Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kathalil Vizhunthen

Though the shooting completed an year before, the film ‘Kathalil Vizhunthen’ is released only now amidst of some tensions prevailing between the ruling party in TN and the production banner. Sun TV, the biggies in the media field is producing the film. As the name says, this is a love subject. It is the story of two lovers and their romantic journey. Nagulan (’Boyz’ fame) and new face Sunaina holds the main characters. Debutant PV Prasad has directed the movie. Vijay Milton is the cinematographer.

To be getting interested in such a project, there should be something unusual in it which can be distinguished from others. Here it is in the form of a fast folk song, “Nakku Mukku...”. The song which comes in the genre of “Manmadha Raasa...”, “Kumbidapona Daivam...” etc is a hit even before the release of the film.

In the beginning the lovers being chased by the villains at night, enters a train, TTE helps them by giving a seat. The hero narrates their life story to him, hero who belongs to the lower middle class family and the girl from the upper class loved each other, after some happiness and hazards they reached such a situation.

They met each other through an accident caused due to the carelessness of the lady in which the hero is the victim. The first half is having songs and similar situations that are necessary for a love subject’s cliché. But in the second half when the narration reaching its climax, then only we are able to understand the abnormality in the behaviour of the hero. I am not going in detail, since that is the peculiarity of this subject. In the later portions the family along with the police are chasing them, whether they got succeeded in their love is what the new director has shown in 'Kathalil Vizhunthen.

Nagulan who hasn’t got a good break after ‘Boyz’, will be noticed hereafter. He has changed a lot from the bulky appearance in his first movie. Sunaina has also done well. Vijay Antony has given some good music; he himself has sung the “Nakku Mukku...” song. The choreography by Sridhar for this peppy song is brilliant (I was a witness for the big claps and dances inside the theatre for it). Fight sequences are also notable. Livingston and Sampathraj have also got prominent characters.

The sequences in the second half has got the flavour of movies like ‘Guna’ and ‘7G Rainbow Colony’. The script writer - director has justified the reason for the irregularity in hero’s character and his unique affection through an example from a doctor’s description. It can be taken as a way of expressing the freedom of the creator.

‘Kathalil Vizhunthen’ is a love story with an unusual story line. That can be irresistible sometimes, but it won’t keep you boring.

Rating : 3 / 5

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Raaman Thediya Seethai

Cheran is popular as an actor through his hit film ‘Autograph’. Even 10 years before he is known as a director who took socio relevant subjects like, ‘Bharathi Kannamma’, ‘Porkkalam’, ‘Desiyageetham’, ‘Vetrikkodi Kettu’, ‘Pandavarbhoomi’, ‘Thavamai Thavamirunthu’ etc. He has acted in movies like ‘Solla Marantha Kadhai’, ‘Pirivom Santhippom’ etc which are done by some other directors.

Moserbaer Entertainments has produced ‘Raaman Thediya Seethai’. Jagannath, who gave the film 'Puthiya Geethai' with Vijay, has directed this film. Vimala Raman, Ramya Nambeesan, Gajala, Navya Nair and Karthika (new face) are the heroines.

As the name of the film indicates the film deals with the searching of a girl for the hero to marry. Years ago in his earlier college days he has undergone treatment for his mental disorder. Now he is a perfect gentleman who is also running his own business tells this fact to the first lady he met, she (Vimala Raman) disagrees to marry him. At last his marriage is fixed, on the day she (Ramya Nambeesan) ran with her lover. The proposed girl’s father (Manivannan) is very much sad at this incident and he took initiative to search a bride for him.

Hero, who is frustrated, met a blind (Pasupathy) who is a Jockey in an FM radio. He lives with his wife (Gajala) and kid. He advised the hero not to be failed in such tough moments; he even motivated him by telling his whole story.

As per request from second girl’s father both of them reaches Nagercoil to see another girl (Karthika). The rest of the story happens there. He saw the girl, she wants sometime to understand each other. In the middle he comes across the second girl who ran with the lover. She is alone, her husband is in jail and she is pregnant now. Without informing her father, hero helps her. In the same town he met the first girls who refused to marry him and as per request from his blind friend he decided to meet another girl who is a police inspector (Navya Nair). So with all the ladies roaming around the hero in the same city, who will the hero ties the knot is the theme of ‘Raaman Thediya Seethai’.

