, this time also you have got controversies regarding the awards, especially in the case of best film, best actor, best children film and also for the issue that the maximum awards has been given to films produced by the mega corporate banner, Reliance.

Amitabh Bachan has received the best actor award for his performance in 'Paa'. He did the role of a school boy suffering from Progeria disease. He did well by taking a great effort and it is also a fact that his emotions has been covered up by the extra ordinary make up. Bachan's competitor for the same category, Mammootty, who gave a variety of performances in movies like 'Paleri Manikyam', 'Pazhassi Raja', 'Loud Speaker and 'Kutti Sraank', should have been considered. It would have been good if the the award might have been shared between the two. They can ignore him only for the reason that he has already received three (now Bachan, Kamal and Mammootty are the top runners with equal number of awards).

'Kutty Sraank' received the best film, best director, best script,
best cinematography and best costumes awards. The award given to Anjali Shukla is an inspiration for more women to come to the cinematography field. Though costumer Jayan's work won't be so hectic compared to Sai in 'Pazhassiraja', as the theme of 'Kutty Sraank' deals with three stages where a variety of dresses are required, the award given to him can also be accepted

I cannot agree any of the other awards given to 'Kutty Sraank'. The reason is simple, there are many unknown facts in the execution of the movie, more over the presentation is also boring. If watched by a group of 100, only two or three might understand and love such attempts, please excuse me for joining the majority who are not. Renjith ('Paleri Manikyam'), Hariharan ('Pazhassi Raja'), Paandiraj ('Pasanga') and Samudrakkani ('Nadodikal') were more eligible for the best director category when compared to Shaji N.Karun. The award for script given to P.F.Mathews and Harikrishnan ('Kutti Sraank') cannot be compared with the excellent efforts of Renjith, Paandiraaj, Samudrakkani, Rajkumar Hirani and Abhijit Joshi ('3 Idiots') or even Rakesh Omprakash Mehra ('Delhi 6').

The aw
ard given to the best popular film for '3 Idiots' will not be opposed by any one. 'Delhi 6', which bagged the best film with national integration was also not a wrong choice. International figure Resool Pookkutty should receive the recognition for his effort in 'Pazhassi Raja'. I told in my review part itself about the extra ordinary work of Ilayaraja on the music side in 'Pazhassi Raja', anyway it is good to see that he received one, at least for the bg score. Baby Asna, who acted in 'Kelkkunnundo' directed by Geethu Mohandas has got the best child artist award, which is also an unique choice. Special jury awards given for Padmapriya and Sreekar Prasad (editor) are not questionable as both are talented in their areas.

The comments are not given for the other awards on different categories, as I have not seen most of the films mentioned there.


Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Mammootty, Arjun, Jagadeesh, Sneha

Director : T.Aravind

Music. D.Iman

The shooting of 'Vandemaatharam', the bilingual movie starring Mammooty and Arjun for the first time, has been happening for the last two-three years. It was proposed to release last week, but due to financial problems it didn't happened. The producer of the movie Henry ('Yavanika', Marumalarchi' fame) has
written the story and script. Dialogues are by A.K.Santhosh. The director is relatively a new name, T.Aravind. Arjun, who has not got a big success in the recent past is seen with another superstar. Though it is not a comparison, the theme and its environment reminded me of the ever lasting hit 'Kuruthippunal', that came from Kamalhassan - Arjun combination (before watching it). Sneha comes as the heroine for Mammootty after 'Thuruppugulaan'.

Gopi Krishnan (Mammootty), the intelligence officer is staying with his wife (Sneha), who is an air hostess. He is given the charge to investigate the bomb blast threat in Kerala. He took the support of the police officer Anwar (Arjun) in his gang. They found out that a murder happened in the city recently has got some links with the case. After investigations, they reached the person who is taken in charge of the attack. But they can't avoid the blast from happening, that killed many peopl
e. The villain is taken into custody, his cross border connections were also traced. The culprit was not answering their questions even after many physical torturing. Now Gopi Krishnan made a new plan and how his team succeeded in his mission is told in the climax of ''Vandemaatharam'.

