Saturday, September 18, 2010


Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Mammootty, Arjun, Jagadeesh, Sneha

Director : T.Aravind

Music. D.Iman

The shooting of 'Vandemaatharam', the bilingual movie starring Mammooty and Arjun for the first time, has been happening for the last two-three years. It was proposed to release last week, but due to financial problems it didn't happened. The producer of the movie Henry ('Yavanika', Marumalarchi' fame) has
written the story and script. Dialogues are by A.K.Santhosh. The director is relatively a new name, T.Aravind. Arjun, who has not got a big success in the recent past is seen with another superstar. Though it is not a comparison, the theme and its environment reminded me of the ever lasting hit 'Kuruthippunal', that came from Kamalhassan - Arjun combination (before watching it). Sneha comes as the heroine for Mammootty after 'Thuruppugulaan'.

Gopi Krishnan (Mammootty), the intelligence officer is staying with his wife (Sneha), who is an air hostess. He is given the charge to investigate the bomb blast threat in Kerala. He took the support of the police officer Anwar (Arjun) in his gang. They found out that a murder happened in the city recently has got some links with the case. After investigations, they reached the person who is taken in charge of the attack. But they can't avoid the blast from happening, that killed many peopl
e. The villain is taken into custody, his cross border connections were also traced. The culprit was not answering their questions even after many physical torturing. Now Gopi Krishnan made a new plan and how his team succeeded in his mission is told in the climax of ''Vandemaatharam'.

The scripting and the execution side are too weak. Hence it felt like watching a third rate dubbed movie from Kannada, in many areas. The dialogues in most areas and the song situations are placed in such a way only. Though the camera men (Panneerselvam & Rajesh Yadav) and editors (Ramarao & Udayashankar)
did their job well by giving some fast visuals, it is not enough to satisfy the viewers. The visual effects sequences used in the investigation office and its associated incidents are good, though the integrity of most of them can be questioned. In some portions, you are shown Chennai with 'pallavan' buses and tamil police officers and the creators are saying the place as Cochin. The story of farmers felt like a documentary. The climax is done in a childish way. Like this you can find many number of unwanted situations there.

Mammootty had done the job, just to count one more movie in his credits. The highly emotional scene towards the end, substantiated the fact. Arjun, with the voice of Shobi Thilakan has got some actions to do. The presence of ropes and the platform beds are evident in most of the ac
tion sequences done by Anal Aras and team. Sneha comes in a song and also in another couple of scenes. D.Iman gave a fast bg score for the mood. His songs are in 'pakka' tamil style and the lyrics in a couple of them are intolerable.

In a scene where the hero looking at his laptop, I asked about its genuineness to my friend who is sitting beside me, his immediate reply was "is that the only problem you find here...?!"

"Mammootty's 'Vandemaatharam' has been renamed as 'One Day Maathram'", to be honest these are the wordings of the mobile message I got while watching the night show of the movie.

'Vandemaatharam' is a movie which can pollute the good environment in the industry happened due to the recent Ramzan releases.

Rating : 2.5 / 10


Anonymous said...

giving 9/10 for pranchiyettan made me thought that you are a mammooty fan, anyway you proved yu r not !! - V

Anonymous said...

Being a mammooty fan, why couldn't you have given a good rating for this? some people questionned you for the rating 9, you have given for pranjichettan. So you just tried to escape from those criticism and have given a diffent approach in reviewing vandemaathram. This is for the first time you are doing like this for a Mammooty movie.