Friday, August 29, 2008


'Wanted' is a new hollywood action flick starred by well known actress Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy; it has got a theme almost related to ‘Matrix’ series of films. Here the super natural power is known by the name “Fraternity”. So the film is based on those people who got such powers and how they are using it for their existence.

The hero played by James has got an attitude that he is not at all fit for his job, as a result he is frustrated and lazy, moreover he feels he will never get a chance to win in his life. In such an atmosphere, he met one of the members of the fraternity gang, Angelina Jolie. He reaches her place and the group gives training for him in different aspects. Though he tried to resist, finally he agrees to work for them. After getting a vigorous training in using weapons and pistols, he works for the gang in destroying their enemies.

Usually in Hollywood films, we can witness many unnatural shots in action scenes. Since this film tells the story of “fraternity” powers, the director has taken the maximum liberty in creating maximum numbers of such shots. For example, the people who got fraternity powers may fire at the wings of the small bee and will be successful in it. On another occasion such a person will shoot a target with a gun even if there is an obstacle in front of it, for that he will make the bullet go at a slightly deviated angle rather than straight.

Since the gang has taken the advantage of the hero, in the end some problems arises between them and how he gets a solution for all is what this film tells. Only thing, I don’t understand is that, what is the use of such fraternity powers and why is it used for, is it really benefitting the human?

‘Wanted’ is an action extravaganza in every aspect. We can see many shooting and chasing scenes. The climax scene is amazing. The action scene inside train is a usual Hollywood cliché (it is like a hero escaping without any wounds even after a 100 storied building collapsed on him). Anyway while watching the film, we never feel anything unusual here; it is the success of the creators.

‘Wanted’ can also be placed in the wanted list of English action movies. Those who watch English films usually, should never miss it.

Rating : 4 / 5

Thursday, August 28, 2008


The new action subject in malayalam, ‘Aayudham’ has got a tag line to project – it says “weapon the destroyer”. No need for a second thought, who is the hero. It is the same Suresh Gopi, who once again coming in the police officer role. Sometimes I feel, the world record for a hero acting in a police officer’s role in as many films should be hold be the one and only Suresh Gopi .

The film is directed by MA Nishad. He is not a new person to the field. He has directed two films like ‘Nagaram’(Kalabhavan Mani) and ‘Pakal’ (Prithviraj) before. None of them were hits, but film is a medium which will help a creator to communicate with the public. In that sense he should be appreciated for taking socially relevant themes for those films. Years before, he came to the field as a producer, delivering films like ‘Oral Mathram’ (Mammootty) and ‘Dreams’ (Suresh Gopi).

As we have seen many times, ‘Aayudham’ also starts with a bomb blast and some innocent people were arrested as culprits. In the end due to heavy demand from the public, the chief minister handed over the case to a new police officer. How this police officer goes through the case and fights against the enemies is what shown here.

Though the creator claims in the beginning, “All characters in the film are fictitious...”, the chief minister role done by Thilakan is a pure replica of the real life CM. He has done well in such a role, but on most occasions we feel a mimic effect. For Suresh Gopi, a cop’s role is a left hand job through the experience.

The film doesn’t have freshness. Without an effective script, it felt like an average action masala in the 90’s only. I always support the visual gimmicks in an action film shown with the camera and the editor, if the subject demands. But here you can’t find any such things.

No need to be desperate if you have not seen ‘Aayudham’; It is the same weapon you have witnessed in different names before.

Rating : 2 / 5

Monday, August 25, 2008


After delivering 2 hits like ‘Sandaikkozhi’ and ‘Thimiru’, producer Vikram Krishna is producing yet another blockbuster named ‘Satyam’, with his brother Vishal as the hero. This time, the seven films older hero has got Nayantara as the heroine. The film is directed by Amma Rajasekhar.

I heard before, some people working in film field saying, anybody can make a good film if he gets a good associate director and a good script. But after 2000, in the modern world of fast films, I think there is an addition to this fact. A good cameraman and a good editor can contribute to a large extend in creating the output at its best these days.

In such a sense, RD Rajasekhar (cinematographer) and Anthony (editor) are two such big names in the tamil field. Though they had worked for many projects, their combination is once again doing magic in ‘Sathyam’, after films like ‘4 the People’, ‘Kaakka Kaakka’ and ‘Gajini’.