The scripting and the execution side are too weak. Hence it felt like watching a third rate dubbed movie from Kannada, in many areas. The dialogues in most areas and the song situations are placed in such a way only. Though the camera men (Panneerselvam & Rajesh Yadav) and editors (Ramarao & Udayashankar)
did their job well by giving some fast visuals, it is not enough to satisfy the viewers. The visual effects sequences used in the investigation office and its associated incidents are good, though the integrity of most of them can be questioned. In some portions, you are shown Chennai with 'pallavan' buses and tamil police officers and the creators are saying the place as Cochin. The story of farmers felt like a documentary. The climax is done in a childish way. Like this you can find many number of unwanted situations there.

Mammootty had done the job, just to count one more movie in his credits. The highly emotional scene towards the end, substantiated the fact. Arjun, with the voice of Shobi Thilakan has got some actions to do. The presence of ropes and the platform beds are evident in most of the ac
tion sequences done by Anal Aras and team. Sneha comes in a song and also in another couple of scenes. D.Iman gave a fast bg score for the mood. His songs are in 'pakka' tamil style and the lyrics in a couple of them are intolerable.

In a scene where the hero looking at his laptop, I asked about its genuineness to my friend who is sitting beside me, his immediate reply was "is that the only problem you find here...?!"

"Mammootty's 'Vandemaatharam' has been renamed as 'One Day Maathram'", to be honest these are the wordings of the mobile message I got while watching the night show of the movie.

'Vandemaatharam' is a movie which can pollute the good environment in the industry happened due to the recent Ramzan releases.

Rating : 2.5 / 10

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Resident Evil : After Life (3D)

Medium : English
Starring : Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, Kim Coates
Director : Paul Anderson

As I told earlier, since there is a permanent 3D screen being set in the capital city, I am getting the chance to watch the 3D versions of the majority
of hollywood movies released these days. I have not get a thrilling experience in any of the movies other than 'Avatar' and 'Final Destination 4'. The latest release in such a version is 'Resident Evil : After Life' which is inspired from a video game. The movie is directed by Paul Anderson ('Alien vs Predator', 'Moratal Kombat', 'Resident Evil' fame). The promotional trailers shown almost a month before had caught attention. It was heard that this movie is the forth part of the 'Resident Evil' series of movies.

As I have not watched any of the previous versions, to understand the concept was a hectic task. Here we are shown, Alice (Milla Jovovich who acted in the previous versions) searching for the group who have conducted the genetic experiments that led to the total destruction. She got the company of four other people to take the revenge. In their journey
, the virus carriers are attacking them. They kills them one by one and in the end reached the ship where the villain stays. Though those persons in the captivities are saved, the villain even after being shot terribly, escapes in a flight and got blasts up in the air. We are not sure whether he is dead or whether he comes back when the next version is planned.

The hollyw
ood creators are still not fed up even after creating so many movies with unbelievable and unnatural themes; still they are wandering for such subjects. It is a fact that they will present the movies in a believable or lovable way. but for every thing there is a limit. Here also you are given a similar theme. This time, the enemy is a viral attack. Those infected by the virus will behave badly as per instructions of the villain. The heroine is successful in destroying all of them. In one such scene, she is shown killing a gang of around 1000 numbers without a single wound in her body. She is using her gun as the weapon and after the incident, she escapes in a rope like the way 'Tarzan' does. In the middle she and her companion (another girl), fights against a giant personality of around 10-12 foot tall and kills him. The movie is having visuals effects in the majority of sequences, they are done well.

The 3D technology available in the theater is not the good one. It is creating an effect, but the main problem happens in the case of clarity. By wearing glasses, the
actual contrast required in the output is not available as it is and thus causes a darker environment, a torch light is required to get the real output (anybody who got the real 3D experience from abroad, please comment on this).

'Resident Evil : After Life (3D)' doesn't gives you a thrilling experience as its trailer, so it won't be a recommended one.

Rating : 5 / 10

Monday, September 13, 2010


Medium : Hindi
Starring : Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Vinod Khanna, Sonu Sood, Sonakshi Sinha, Dimple Kapadia
Director : Abhinav Kashyap
Music : Sajid Wajid, Sandeep Shirodkar (bg score)

Different from the romantic image, Salman Khan has done a police officer's role in his new movie, 'Dabangg'. As his previous movie 'Veer' didn't collected big at the box office, he wants to repeat the action formula once again after 'Wanted' (remake of telugu - tamil hit 'Pokkiri'). Abhinav Kashyap, brother of notable writer -director Anuraag Kashyap ('Dev D', 'Black Friday' fame), is the debutant director of the movie and it is produced by hero's brother, Arbaaz Khan. Sonakshi Sinha, daughter of yesteryear actor Shathrukhnan Sinha, comes as the new heroine of the movie.