Cheran has done a good job in his typical style. The characterisation of Pasupathy and Manivannan are excellent. Both of them done well, Pasupathy’s actions and gestures in the blind character is notable. He gives the life to the story in the first half. The situation, in which “Unnal Mudiyum Thambi...” song is played in the background, shows the will power of the character.

The film’s story in the second half has got a bulk of coincidences. Hero meeting the lady who ran with her lover, He meets the auto driver who happens to be the lover of the proposed lady, He meets the lady again who refused to marry him in the beginning, He is also beaten accidently by another lady whom he want to meet regarding proposal matter etc. Anyway it is such a story and it is such a film, we have to accept it.

Vidyasagar has given a couple of good numbers. Rajesh Yadav is the cinematographer. Script writer – director Jagannath has presented the film in a believable way.

‘Raaman Thediya Seethai’ is hero’s difficult search for a bride; but it gives some messages in the middle. It can give worries and at the same time hope for bachelors who want to lead a marriage life.

Rating : 3 / 5

Thursday, October 16, 2008


To make a sequel film using a popular character is supposed to be a sure bet. Many films in malayalam were done in this manner, most of them were hits, a very few of them failed miserably. Some of the examples are Balram (‘Avanazhi’, ’Inspector Balram’, ‘Tharadas vs Balram’), Dasan and Vijayan (‘Nadodikkattu’, ’Pattanapravesam’, ‘Akkare Akkare Akkare’), Sethuramayyar (‘Oru CBI Diarykuruppu’, ’Jagratha’, ‘Sethuramayyar CBI, ‘Nerayiyan CBI’), Tharadas (‘Athirathram’, ‘Tharadas vs Balram’), Mangalassery Neelakantan (‘Devasuram’, ’Ravanaprabhu’), Bharatchandran (‘Commissioner’, ‘Bharatchandran IPS’) etc. Like these, the latest character to be remade is Major Mahadevan by Mohanlal from ‘Keerthichakra’, the name of its sequel being ‘Kurushetra’.

The film is based on Kargil attack which happened in the mid 1999. Here the main character is now promoted as Colonel Mahadevan. What happened for him and his battalion and how they got victory over the invaded Pak troupes is the theme that the script writer - director Major Ravi has tried to communicate here.

There is nothing big to be projected in the story line. Some of the military team members and their family affection are shown in advance to create the sentiments in the later hours. Some of them wait patiently for a letter from their house, a few quarrel with their family members through phone, some of them waiting for their marriage... with such ambitions all of them lead a life in the border. In that time the war comes, many of them lost their lives and some of them seriously wounded... anyway in the end, victory comes on the way of our hero's party. I am not taking it lightly, it is a fact that such films with military concepts are made within a usual and particular perspective only.

The first few scenes till the hero is introduced is too dull and boring. It includes a song also featuring the military peoples. The discussion and sharing of family issues - sentiments is repetitive. There is no answer for Cochin Haneefa’s character to be promoted as a military member from the tea shop owner in ‘Keerthichakra’. To mimic the voice of the Prime Minister speaking to the hero through phone is ok, but to use the name Vajpayee shows the non professionalism. Also repeating Mushraff’s name throughout the dialogue in place of Military General / President is not a good custom. Lip movements of malayalee nurse character as Manikkuttan’s heroine is awkward and it clearly indicates that she is a north Indian. The method used by the muslim members in the Indian troupe to capture the enemy post in the climax is non practical and foolishness. Overdose of regional language is there, but it is digestible since this film is targeting the Kerala audience.

But the director has succeeded in creating patriotism among the viewers in most of the scenes. He has also shown what is happening at the LOC to a certain extend. The war sequences is good, though it is have done within the limits. The scud missile shots is not clear and understandable. Also the sounds of war planes are heard in some scenes though it is not used in the particular shot.

As a director, it is time for Major Ravi to do a theme other than military operation for his next project. He has proved that choosing such themes is a sure bet sometimes and not all the time (‘Mission 90days’). Mohanlal has done well. Lokanathan is the cinematographer. Songs by new music director Sidharth Vipin is not so impressive.

(Personally, I am unhappy with the approach to support usual hero oriented subjects and its cliche after eliminating good films like ‘Thirakkadha’)

‘Kurushetra’ is a different old wine in the same bottle.