Vishal is doing the police officer role for the first time. As the subject demanded, the hero is a brave man who fights against the injustice, corruption etc. Nayantara’s role of a journalist is deliberately created, it doesn’t have much importance and she is there for the songs in her usual glamour.

Nothing big is there to discuss on the story line. After several issues, the good police officer has to take revenge on the political rowdies and in the end it will be the win for hero only. But the most surprising role is Upendra (kannada superstar), who comes in a special appearance. Kotta Sreenivasa Rao (‘Sami’ fame) has also done well in the villain role.

Some of the scenes have got the taste of films like ‘Vettayadu Vilayadu’, 'Bhima' and ‘Kaakka Kaakka’. I would like to describe the song ‘Karka Karka...’ from Kamalhassan film ‘Vettayadu Vilayadu’ as one of the best introduction song ever created for a hero in an action film. Action director Stunt Shiva and Choreographer Brindha who were part of that venture has got another song this time, ‘Aaradi Kaatre...’ for Vishal in Satyam.

Like Mammootty did in ‘Yatra’, Kamalhassan in ‘Aalavandhaan’, Sharath Kumar in ‘Sooryan’, Soorya in ‘Gajini’ and Dileep in ‘Mulla’, this time its the chance for Vishal...dont you know why I quoted these examples...creating suspense in such a point is an offence, so not doing that...Vishal is appearing with a shaven head in few scenes like those heroes did before.

The physical appearance of the hero shows his commitment towards the project. Action scenes and song sequences are neatly choreographed. Some of the superhuman sequences should be taken in the right sense / spirit, since its also part of the action arena. Harris Jayaraj should have given an extra boost for the back ground score.

‘Sathyam’ is not a confident bet, but those who love to watch some realistic action scenes can try it once.

Rating : 3.5 / 5

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kabadi Kabadi

“Are you mad...don’t you know, its risky...Why you want to play near the suicide point ?! “, this was the immediate response when I told my friend about my plan to watch a film. The name of the film happened to be ‘Kabadi Kabadi’...!!!

The film is directed by new comers Sudheer-Manu, it is scripted by Shani Khader (‘Changathipoocha’ fame) and the team behind is projecting this movie as a comedy hungama with Mukesh and Kalabhavan Mani with Rambha in double role, supported by a bulk of comedians; may be these factors might have provoked my friend to comment like that...

Mukesh supported by Harisree Asokan & Jaffer Idukki, Kalabhavan Mani with the company of Suraj Venjarammood & Indrans is fighting each other to get the job in their home town since both of them had written the exam for SI post and they are awaiting the result. They belong to the same family, but they are separated at births since their mother happens to be different. They attack each other physically and when they get time one will get the benefit of other through games like kabadi-kabadi.

In the mean time heroine(s) and her father comes to their native for a post retirement life(the serious father’s character is “wonderfully performed” by the veteran actor Mani C.Kaappan, he is also the producer of the film!!!)

The script writer and the directors has shown justice to the heroes by creating two heroine characters, an usual cliché, a modern lady and a homely lady, both of them done by Rambha (she came to the cine field through the film ‘Sargam’ opposite Vineeth, went to tamil, telugu and kannada rached hindi; she was paired opposite Rajnikanth, Vijay, Chiranjeevi, Govinda, and even Midhun Chakravarthy... but now she is back to the same all happens here)

From the first scene itself, you can witness “shocking comedy” in each and every dialogue. Anyway in the interval time even in the coma stage, from a crowd of 10 numbers, some of us ran out of the theatre...

Kabadi Kabadi’ really makes you mad; what I have seen is worse at its extreme, I am damn sure that the rest will be more...