The story happens in Uttar Pradesh, where Chumbul Pandey (Salman Khan), the fearless cop lives. His childhood days were not so interesting. When his father died, mother (Dimple Kapadia) marries another person (Vinod Khanna) and they had got a son named Makhi (Arbaaz Khan). Chulbul was not ready to accept his stepfather and half brother, their attitude in return were also similar. Chulbul meets Rajo (Sonakshi Sinha), love at first sight happens. After the mother's death, Chulbul marries Rajo, he also breaks up his relation with other family members. The highly influential politician (Sonu Sood), who wanted to destroy Chulbul make friendship with Makhi. The cause of death of his mother was revealed in the end and how Chulbul takes the revenge happens in the climax of 'Dabangg'.

Salman Khan, with a thin mustache, did well in the police officer's role. His character with a funny attitude has got the shades of an honest officer and a corrupted one at some occasions. Sonakshi Sinha has performed well in her debut chance. Sonu Sood, who is seen as a villain in many telugu and few tamil movies, is good as a villain; But he does not have the enough maturity for this role. Dimple Kapadia, is not best fit for a lovable old mother's role.

The police story told in 'Dabangg' is a repetitive thing only. But it is filled with some catchy action sequences. S.Vijayan, who had choreographed the fast punches in the movie 'Pokkiri' in all its versions along with many telugu projects, had marked his presence here. The fight scene at the railway station needs special mention. Cinematographer Mahesh Limaye, who worked for Madhur Bhandarkar's 'Corporate', 'Fashion' and 'Traffic Signal' has done his job well, so as editor Pranav Dhiwar. Music director duo Sajid Wajid's songs goes with the visuals, but they are not so best to be remembered.

'Dabangg' is an action masala told many times before. A hard core fan of Salman Khan can watch this one.

Rating : 5.5 / 10

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Praanjiyettan & The Saint

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Mammootty, Innocent, Sidhiq, Jagathi, Khusboo, Priyamani, Master Ganapathy
Director : Ranjith

Music : Ouseppachan

In an years gap, after the super hit performance (on acting and direction sides) in 'Paleri Manikyam', Mammootty and Ranjith o
nce again teamed up for a movie named 'Praanjiyettan & The Saint'. In the beginning years of his career, Ranjith wrote comedy flicks like 'Peruvannapurathe Viseshangal', 'Georgekutty c/o Georgekutty, 'Nanma Niranjavan Sreenivasan etc and he is the trend setter creator of 'Devasuram' also, he will go to the extreme low level by making movies like 'Rock n Roll' and 'Chandrolsavam'. It is a sad thing that though his movies like 'Paleri Manikyam', 'Thirakkadha', 'Kerala Cafe' and 'Kaiyoppu' were excellent and different attempts, they didn't do well at the box office, Ranjith is still known as the creator of action hits like 'Narasimham' and 'Raavana Prabhu'.

The title itself shows that his new project will also be a differe
nt attempt from the experienced writer. Cinematographer Venu and music director Ouseppachan came to the Ranjith's camp for the first time through this movie. Another specialty is that the mega star is appearing in a business man's role and that too in a Thrissur slang. Priyamani (after 'Thirakkadha') and Khusboo (after 'Kaiyoppu') once again comes in notable roles under the guidance of the same director. The movie is produced by Ranjith and distributed by Mammootty under the banner Play House.

If you want to watch the movie, please don't go through the next paragraph...

Francis alias Praanjiyettan (Mammootty)
is a rich business man based in Thrissur. His companions (Innocent, Raamu, Tiny Tom, Idavela Babu) are ready to do anything for him. Francis was having an inferiority complex when others calls him as Praanji. Though he started jewelery business, still Praanjiyettan is known as the old rice merchant. Even after having lot of money, Praanji has been suffering from the disadvantage of not having proper education. In the club elections, he failed against his old friend (Sidhiq). Being an open minded personality, Praanji was always willing to help any one who comes on his way. Praanji came across Padmasree (Priyamani), an interior designer and helped her to solve some personal problems. He liked her, but he was unable to express his love. At one stage, Praanji adopted a student to give him proper education, which later lead to some incidents in his life.