Rating : 3 / 5

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Directed Jayaraj who was once associate to Bharathan has got a peculiar fame for the diversity of projects he has done so far. He came to the field through ‘Vidyarambham’ and has travelled through variety areas like 'Aakasakkottayile Sulthan', ‘Kudumbasametham’, ‘Johnwalker’, ‘Sopanam’, ‘Paithrikam’, ‘Highway’, ‘Deshadanam’, ‘Arabia’, 'Kaliyattom', ‘Sneham’, ‘Thilakkam’, ‘Shaantham’, ‘4 the people’ series, 'Rain Rain Come Again', 'Beebatsam' etc. Though the majority of the films are not big budget, many of these films may not be financially benefitted; still the director’s name is notable due to the selection of theme of these projects. He has also introduced many peoples like Lal ('Kaliyattom'), Ranji Panicker ('Aakasakkottayile Sulthan'), Jassie Gift and Narein ( '4 the people').

His latest project, ‘Gulmohar’ is different in its name and some other factors. Script writer – Director Ranjith is acting as a hero for the first time. Deedhi Damodharan, daughter of veteran script writer T.Damodaran has written this project. ONV – Johnson is teaming up in the music section after a short gap. This is a film with no re-recording (background music); rather the scenes are supported by background sounds and effects.

The story of the film starts in the emergency period of the 70’s and it ends in the current scenario. The naxal activist, with the name Gulmohar and his group (Sidhiq, Meghanadhan, Nishanth Sagar) act against the confusions and disorders prevailed in the society. They are using non aggressive methods like street dramas, plays etc to fight against the injustice. Their activities (which were banned by the ruling government) ran based on the messages passed from one area to other through their beloved ones and well wishers. At one moment they even killed those people who were involved in cruel and brutal activities against the poor. Most of them had spent many years suffering in jail.

In the current period, the hero is a school head master. He is having a family; his wife is a government servant and also got a son and daughter. People like him who has got seen and experienced many bitter experiences in the past is very bold, but still he cries hearing other’s sadness. So as a result in the current society when the people needs justice, in his old age he even forget his family, kids and goes to his old style of fighting for the justice.

The characterisation of Ranjith is good. His performance is stable and it also doesn’t give us the feeling that he is a new face. He has got a fine physique and excellent voice.

M.J.Radhakrishnan has given neat and natural frames as the cinematographer. Johnson’s melodious tunes in his style carry us to the golden 80’s. Ajith George has done an excellent job as mixing engineer.

Jayaraj’s slow and leisurely style of shots in the beginning portions creates little lag, later it takes its own pace. There is also some mismatching regarding the period in which story happens. But this slow film won’t make you boring. His attempt to caste new faces in the main roles and to create the first copy without background music should be appreciated.

‘Gulmohar’ is a different film, but in the middle of big budget “masala” projects, there won’t be enough space for it to stay alive. Here it is not the survival of the fittest.

Rating : 3.5 / 5

Friday, October 10, 2008


Like the Kapoor family in the 70’s – 80’s, now the maximum business of the bollywood revolves around the Bachan family. Amitabh, Jaya & Abhishek Bachans with Aiswarya Rai are those busy personalities. So naturally any new project from this family will be in the news even before its release.

‘Drona’, the name of the new Abhishek starrer film is a different name which can give a historic feeling. The film starts with the description telling the fight between the Royal family and the villain magician. The latter in search of something called “Amruth” which can give him super powers. The picture representation shows as if they are happened centuries before.

In the current period the story happens in London. Our hero is the adopted son of a middle class family. (His younger brother has got the body language and actions which has the resemblance of superstar Sharukh Khan. He is shown possessive and coward in nature; the characterisation itself shows the rivalry between Khan & the Bachans).

The villain magician (K.K.Menon) lives in a palace where there is full of special effects and light works (?) He might be cruel in behaviour, but his makeup, hair style and use of eye lashes gives us a comedy atmosphere and a funny feeling. He is chasing the hero, tries to put him in his captivity. The heroine (Priyanka Chopra) saves the hero from the villain gang. (She is never attractive or charming, rather her attitude is manly).

We don’t understand where this story is happening. It is the problem with many bollywood movies, some scenes are shown in abroad, some others in a metro city in India and some portions will be in a rural village. Here also such doubts arise, but the confusion in the complex atmosphere and its non attractive presentation will dominate such silly doubts.

Hero and the heroine reaches the royal family, they meet his mother (Jaya Bachan). She briefs the history. Mean while villain reaches there and made the mother a statue with his evil powers. I am not interested to go to the story side in detail. After many magical fights and train-horse chase scenes finally the bad personality is destroyed. In the end, hero is dead for certain minutes, he rises up again for the revenge and mother also gets her life back when the villain is dead.