Rating : 1 / 5

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Veruthe Oru Bharya

A hero, irrespective of the language, has to go through a ‘tough time’ in certain period of their acting career; it is an unwritten law in the acting phenomenon. Jayaram, who was introduced by Padamarajan through ‘Aparan’ in 1988 is going through such a worse period in his acting career never as before. The results of films like ‘Novel’, ‘Kanaka Simhasanam’, ‘Anjil Oraal Arjunan’,
‘Sooryan’, ‘Magic Lamb’, ‘Aanachantham’, ‘Madhuchandralekha’, ‘Amritham’, ‘Alice In Wonderland’, ‘Sarkar Dada’, ‘Pouran’ etc. which is released within last 3 years, substantiate the above fact.(very sorry to quote all these names here, but you should think... why is it so ? it the problem of the actor alone ?....then who is responsible... producers / directors / writers/ audience ...?!)

Any way past is a past (shall we ignore all these, simply saying it!!!) Now Jayaram is coming with a new project ‘Veruthe Oru Bharya’ with Gopika as heroine (this is her last film, since she is also part of the heroine history by quitting her career after marriage). The name of the film clearly indicates the family theme in it; if the post release reports is average, then it is a sure bet among the malayalees.

Akku Akbar is directing the movie (he is the same Akbar from the Akbar-Jose directors’ duo who gave films like ‘Mazhathullikkilukkam’ and ‘Sadhanandhante Samayam’), scripted by Gireesh Kumar, who wrote films like ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘Amritham’. With the team holding such a track record, without expecting much, I decided to watch ‘Veruthe Oru Bharya’.

The first impression was not bad, the opening scene in which heroine is introduced through a song, she is shown as a house wife doing all her house hold activities, then followed by the lengthy scene in which the wife murmuring and scolding to her husband regarding her problems and the latter giving one to one reply for such things quoting the examples of fuel hike, reality shows etc. Hero is an employee from Electricity Board, he is too dependable on his wife for his every actions (Some of the sequences resembles 'Chinthavishtayaya Shyamala'). They got a daughter who is studying in the high school. Till interval, even amidst of some hurdles and obstacles, they lead their life and when an insufferable situation arises, mother went to her house leaving the father and her daughter alone.

The husband takes this occasion as a prestige and he decides to drive the family vehicle alone. So what happens if such a situation arises is shown through ‘Veruthe Oru Bharya’. The subject is not new, but the creators has failed miserably in working out such scenes properly.

It is an issue here, in the second half, this film which was running steadily so far (it seems to be), turns serious and such scenes has got the real flavour of the movie ‘Bhoothakkannadi’. Those areas are not suited for such a film. People don’t want to see such repetitive sequences; they will accept a project only if it is new to them and the performer’s image should also be a deciding factor in some cases. In the end when out of the theater, if you are satisfied, then it is a good film, but here... may be, since our audience are used to many teleserials they can withstand this easily.

Shyam Dharman, the music director has given some nice tunes. The song, ‘manjil kulikkum...’ in which Jayaram imitates many heroes right from Prem Nazir to Suresh Gopi is good to watch. Gireesh Kumar’s script in many areas reflects the issues faced by a current middle class society. Jayaram has done the duty in his usual style.

With all the ingrediants of an average family movie in the first half, the heavy dose in the later areas resists me in promoting it...

‘Veruthe Oru Bharya’ is like milk added with water in non uniform proportions; it happened to be unusable in the end; one might feel "Veruthe Oru Padam"...

Rating : 2.5 / 5

Sunday, August 10, 2008


We don’t need to discuss the caliber of malayalee script writer / actor Sreenivasan. Many of his previous films were remade into hindi and other regional languages. So far none of them had become big news. But one film, ‘Kadha Prayumbol’ scripted by him has changed the fate, since its remade into tamil as ‘Kuselan’ and the big thing is that none other than the superstar Rajnikanth is doing the pivotal role in this film. This film has also got the very big opening that usually gets for a Rajnikanth film across the world.

‘Kuselan’ is directed by P.Vasu (don’t forget that it was he who gave the superstar a big come back with ‘Chandramukhi’ after the downfall of ‘Baba’) and produced by K. Balachander and Seven Arts Vijayakumar. Other characters include Pasupathy, Meena, Nayanthara, Vadivelu, Livingston etc.

‘Kuselan’ deals with the hidden friendship between a barber, who belongs to a lower middle class and a superstar from the film world. In that way, ‘Kuselan’ is the carbon copy of ‘Kadha Parayumbol’. Since the team behind has projected it as a Rajni-movie, naturally the superstar’s role is expanded a little more, he has got two songs to perform, he also comes in various get-ups in scenes showing his latest projects. Vadivelu’s character, who is doing the opponent barber’s role is also elongated for creating humour, but he is not so impressive as before.