Though I have mentioned the story line, it won't travels in the way as you expected. Thus the main attraction of 'Praanjiyettan & The Saint' is the style in which the story is told. Ranjith needs special claps for doing that part successfully. The movie presented in a humorous way has got some messages also. This is yet another brilliant and unique performance by Mammootty. The actor who reproduced maximum variety of slangs and modulations through movies like '1921', 'Sooryamaanasam', 'Vidheyan', 'Oru Vadakkan Veeragaadha', 'Kottayam Kunnachan', 'Mrigaya', 'Daany', 'Raajamaanikyam' etc; once again thrills you with his new appearance in 'Praanjiyettan & The Saint'. It is time for the actor to establish the Thrissur talking style like the way he did the capital city's slang.

All the artists did well in their roles. The new face who comes in the Saint's role and director Ranjith (his name was not shown in the credits), who gave voice to him did an excellent job. Jagathi, who is seen consecutively in the third Ramzan release, did the teacher's role in his style. Master Ganapathy ('Vinodayathra' fame) has also got a lengthy role to do. Some of the Thrissur natives like T.G.Ravi, Sreejith Ravi, Jayaraj Warrier, Idavela Babu etc also got a chance to perform. Drama artists like Sasi Kalinga, Sivaji Guruvayur etc also performed well. Priyamani and Khusboo also did well. Vimmy Mariam George who dubbed in Trichur slang should be noted here. Venu's camera work is excellent. Vijay Shankar is the editor. Ouseppachan's bg score goes well with the story, the picturisation of 'kinnavile janaalakal...' song is good.

Director Ranjith's extra boldness and his faith on the malayalee viewers were revealed at the time itself he did a different climax for 'Nandanam'. In 'Praanjiyettan & The Saint', he took a step ahead and established the fact that any creativity would be accepted if it is told in a believable way.

In the 30th year of his career, with around 350+ movies experience, Mammootty proved that he can still show wonders. 'Praanjiyettan & The Saint' is a different humorous attempt by Ranjith, don't miss it...

Rating : 9 / 10

Friday, September 10, 2010

Elsamma Enna Aankutty

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Ann Agustine, Kunjakko Boban, Indrajith, Nedumudi Venu, Jagathi, Vijayaraghavan
Director : Lal Jose

Music : Rajamani

The promising director of the decade, Lal Jose has come up with his new project, with an unusual
title 'Elsamma Enna Aankutty'. Ann Agustine, daughter of actor Agustine, did the title role. Kunjakko Boban, who is enjoying a good period in his second season through movies like 'Mummy & Me', 'Sakudumbam Shyamala' etc has teamed up with Lal Jose for the first time. Sindhuraj, who has written script for Lal Jose movie 'Mulla', 'Pattanathil Sundaran', 'Jalolsavam' and 'Puthiya Mukham' is the writer. Rajaputhra Ranjith ('Red Chillies', 'Chinthamani Kolacase' fame) has produced the movie. The usual name of action movies and the busy man in the background music side, Rajamani gave music for the songs in 'Elsamma Enna Aankutty', after a long gap.

This is the story of Elsamma (Ann Agustine), who works hard by doing different jobs and earns for her family that includes mother (KPAC Lalitha) and her three sisters. She is also working
as the local news agent for a reputed news paper and due to her boldness, people call her as a boy (aankutty) sometimes. Unnikrishnan (Kunjakko Boban) is the local milk supplier. He likes Elsamma, but he is not able to reveal his love. Elsamma's neighbor Paappi's (Nedumudi Venu) grand son Ebi (Indrajith) who is in abroad, reached the village with his sister. Ebi tried to attract Elsamma by doing many tricks. The toddy shop owner (Vijayaraghavan) along with the panchayat member (Jagathi) decided to act against the honest attitude of Elsamma. At one stage, Ebi's friends (Manikkuttan and gang), reached there. Ebi decided to marry Elsamma an she also agrees it, thus goes the story of 'Elsamma Enna Aankutty'.