There is not a single scene in ‘Drona’ which can attract you. It is too boring and irresistible. Even the visual effects in the magic sequences will make you restless. Goldie Behl, the director has to do much homes works if he wants to take another film. Music section is also weak.

If you are not getting sound sleep, then watching ‘Drona’ is a good medicine for it.

Rating : 1 / 5

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Parthan Kanda Paralokam

Reading my review on 'Veruthe Oru Bharya', a negative response came for quoting all the names of the flop films by Jayaram there. Still I fel that what all I have written there was a true facts, the film might be a hit, but thats a different topic to discuss.

Jayaram's new film 'Parthan Kanda Paralokam' (though it is a late release by 10-14 months) came at a time when the hero enjoying the victory of his projects like 'Veruthe Oru Bharya' and 'Saroja'.

The film is directed by Anil. After getting separated from the hit-duo Anil-Babu, he has managed to give only below average films like 'Lokanathan IAS', 'Kalabham', 'Anjil Oral Arjunan' etc. The film is produced by KB Madhu ( director of 'Chitrasalabham', 'Deepasthambham Mahascharyam' and 'Deepangal Sakshi') and scripted by Vinu Kiriyath. Camera is handled by the 'veteran' Anandakuttan (since came to the field in the late 70's, the world record for handling the camera for maximum number of films should go for this senior cinematographer).

This is a village story, hero and his uncle (Jagathi) are quarreling each other to attain the power
of the temple trust. Such sequences goes through some usual non standard comedy sequences till first half. In the middle, heroine (Sreedevika) who is an advocate comes for her father's help against hero. Her hatred towards the hero later turns to sympathy and love. Local MLA also joins the villain side. In the last scenes, Kalabhavan Mani comes to win the heart of the heroine, his character has got an unusual female oriented mannerism.

'Parthan Kanda Paralokam' has got a different element to project in the first half. Parthan who is a non devotee met with an accident, he is died, later recovers from a temporary death of few minutes. The issue made him think of the presence of God Sreekrishna. Now the 'God' takes the role of his friend Madhavan (Mukesh), he is the man who is having some super powers also. In some scenes, he even quote the lines of Bhagavat Geetha to substantiate the facts. In this way the second half goes.

Sona, the item-glamor girl ('Mrigam', 'Kuselan' fame) is there in all scenes from the beginning to end. I dont know what is her relevance in this story. It is like the 'dog' character in the comic series 'Bobanum Moliyum'. Anyway she has tried her best to (re)act well. Rajendran who comes in MLA's role is too dramatic.

Kalabhavan Mani's characterization itself is childish.Background theme of 'Pennale Pennale...' song for his character should have been avoided, Musician Rajamani is the culprit here.

Jassie's 'Goukulapalabalaka...' song for M.Jayachandran's music is a fast paced hit number.

To do a different story is good, but before going for such experimentation, story writer KB Raju might have studied films like 'Lagey Raho Munnabhai', 'Nandanam' etc in deep.

This is a wrong film for Jayaram at his right time.

'Parthan Kanda Paralokam' is not so colorful. The journey to such a place wont be so easy as you think. Still you want to take the risk, carry on...

Rating : 2 / 5

Maya Bazar

In these days, after suffering from the most shocking incident 'Parunthu', I read somewhere that Mammootty is doing a comedy role once again. Anyway I clarified it with a friend of mine who is a hard core Mammootty fan. I asked, why such a great actor goes behind such projetcs. The reply was simple. Look at the victorious track record of the star in the previous 3-4years. He also quoted the examples of 'Thommanum Makkalum', 'Thuruppugulan', 'Mayavi' and 'Annan Thambi'. I kept silent, no scope for an argument.

Many directors has got the oppurtunity to caste Mammootty as the hero in their first film.
Lal Jose ('Oru Maravathoor Kanavu'), Joemon ('Samrajyam'), Blessy ('Kazcha'), G.S.Vijayan ('Charithram'), Dennis Joseph ('Manu Uncle'), Anwar Rashid ('Rajamanikyam') etc. are some of them. The latest one to enter the list is George Sebastian through 'Maya Bazar'. He was once asssociate to directors like Sibi Malayil, Blessy etc.