Rajnikanth has acted without any punch dialogues or super heroism. Pasupathi is suited well for such a role; after ‘Virumandi’ and ‘Veyil’, he has got a golden feather in his hat. The director P.Vasu should also be appreciated for deaing the reel and real life of the actor which was never done before. The interior scenes of barber shop shows the excellent work behind frames by the cinematographer AravindKrishna . Nayantara in the role of a cine artist has got two songs, a solo one being useless in that occasion. The young music director, GV.Prakash has got some fast beats, but they are not big memorable ones. The small township with shops which is the main background has got every loophole that it is manually created.

I don’t understand the logic in which the director showing dolphins jumping across the village river in a song sequence. (do u remember the scene showing a gigantic snake coming out of the house in ‘Chandramukhi’... they all belong to the liberty of a director, you please don’t waste time going behind such unnecassary things!!!)

Since ‘Kadha Prayumbol’ is a relatively new film, those people who had seen it won’t feel much difference when compared with ‘Kuselan’. Former one was an average malayalam film and as every one knows, it was the last 15mnts of the climax that made it a superhit. But in that aspect ‘Kuselan’ had got its domination over ‘Kadha Prayumbol’, by an incredible performance from Pasupathi and Rajnikanth. Maybe Mammootty’s performance was natural and the best, but when compared it was Rajnikanth’s image in public’s mind that enhanced to lift such a scene to the maximum level. So the climax magic can work in the case of ‘Kuselan’ also.

‘Kuselan’ is not a real Rajnikanth film. But it has got a message that is giving hope for every common man to lead his life. (if possible, also dont compare 'Kuselan' with 'Kadha Parayumbol')

Rating : 3.5 / 5

Friday, August 8, 2008

Mummy 3

Usually there is a belief, taking sequence of a super hit movie is an easy job and a guaranteed bet. But recently I heard a different opinion from a senior script writer in malayalam. He feels that it is risky and at the same time its not easy also, may be such a project will get advantage on the commercial side, since the atmosphere is already in the mind of audience and the expectations are high.

I don’t know whether English people goes behind such superstitious things while making a movie, but they hold the record for maximum sequels ( series ) subjects. Some of the examples are ‘Indiana Jones’ , ‘Jaws’, ‘Star Wars’, ‘Evil Dead’, ‘Police Story’, ‘Matrix’, ‘Spiderman’, ‘Batman’, ‘MI’ etc... Like that, the third one in the ‘Mummy’ series, ‘Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor’ is also released.

Brendan Fraser, the hero in ‘Mummy’ series and many other characters is seen here also. Other than that, this movie has got an extra bonus to project. Jet Li, the Asian super hero is doing an important character in ‘Mummy 3’. He is the cruel emperor in the old periods and he is the one who comes in the negative role of mummy here.

This time the hero’s son is discovering the mummy which is lying under the sand in the desert. Finally the team including his parents reaches the place, at the same time the soldier general who is also the villain came to the spot, there is a fight happening between the groups, in the end the victory comes for one side as expected...

There is too much of computer graphics and visual effects in this movie. We, the Indians has given the maximum liberty for the Hollywood films to create super human unnatural sequences, as a result we can see 3-4 people fighting against a million, the hero will be safe even after affected by a volcano or an earth quake etc.

Combination scenes between the hero and the wife creates a lag, since we don’t want to see them discussing family matters in such an atmosphere ( the problem usually faced by a “malayalee” while following English dialogues in such a pace can also be a reason...! ) The snow fighting sequences is also not created extraordinarily. Jet Li is there with his fabulous charisma.

If you feel, watching ‘Mummy’ series is a prestige, then no need to miss ‘Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor’...

Rating : 3 / 5

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Jaane Tu ya Jaane Na

Over the years the Kapoors & the Khans are reigning the bollywood. The recent example for this fact is the new comer Imran Khan, who is introduced through the movie, 'Jaane Tu ya Jaane Na'. He is the nephew of talented filmi personality Amir Khan, who is these days spending much time in giving promotions and publicity works for this film. Moreover he is also the producer of 'Jaane Tu ya Jaane Na' and even these days the hang over effect of 'Taare Zameen Par' has also not melted fully...Anyway the business tactics has worked out well, the film has created a good opening among the public.

