Wednesday, October 31, 2007


'Malaikottai' is another action flick from Vishal directed by Bhoopathipandyan('Thiruvilayadal Aarambham' fame). The heroine here is Priyamani.One should not forget that she is here after delivering her excellent performance through the film 'Paruthiveeran'.Like actresses Revathi,Radhika,Rekha, Radha,Ranjitha etc; she was also introduced by the veteran director Bharathiraja.But as other heroines she has not changed her name to a different name starting with director's lucky letter 'R'. I dont know whether that has affected her luck in career.But the film field people always believe in such unwanted superstitions.

For those who needs introduction about actor Vishal - He is the one who emerged as a star in the tamil field within a short span of 3-4years.Before acting he was working as an assistant director to actor-director Arjun. Though his first movie 'Chellame' was a hit,he took his name thru his next film 'Sandaikkozhi' directed by Lingusamy,then came another hit 'Thimir',followed by 'Sivapathikaram' & 'Thamirabarani'. May be you can ask, whats his speciality ? There is no such thing to point out, but the real tamilian-look & his youthfulness helped him to keep his place.

Also there is no much speciality in the story of 'Malaikottai'.Hero who is a residentee of Puthukottai met with a rowdy,as a result of such a police case he is being transfered to his uncle's place by his family.After reaching Trichy,his attitude remains the same.That place is ruled by another don.

Hero happened to come across this don's brother,where the latter is beaten brutally like anything & he finally suicides since ashamed of facing the public again.In the climax how the hero takes victory over villain with the help of his uncle who is a police inspector is what 'Malaikottai' is.

The story almost comes to an end in the first half itself.It is elongated to the maximum with the help of songs,romantic situations and some action sequences.The incident in which the heroine pointing the villain's brother claiming that he is her lover,felt different.But in that scene the negative character is shown in an excentric manner.I dont know why the director has asked him to behave like so in most of the scenes.Since his body language himself shows that he is a villain,whats the use in such an overacting ?! Kannada actor Devraj has done good in the leading negative role.

This is the period of Remix songs.'Malaikottai' has also got one.Ilayaraja's old hit number 'hey aatha athorama...' is remixed here & is also picturised colorfuly.Music director Manisharma's hit number 'hey baby...' has also got attractive visuals.

Another name to be quoted here is the action director Kanalkannan.He is the one who has took fame through action squences in 'Citizen','Padayappa', 'Muthalvan' etc. In 'Malaikottai' also he has much to do.

( i dont know whether you people will enjoy an action scene in which a villain is being throwed/hit to 50-100feets by the hero,but i always love to watch a neatly choreographed action sequence in the modern DTS mix technology.Since cinema is a fantasy medium - songs & action scenes are also part of it, you cant laugh at me...)

'Malikottai' is not upto the mark compared to the list of hero's previous hit films.If you have not seen any of the films of Vishal, then you can watch this film to know what he is...

Rating : 2.5 / 5

Monday, October 22, 2007

Bhool Bhulaiya

Director Priyadarshan continuing his reign of remaking malayalam films in hindi.'Bhool Bhulaiya' is the latest one in the list.When some press people asked about the theme during the shoot of this film,he told them,this is the first psychological thriller ever happened in hindi.I dont know whether he can claim like that,anyway 'Bhool Bhulaiya' is a carbon copy of malayalam superhit film 'Manichitrathazhu'.

No need to mention the story of the film here.This story happens in Benares,the bank of river ganges.Here the haunted house is too big that we can call it as a 'haunted palace'.While living there, the married couple facing so many problems and a friend of them arrives to solve these things & what happens to them in the end is all discussed here.Shiny Ahuja('Gangster','Woh Lamhe' fame),Vidyabalan & Akshaykumar has done these roles respectively.

You should also know that tamil film 'Chandramukhi' by Rajnikanth-Jyothika & kannada film 'Apthamitra' by Vishnuvardhan-Soundarya were also remakes of 'Manichitrathazhu'.Both
these ran for more than 400days & they were directed by another malayalee,P Vasu.But in those films there were many changes in hero's characterisation as well as the climax portions.

All the scenes in 'Manichitrathazhu' is picturised as it is in hindi.It is good that Priyan has followed the malayalam version.But there also he has done a mistake by creating an extra lady character in the family who is mentally retarded,she has no dialogue till end,but she is there in most of the frames - it is like the placement of the dog in most of the frames of 'bobanum moliyum' cartoon series by Toms.The comedy part here is that in the climax portions showing excentric performance of the heroine, this lady get shocked & is recovered from mental illness !!!