'Maya Bazar' is the place where the hero Ramesan lives. He is a mechanic who is also doing sales of vehicle bodies and spare parts. As usual we can see companions like Suraj Venjarammod, Salim Kumar and Bijukuttan for comedy sequences (deliberately created !!!). The heroine, new face Sheela lives with her mother in a small house. She is very much fond of the (glamorous) hero. Though she has not got anything to perform, she managed to beg the hero all the time to love her and to marry her in each and every scenes. The villain (Kalabhavan Mani) also lives in the locality for the action scenes.

Our hero is a kind hearted man who helps the poor patients and the orphans. In the introduction scene itself, one such person describes him as the 'God'. In another area, heroine tells him that he is the most beautiful man not only in the village, but in the whole country. Those might be the contribution from 'the great script writer', TA Razak ?! ( To be honest, witnessing such similar scenes, the image of south indian actors like MGR, Sivaji, NTR, Rajkumar etc came to my mind, they were all heroes in their old age at their 50's and 60's...)

The first half featuring the comedy/action scenes is very difficult to tolerate. The scenes discussing the family issues of Bijukuttan, the item song lady praising our hero as the young man etc are indigestible. It is a bad custom to follow these days, Suraj Venjarammood placed as a shadow in all scenes without having any dialogue and in the post production time, during dubbing, some jokes are uncultivated as a background sound.

A different turning point which the story writers Govind Vijayan got during the interval time lacks consistency, as it is not carried smoothly through the later portions. Due to the entry of another villain, the villain in the first half turns to a positive role. Anyway story is a happy ending...!!! ( Are we all happy ? Just keep in mind, what is happening in our neighboring state; 'Saroja', 'Subramaniapuram'...). The simplicity in acting of hero's second character is notable.

Rahul Raj has scored the music. 'Mizhiyil Mizhiyil' song, especially the chorus portion sung by him is good. Mohan Sitara's re-recording goes well with the mood. Manoj Pillai is the cinematographer. Bijithbala team has given a different and unusual computer graphics at its best for the title credits.

Films like 'Maya Bazar' never belong to the category of realistic films, rather it seems to be a hero oriented subject incorporated with some childish non sensible ingredients.

Rating : 2 / 5

Monday, October 6, 2008


Hindi film field can be categorized into different sections based on the making of films. The first one is the usual pattern of romantic family series like ‘Dilwale...’, ‘Hum Aap Ke...’, Kuch Kuch...’ from directors like Karan Johar, Subash Ghai, Sooraj Bharjathya etc; the other area is a realistic set of actions films from directors like Ram Gopal Varma, Madhur Bhandarkar etc. Directors like Priyadarshan and David Dhavan will go with comedy films. There is also another set of directors like Abbaz-Mustan, Prakash Jha, Mahesh Bhatt etc. which give a variety of action-romantic movies. The treatment and style of first 3 sections of films is very familiar and predictable. ‘Kidnap’ is a kind of movie which belong to the last category.

Imran Khan (Amir Khan’s nephew who got a big introduction through ‘Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’) and Sanjay Dutt is teaming under Sanjay Gandhwi ( director of ‘Dhoom’ series) in this new action film which can caught attention with its name itself. From the name of the film and its promo ads itself the story line is predictable. A kidnap and its after-effects is the baseline. Only we have to find what, when and where it happened and how it is solved.

Daughter of a big multi millionaire is kidnapped by the hero; the father tries his best to save her, in the middle the kidnapper also helps him by giving clues about his shelter, investigations are also going on, usual cliché of the hostage lady getting sympathy with him is also there since both of them know each other through an accident happened in their childhood days and finally a happy ending for them, but for the audience it is not like that...

The film has got a good plot to make it a thriller. (I think the idea might have adapted from some foreign films). But the creators in the script and the direction side have failed miserably to make it in a cinematic way. It is very clear from the scene in which heroine asks, “What happened to me...who are you “for which the hero replies, “You are kidnapped ...!” (it is a childish way of representation)
Also the situation in which the heroine’s father acts as per instructions of the kidnapper is too difficult to digest. The chasing between those two people is good, but unbelievable. There are many scenes of this type. The reason for the kidnap is an incident happened to the hero in his childhood days, it is horrible. The family scenes of the heroine are terrible. The climax is also bad.

Imran Khan is a wrong choice for such a role. It is better if he could discuss with his senior before choosing a role. Minisha Lamba, the heroine ('Bachna ye Haseeno', 'Corporate' fame) has given some sea-bath sequences.

Only good thing in the whole movie is the title portion which is done in computer graphics using drawing stills mixed with background effects and music.