Being a fresh face, Ann Agustine did well. In some areas, voice of Vimmy Mariam dominates her performance. Her role has got shades of Manju Warrier's character in 'Kanmadam'. Kunjakko Boban and Indrajith are good. The latter's performance has got the hang over of his role in 'Classmates'. Suraaj Venjarammood creates some laughing sequences in the broker's role. Manikkuttan also creates attention. The character of Jagathi is a cliche, since it is done by the veteran, no big complaints will come. Since the state has witnessed a liquor tragedy recently, the activities of Vijayaraghavan's character became ideal at this point of time. The family scenes of Elsamma are done neatly. Vijay Ulaganathan is the cinematographer. Ranjan Abraham is the editor. Though not on the high standards, music director Rajamani gave some variety songs, his bg score is good.

Some of the situations that created a negative response from the crowd should have been avoided. The scene in which Elsamma followed by his sisters and the lover marching towards the house to meet a child i
n the end, the hospital combination scene featuring rich girl and Elsamma, the crying scene of the old man's son towards the end, the song featuring Ebi, his friends along with Elsamma and her sisters etc. May be some among them are realistic sequences, but Lal Jose, with an experience of around 20years in the industry, should have taken extra care while working on such areas. The crowd responded rightly at the time it required, theater was filled with loud howling voice for such scenes.

'Elsamma Enna Aankutty' is a family movie told in the village background; It is not a boring one, hence you can watch it, ignoring the very small loop holes happened here and there in its presentation side.

Rating : 7 / 10


Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Mohanlal, Lalu Alex, Jagathi, Kalabhavan Mani, Kailash, Ananya, Sneha, Mythili

Director : M.Padmakumar

Music : M.Jayachandran, Ouseppachan (bg score)

A project planned with Mohanlal and Nasrudeen Sha
h on the background of forest and bamboo trees, has been announced with Viji Thamby as the director, almost 7-8years ago. If my memory is right, Mohanlal's character name 'Balaraaman' itself was the title for the movie. Any way that project didn't happened, in the middle, the name of Lal Jose came in the director's list. Now, the chance has gone for M.Padmakumar ('Ammakkilikkoodu', 'Vasthavam', 'Vargam', 'Parunthu' fame), to be the captain of the ship, a former associate to master craftsman Renjith. 'Shikkar', which is shot in the dense forests of Kothamangalam, Pooyamkutty etc were also in the news as actor Sreenath's end happened during the shooting days of particular movie. S.Suresh Babu ('Thaandavam', 'Daada Saahib' fame) is the script writer.

The story happens in the high range village of Chittaazha which is busy in the bamboo season. Balaraaman (Mohanlal) is a lorry driver, he has got a companion (Kalabhavan Mani) always. He acted against the baddies who came to create an unstable environment with in the workers, thus he is loved by all in the locality. He lost his wife (Sneha), he now stays with his daughter Ganga (Ananya, 'Positive', 'Naadodikal' fame) is a medical student. Some of the incidents that happened in the life of Balaraaman always haunts him. Ganga started loving Manu (Kailash), a press photographer. When known about Manu's past, Balaraaman opposed their relationship and later he was forced to reveal his flash back.

Mohanal is excellent and his appearance has got the flavor of movies like 'Naran' and 'Bhramaram'. M.Padmakumar has not been successful to dominate 'Shikkar' over those projects, the inclusion of some unwanted scenes added to the negative. The tamil song 'Sembakame Sevappazhake...' featuring Lal (director) and a girl with dancers was only helpful for some viewers for going out to have a smoke and come. Please don't forget that Lal doesn't have a Prabhudeva image among the crowd. It is time for Suraaj Venjarammood to be choosy in his roles, more over his character is showing identical behavior as Jagathi's one. Kalabhavan Mani was not at all needed, he is here to support the hero in punches. Jagathi coming in a rich man appearance for the second time, is shown with his son-in-law (Kannan Pattaambi, production controller), such a scene won't creates laughing as you expected; the reason for the former calling the latter as brother-in-law is not known.

The story of 'Shikkar' is good, but the movie is lagging in many areas. The telugu dialogues heard in the forest has got a 'nagavally' tone, which should have been avoided, as the owner of the voice is shown later. The climax fight happening in between the thick mountains and forest shows that the crew had suffered well, but the output was not thrilling as expected. Since the time and location of the incidents are shown in between the title credits, it creates a confusion in the beginning. The relation of Balaraaman and Ganga can be doubtful (at least for me), whether she is his daughter or his brother's ?. The funny dialogues told by most of the characters in the end of every shot or scenes (might have done during dubbing) are not attractive. The characters of Kochu Preman, Sreelatha, N.L.Balakrishnan etc can be used as fillers only. The reason for Jagathy's fear for the hero's character left unknown. The action scenes and its build up in the first half is an adaptation from many such heroic subjects. The hit duet 'Enthedi Enthedi...' should have been visualized welll, in a greenery backdrop rather than the Hyderabad location.

