Friday, August 29, 2008


'Wanted' is a new hollywood action flick starred by well known actress Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy; it has got a theme almost related to ‘Matrix’ series of films. Here the super natural power is known by the name “Fraternity”. So the film is based on those people who got such powers and how they are using it for their existence.

The hero played by James has got an attitude that he is not at all fit for his job, as a result he is frustrated and lazy, moreover he feels he will never get a chance to win in his life. In such an atmosphere, he met one of the members of the fraternity gang, Angelina Jolie. He reaches her place and the group gives training for him in different aspects. Though he tried to resist, finally he agrees to work for them. After getting a vigorous training in using weapons and pistols, he works for the gang in destroying their enemies.

Usually in Hollywood films, we can witness many unnatural shots in action scenes. Since this film tells the story of “fraternity” powers, the director has taken the maximum liberty in creating maximum numbers of such shots. For example, the people who got fraternity powers may fire at the wings of the small bee and will be successful in it. On another occasion such a person will shoot a target with a gun even if there is an obstacle in front of it, for that he will make the bullet go at a slightly deviated angle rather than straight.

Since the gang has taken the advantage of the hero, in the end some problems arises between them and how he gets a solution for all is what this film tells. Only thing, I don’t understand is that, what is the use of such fraternity powers and why is it used for, is it really benefitting the human?

‘Wanted’ is an action extravaganza in every aspect. We can see many shooting and chasing scenes. The climax scene is amazing. The action scene inside train is a usual Hollywood cliché (it is like a hero escaping without any wounds even after a 100 storied building collapsed on him). Anyway while watching the film, we never feel anything unusual here; it is the success of the creators.

‘Wanted’ can also be placed in the wanted list of English action movies. Those who watch English films usually, should never miss it.

Rating : 4 / 5

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