We are all free birds, we got the liberty to choose...By watching ‘Kidnap’, why you want to be like a hostage in the theater at least for 2 hours ?!

Rating : 1.5 / 5

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Usually we go for a malayalam film without much anticipation. But if it is a youthful tamil film and the team behind has created a good success in their previous project, then the situation differs. Here we are having a similar such situation. After the super success of big entertainer ‘Chennai 600028’, director Venkat Prabhu (Gangai Amaran’s son), S.P.B.Charan (S.P.B’s son) as actor and music director Yuvan Shankar Raja (Ilayaraja’s son) is teaming again in their new venture, ‘Saroja’ under the big banner Pyramid Saimira. So naturally the expectations will be high.

The story line of ‘Saroja’ is not complicated. The four youths (Siva, Premji Amaran, S.P.B.Charan, Vaibhav) decides to go to Hyderabad to watch the India-Pak cricket match. On some other place in the city, the daughter of a multi millionaire (Prakash Raj) is kidnapped. The police headed by ACP (Jayaram) are investigating the case. Those three groups are having their own desires, 4 friends want to see the cricket match even if they lose their right path by miscalculation, the rich man wants to save his daughter and the police want to arrest the criminals. These three tracks go in parallel and the writer-director Venkat Prabhu has treated the film in a humorous way keeping the mood.

Those who have watched ‘Chennai 600028’ will know the style of the director. The treatment here also is similar, but it is little more serious and action oriented. We can see a variety of witty and humour dialogues in each and every scene as before. This is relevant from the fact that even in the middle of some sentimental and emotional scenes; the characters will behave in an unusual manner, they will speak hilariously (Chennai Tamil used is good to hear). Also the dialogues are not cinematic, rather they are realistic only.

Like Siva dreaming himself with his lady love in the song ‘Pothivecha Mallikaimottu...’(song from ‘Manvasanai’) in ‘Chennai600028’, here we can see Premji Amaran dreaming with the group dancers in ‘Aayiram Thaamarai...’ song, from ‘Alaigal Oyivathillai’). The director has given a small scene for some of the artists who acted in his previous project, which include Jay (‘Subramanyapuram’ fame) also. Prakash Raj, Jayaram, Sampath Raj etc has done well in their roles.

Yuvan’s songs and background score goes well with the subject. Sakthi Saravanan’s cinematography is also excellent. Don’t forget that the music director and lyricist Gangai Amaran has scripted and directed films like ‘Karagattakkaran’, ‘Enga Ooru Pattukkaran’etc in the 80’s. Now with ‘Saroja’, his son Venkat Prabhu has also reached the top list of directors in the tamil cine field.

If you have got a good sense of humour to follow the dialogue based humour, then don’t miss the comic-action entertainer ‘Saroja’.

Rating : 4 / 5

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Jayam Kondaan

Tamil film field has got its own identity due to the variety of projects and the way in which they are produced. Sometimes they will give us an extra ordinary storyline, if not a simple subject will be presented in an entirely different manner. Anyway they will attract crowd to the theatres and the audience won’t hesitate to accept the best

Director R.Kannan’s debut film ‘Jayam Kondaan’ featuring Vinay (‘Unnale Unnale’ fame) and Bhavana is a family oriented film with a mix of romance, songs , friendship, sentiments, action, comedy etc. Kannan who was assistant to Maniratnam has given the film in a usual but lovable way (the latter’s treatment is not complex compared to former’s style).

Hero comes to his native to settle there after serving years in abroad. After reaching there, he came to know that there is another family who claims to have the ownership of his father’s properties. So how he face the problems on the way is shown here. The storyline may not be new, but the treatment is simple and straight and it won’t keep you boring. Can you assume this situation in malayalam, then it might be the origin (end) of another c-grade comedy film.

There are a couple of scenes in the film which will keep you mum. The interval fighting scene with the villain and the climax is notable. Kishorekumar (‘Pollathavan’ fame) who comes in the role of villain is different in his style. Bhavana is charming in her role. Lekha, the new face who acted as hero’s sister is there in the dominant nature. She is the one who is fighting against the brother for the wealth. Vivek & Santhanam is there for comedy sequences. Vinay, the tall hero has done the role with ease.

Balasubramanyam has handled the camera well. The visuals in the songs are appealing. Vidyasagar has given some nice songs.

‘Jayam Kondaan’ is a watchable movie for all classes.

Rating : 3.5 / 5