None of the artists in 'Bhool Bhulaiya' is anywhere near the malayalee actors in performance, including Paresh Ravel(Innocent's role), Asrani(Ganeshan's role) & Rajpal Yadav(Pappu's role).
Vidyabalan should not be compared with Sobhana or Soundarya,likewise Akshaykumar to be compared with Mohanlal or Rajnikanth is foolishness.Camera work by Tiru is good.Priyadarshan should have taken more importance on the background score area.Rather than Ranjith Barot,it should have been somebody from the south, keeping in mind the extra ordinary bgm for 'Manichitrathazhu' by Johnson.

At least at this point of time we should not forget the story writer Madhumuttam,whose creativity has done a global buisness of about 300crores in all languages together,but he is still not a rich man in the cine field.Since 'Bhool Bhulaiya' is a pakka remake,Priyan wont receive such criticisation & complaints that RamgopalVarma heard for remaking 'Sholay'.

But we are all humans,an average malayalee will compare 'Bhool Bhulaiya' with 'Manichitrathazhu'.If you wont do this then you can enjoy a different hindi film.

Rating : 3 / 5

Saturday, October 20, 2007


After being hit hard to ground by his previous super flop venture 'Alibhai',the actor/producer Mohanlal is yet again doing a muslim character role.This time it is an entire change from the heroism, he is the middele class man,Valaiyakathu Moosa in 'Paradesi'.Here also the hero is producing the film under the banner of Ashirwad Cinemas.It is good that Mohanlal is spending some time to act in 'so called' parallel movies also.This film is directed by PT Kunjimuhammed, who once gave films like 'Magrib' & 'Garshom'.

Almost a couple of years ago,you might have read in newspapers that from Malappuram area, an old malayali who dont have an indian passport has been forcibly transfered to Pakistan.He dont like to goto pakistan,but our law doesn't permits him to stay here since he holds a pakistan passport.Why i remember that incident lies in the fact that there was a photograph in the front page of the newspaper in which that old man taken to the court guarded by an inspector & two other policemen.That police officer was none other than AbuSalim who is also an actor doing villain roles in malayalam films.

May be such an incident might have inspired the script writer/director Kunjimuhammed.Here we are having Moosa, who is being targeted by the police for not having a Indian passport.Moosa is an old man in the 80's.In the India-Pakistan divison of 1947 there are many people like Moosa who was born in India,who is being transfered to pakistan.Since they dont like to be there, they returned to our country.Once they hold a pakistan passport,our government doesn't permit them to stay here again.So as a result they will be hiding from the police,some of them stays here bribing the police.If they are caught they will be taken to the Indo-Pak border to be handed over to the rival country.
This is the basic theme discussed in 'Paradesi'.

Most of the characters in the film played by Mohanlal,Jagathi,Siddique,Jagadish etc are facing the same pain & feelings.Among them Moosa's family & his olden days is shown in detail.Jagathi's character shows how deeply a person can be affected due to these problems.His performance in a slightly mental disordered character is excellent.

Mohanlal's appearance is extraordinary & it is never seen before.He is a very old man with white hairs & halfly balded head.Makeup man Pattanam Rasheed should be appreciated well here for giving such a shape to Mohanlal as well as Jagathi.But the performance of the hero is not upto the mark compared to his makeup.Likewise Swetha('Anaswaram' fame) who acted as Moosa's wife's character is not suited for such a role.She is so unrealistic and also dramatic.
I dont know why she is being given such a heavy role of a great grandmother.
Padmapriya,Lakshmigoplaswamy & the old man who comes as Mohanlal's uncle has acted well in their roles.

Cinematography is by KG Jayan.For the first time young editor Donmax has not used any visual gimmics like he did in films like 'Chinthamani Kolacase','Tiger',Babakalyani' etc.Music is by Rameshnarayan.Through 'Paradesi',this is for the first time a parallel/art film is released in more than 30 centres & that too in DTS.This shows the weightage of the producer 'Ashirwad Cinemas' & the disributor 'Pyramid Saira Ltd'.

There are many touching scenes in 'Paradesi',but...any thing which is more than enough will lead to restlessness and boaring.