Genelia D'Souza who acted in films like 'Boyz', 'Santhosh Subramanyam' etc is the heroine of this movie. 'Jaane Tu ya Jaane Na' deals with the relationship between two friends played by Imran and Genelia. Their affection, quarelling, misunderstanding, agony, dislikings etc are shown here without any gimmicks.

Though we have seen many films dealing with friendship related themes, here the new director, Abbas Tyrewala has told the story in a different way. The way in which the hero's companions telling the whole episode one by one like a fairy tale to one of their friends, creates a curiosity both on the latter part and on the crowd. The mother-son sentiments reminds us the film, 'Aashique', but the characterization of father played by Nasrudeen Shah is appealing and his gestu
res is unique. Combination scenes involving heroine's brother is also good.

'Jaane Tu ya Jaane Na' has got many scenes involving birthday get-togethers, DJ parties and its dances, dating etc that reflects the real north indian culture. The ending portions leading to the climax is cinematic, but since sky is the limit for this medium, we can take it as the liberty of the director.

A.R.Rehman has delivered some good songs for director's lyrics, it goes well with the mood. Not very big to be promoted, the new comer actor with his chocolate face has also performed as far a
s he can. Genelia is a good choice for such a role; one can't forget her excellent performance in the film, 'Santhosh Subramanyam'. All other artists has done their roles well.

After the show, while coming out of the theater, a man beside me was talking to his friend,
"...hey, this is only a remake of malayalam film, 'Niram'...whats new in this " if somebody not interested in seeing the film, asks you to brief the story of this film in a line, such a comment mentioned above is partly accepted, but you should also think how the new director has conceived the film without boring using a bunch of young artists.

'Jaane Tu ya Jaane Na' is a film that can attract those people with youthful mind...

Rating : 4 / 5

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Mission Istanbul

Weeks before I watched the trailer of a new Hindi film. It was produced by Ekta Kapoor, the biggie in telefilms’ field and Sunil Shetty. From the scenes itself it was clear that the film has got an action subject. No big stars...Zayed Khan, Vivek Oberoi & Shreya (‘Sivaji’ fame) were the main artists with one of the producers himself in a guest appearance. It has also got none other than Abhishek Bachan in an item song. The name of the film was ‘Mission Istanbul’.

Such factors can’t influence a normal person to watch the movie. But the name of the movie created an extra interest in me. (To be honest, in the past...for years... I was not aware of the fact that Istanbul is a place and it is also the capital of Turkey). Moreover it was directed by Apoorva Lakhia who once gave ‘Ek Ajnabee’ with Amitabh Bachan & the multi starrer ‘Shootout at Lokhandwala’.

‘Mission Istanbul’ has got the theme based on the terrorism, one of the main hazards faced by the people internationally these days. The main character done by Zayed Khan is a well known journalist, he has been appointed to the new media firm abroad. His lady love played by Shreya is also from the same field. Once assigned for the new mission in Istanbul, he came to know who all are responsible for the terror activities, thus we came to know that the same media in which he works is making the profit out of such illegal things.

In the mean while he got the company of Vivek Oberoi, who was a soldier once and he also claims that he has killed the person who is responsible for the biggest terrorist attack in the US history. So in the end they come out victoriously after destroying the person who is responsible for all terror activities happening around the world, he happened to be the owner of the media...

The performance of almost all the artists stands very below average. Villain’s appearance and body language is too immature, may be it is good for a WWF programme. Zayed Khan is performed without showing any emotions in his face. The scenes between him and lover is intolerable. The action sequences are not created well. The scenes involving some of the activities of the villain gangs looks like a documentary. I don’t understand the necessity of Abhishek in an item number in such a horrible movie. Vivek Oberoi’s character is created to get claps, He is showing his muscles all the time, sometimes he is laughing, on some occasions he is silent...but all went in vain.

‘Mission Istanbul’ is a failure. So the participants won’t get a warm welcome as they expects.

Rating : 1.5 / 5