Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Piranha (3D)

Medium : English
Starring : Elisabeth Shue, Adam Scott, Steven R. McQueen

Director : Alexandre Aja

Few days back only we have discussed about a hollywood 3D movie and its drawbacks, this week you have got another one to watch. The title is also unusual, 'Piranha'. The trailers of this
one have been showing since many weeks and it gave an idea about the theme. English men are always interested in making projects having unusual machines as the villains, sometimes big animals will play the negative roles and natural calamities can also be a crucial factor for a story. Some of the examples are 'Terminator', 'Anaconda', 'Dantes Peak' etc. To be in such a group, 'Piranha' deals with the story of man eating fishes in a lake.

The story happens in the Lake Victoria and
its surrounding areas. In the beginning itself, you are shown the death of a fisherman. His dead body is found later by the coastal guard (Elisabeth Shue) and her team. In the spring festival season, a large crowd gathers in the lake side for the party. Most of them are dancing and enjoying in the water. At the same time a team of scientists (lead by Adam Scott) went to shoot the under water sequences in the lake and are attacked by the Piranhas (flesh eating fish with sharp tooth) and a couple of people are killed. This causes the coast guard team to announce an emergency.

They warned the crowd from entering into the water, in the enjoyment mood nobody obeyed them. They were attacked by a group of Piranhas, many were killed and deeply wo
unded. At the same time, a group who are involved in the shooting of a porn movie in a boat far away from the shore, has also been attacked. The lady guard rushed to the spot to rescue them hearing that her kids are also there in the particular boat, thus goes the episodes of 'Piranha'.

In the first half, the director had tried to make a hype of the creature without fully showing them. The scenes that involves the after effects of the attack has been done well, but they are too brutal. On one such occasion you are shown the body of a lady got cut into two pieces when she is taken to the shore by a couple of persons. The underwater sequences needs more clarity.

The dancing scenes and the arrangements at the shore looked similar
to the MTv late night show named Grind. The over doze of sex in that area, especially the situations like the shooting of a porn movie should have been avoided. Had the censor board in India been seriously taken such an issue, the movie would have been released with an 'A' certificate only with too many cuts. The theme is lacking a proper end in the climax, it looks like they want to do a sequel of this movie. The visual effects and the make up done for the victims of Piranha attacks needs special mention, but it won't be an attractive sight.

'Piranha (3D)' is yet another example of a hollywood movie bearing a non realistic theme, those who are too particular about the fact can watch this. It is strictly not recommended for family audiences due to the inclusion of many vulgar situations.

Rating : 5.5 / 10

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gayathri said...

i dont think piranha is not an unusual name coz dats d name of a type of omnivorous fish which is apparently the antagonist(s) in the movie...