Rating : 2.5 / 5

Friday, October 19, 2007


Director Shafi is back after his previous hit 'Mayavi'.Here he has the support of producers who has also brought the trend setter film 'Classmates'.Script is written by new comers duo Sachi-Sethu. Another hard work from Prithviraj to write his name in the malayalam cine field where once his father was one among the top of the list.

As the name indicates,'Choclate' is sweety & delicious,this is due to the kind of theme handled here.The script writers has come with a new story never told before,what happens if a male student is given admission for a course in a womens college.This youthful film is handled well by the director.The richness in every frames,with the colorful backdrops shows the directorial skill.

The female roles are done by Roma,Ramya Nambeesan & Samvritha who got introduced in the field through 'Notebook','Anachantham' & 'Rasikan' respectively.These 3 play the role of notorious gang in their college.Among these Roma is leading the show.They want to continue their domination in their college.So when the hero reached the college,how these peoples handles him & how he manages to get through the situation is what discussed here.In the middle there is enimity,love,affection, misunderstandings,emotions etc.

Prithviraj & Roma has done exceptionally well in their roles.Among them,the hero has got some comic & sentimental scenes to do, he has done justice to such a situation also. Jayasurya is also good in his supporting role.Salimkumar,as usual carrying the role through his comic accent.Yesteryear actress Sari who acted in films like 'Namukku parkkan munthirithoppukal', 'Desadanakkili karayarilla' is back through 'Choclate' after a long gap.

Cinematography by Azhakappan is excellent.He has neatly picturised the majority of portions in the film which is happening inside the college. Songs are handled by Alexpaul & Sarath Vayalar.It is not at all good enough to recollect & remember once we reach our home.But while watching the movie its going well with the atmosphere.The song/dance sequences are also colorful & rich.In the songs featuring all the 3,Samvritha's steps & body language felt aukward,but since the centre of attraction is Roma it is managed & left un noticed.

If roles like he has done in 'Choclate' is offered to Prithviraj,then it can be a stepping stone to his stardome.

Rating : 4 / 5

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Mammootty's new film 'Nasrani' has two big names behind the camera.Super senior director in the field Joshi is teaming with the script writer Renjith for the first time.As the name indicates the story happens in the Christian background,Kottayam which is famous for latex & liquor.Mammootty has done such a role before in films like 'Sangham' & 'Kottayam Kunjachan'.In those films we saw a comic based action performance by the star.But here he is more matured,also you can't find big comic moments eventhough action & politics is there.

Most of the scenes in the film is happening in a club.I dont know whether most among us are aware of such a club atmosphere which is crowded in the evenings till late night.Everyday there is parties with liquor,foodings,cards etc.This culture is popular in most of the big towns & cities now a days.You can see people from various range of societies like a businessmen,govt servants,advocates, police officers etc.So such a picture is neatly shown here in detail never as before.

This is a story based on two families in Kottayam.The hero Mammotty and the heroine Vimala Raman happened to be in those families.He is the Club secratary who is pupular among the people in the region while she is the college lecturer.They are in love with each other,the obstacles and hurdles in the happening of their marriage is what 'Nasrani' deals with.But here it is not treated like an usual action film.It is told with the help of a political background.The style of Kerala Congress parties which has got a good base in mid travancore area is targeted here.

You wont be able to count the star cast in such a a real big budjet film like this.It is better to say that only a few actors in malayalam including Mohanlal has not acted in 'Nasrani'.The script writer Renjith has tried to give an individuality for almost all the characters.The opening few scenes involving the main incidents & the scenes in which the hero comes in the helicopter are shown well according to the situation.You cant see many twists & turns here, the family story is told straightly, in between a murder mystery is also discussed.

All the characters in the film has performed well.Among them names like CaptainRaju, Vijayaraghavan, Baburaj & Muktha('Achanurangatha Veedu' fame) to be noted.Camera work by Shaji is excellent.Joshi needed a break after his previous flop 'July 4'.Writer Renjith needed one after many loses in a row like 'Chandrolsavam','Prajapathi' & 'Kaiyoppu'.Mammooty also needs a hit after 'Big B','Mission 90 days' & 'Ore kadal'.This project's outcome can make all of them happy.

Anyway 'Nasrani' is a not a bad film.
I cant smell any distaste here,its upto you to watch & decide.