The telugu song and the associated incidents are shown well to register Abdulla's character to a great extend (though I expect the crowd would be restless, it was not like that). The message given in the climax is good. M.Jayachandran had given the songs for the mood. Bg score by Ouseppachan is good. Manoj Pillai's cinematography is excellent. Ranjan Abraham is the editor. By giving her own voice, Ananya did well in the role. Even in a small role Samudrakkani marked his presence.

'Shikkar' won't stands up to your expectation. It can be watched to witness Mohanlal in another rough and tough role.

Rating : 7 / 10

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Inganeyum Oraal

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Saikumar, Vinu Mohan, Maamukkoya, Praveena, Sarayoo

Director : Kabir Raothar

Music : Mohan Sitara

I have decided to watch a project like 'Inganeyum Oraal' only because of the fact that I have to write review on it. I didn't get a chance to watch Sreenivasan's movie 'Athmakadha' which l
eft the theaters last week. Some of my blog followers enquired about the review of the particular project, even though it didn't ran for a week only. It is a strange 'coincidence' that many people are interested in asking about the reviews, if I have not written it. So this time, I don't want to commit the mistake !

Balachandra Menon (Saikumar) is a college professor. He is a chronic bachelor who lives with his nephew Rahul (Vinu Mohan) and the servant (Maamukkoya). His well wishers are searching a suitable bride for him, but he is not ready to accept any. A marriage proposal moved by Menon
is rejected by her colleague (Praveena) . He is too sad at this. One day, the marriage broker showed the photo of Priyamvadha (again Praveena), who belongs to a poor family. She was once Menon's student in the same college, years before. Menon and Priyamvadha married soon. As days passed, the stability in the relationship between the couple affected. Rahul has got a lover (Sarayoo, 'Kappalu Muthalaali' fame). Priyamvadha was a open minded lady. Menon became doubtful at his wife's character. The suspicious attitude caused a split in relationship between the two.

The story is told many many times before even from the olden days. The placement of some unrealistic situations and amateurish artists made the environment more polluted. The reason for giving a double role character for Praveena is still not known. I think the old director might be a big fan of her. The climax also raised many doubts, no one can give assurance that whether the couple lived happily or both of them dead on the same place.

The 2-3 seconds pause given to the end of the majority of scenes should have been avoided. The songs done by Mohan Sitara are not memorable. They are also shown too ordinarily, the one in which the lovers in 'Shakunthalam' costumes is horrible and the marriage song is also done without home work. The bg score bit at the introduction of the teacher Praveena, is the same bit used for Mithra Kurian in 'Raama Raavanan' (both are done by Mohan Sitara, since it is adapted from M.Jayachandran's 'maanmizhi poovu...' song bg, I was able to identify both of them easily).

The college atmosphere is filled with many unwanted situations. The students openly making comments at the teacher, they making fun outside the staff room of their favorite teacher, with
out any provocation and the dwarf security defending the entry of teacher are too childish and won't happen in any colleges. The scenes inside the staff room can make you restless. The placement of three servants (Mamukkoya, Indrans, Kolappulli Leela) for such a small family is a questionable thing. The behavior of the servant lady in some areas goes out of control. Some times the family members (KPAC Lalitha, P.Sreekumar etc) are shown, on another times they are absent. The neighbors entering one by one to praise the couples, the accident happening in front of the hero, the hero watching his wife traveling in a bike etc all felt created things only. The dilaogues during the phone talk by the heroine, towards the end, felt too dramatic. It is not good to test the viewers again by giving such cliche misunderstanding situations like the palmistry and bathing episodes. Saikumar, Praveena and Maamukkoya did well in their roles. Vinu Mohan and Sarayoo gave the performances in the way it demanded. Ramachandra Babu is the cinematographer and Beena Paul is the editor.

By the time, you read the review of 'Inganeyum Oraal', there will be many notable projects in theaters; it is better to choose one among them...

Rating : 2.5 / 10