Rating : 3 / 5

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Black Cat

2 weeks before,on a sunday evening,while sitting with the friends,in the middle of a movie related talk,one among the group told that he dont like director Vinayan's films.Me being a lover of films, argued with him by supporting Vinayan's efforts & boldness in doing films like 'Superstar', 'Vasanthiyum Lakshmiyum...', 'Independence',
'Karumadikkuttan', 'Akashaganga', 'Dadasahib', 'Oomappenninu...', 'Vellinakshatram', 'Athisayan' etc.Almost all the films directed by Vinayan was quoted there to screw my friend.Though that was not a serious talk,I was partially serious in the attitude of such a director for going behind various themes.

After 2 weeks while watching 'Blackcat',Vinayan's latest venture with Sureshgopi,I was shocked.It is such a poor film that i dont even like to write a review on that.What worries me more is that how can i defend my friend again who is having an upperhand now...

Black is an obedient servant of rich-man Tharakan,played by Rajan P Dev.He is an orderly who behaves childishly,he will do anything for his master if he is given food.(The scenes in which Sureshgopi
eating in bulk quantities is seen many times before & it is not at all realistic) One day when the heroine Meena reached there on a vacation,she realises that Black is the same person who was his lover & died years before.

Thus Black's flashback is shown;He was the Mumbai City Police Commissioner.He conducted enquiry & finds the underworld connection of Mayor,IG & a Political leader.As a result,this honest officer's family is destroyed,he is being killed & thrown to sea...thus reaching the hands of a fisherman,Nedumudivenu who is his current father.Asusual,hero is taking revenge on the villains in the end.

I heard a complaint that,in some of the reviews,i have specified the whole story line of a film.I can
understand the anxiety in each one about a movie before watching it.But if i have told the story,its just to remind you that only this much is there in the film,there is no big thing as you expect.I think sofar i have not revealed any suspense or key portions in a film through my review.So before raising such an issue, you should keep in mind that,if the story is told,it is for your benefit only.Here also I have done the same thing only,i dont want any of you wasting your precious time infront of such an 'animal'.

There is not even a single minute in the film which felt good for me.Sureshgopi's blackish makeup is horrible.(I dont know how he got such a color,the script writer Vinayan should clarify whether it is happened because he was drowned in the sea for hours/days !!!).The second heroine, Karthika is shown in almost all the scenes featuring the seashore people like an extra artist.In most of the scenes she is having no dialogue.Music by MJayachandran & Alphonse together is not enough to pull the film.

Old people says, while traveling, if a cat jumps infront of you then its an unlucky day for you...but if you ever travel infront of the theatre featuring this 'cat',it can be an unlucky month for you.

'Blackcat' has now entered my list of worst films ever produced in malayalam.

Rating : 0.5 / 5

Friday, October 12, 2007


Madhavan is coming in title role in the film 'Arya' directed by Balamaurugan.Lady leady is by Bhavana.After reaching tamil she has acted in hitfilms like 'Veyil' with Bharath & 'Deepavali' with Jayam Ravi.Another main character is done by the super artist Prakashraj.he is the most wanted actor inalmost all the south indian languages now a days.(evenafter charging 2.5lakhs+ per day for his availability in a film, he is too busy!!!)

Nothing special in the storyline here.Bhavana plays the cruel & cunning sisterrole of Prakashraj,who is a don in the city.She wants to study for mbbs in the middle of an annual year so that his brother - who will do anything for her - is selecting another student with the same name as her sister & forcing her to leave the college with tc.When she refuses the villainkills her infront of minister & the college principal,thus his siter got admission in the college.This is how the film starts.

From this scene itself we know what is going to be happen through out & what will be theclimax in the film.As we expected the hero is transfered from kovai medical college tothe city.He joins as a senior student in the same college where our heroine studies(i dont know whether she is coming to college for studying, no such scenes where she is sitting in the classes are shown, also she is behaving as if she is having the power of a Health Minister, the principal & teachers are afraid of her)

As expected, the heroine is showing her dominancy with the hero.he dont like her attitude & tries to teach her a lesson.she is taking revenge on hero with the help of her brother.gradually the revenge turns to affection.We all know, in the end what will happen.

Nothing big to specify about the theme & team of the film.Performance by hero & the heroine is asusual.With such a theme as discussed 1000 times before they had nothing extraordinary to do.But there is another guy who catch attention in the scenes he is appearing, prakashraj, he is excellent in his usual style & body langauage.i personally feel that he is the biggest discovery in tamil-telugu cinefield in the last by manisharma stands average.

'Arya' is an old wine in the same old bottle.

Rating : 1.5 / 5