Monday, August 25, 2008


After delivering 2 hits like ‘Sandaikkozhi’ and ‘Thimiru’, producer Vikram Krishna is producing yet another blockbuster named ‘Satyam’, with his brother Vishal as the hero. This time, the seven films older hero has got Nayantara as the heroine. The film is directed by Amma Rajasekhar.

I heard before, some people working in film field saying, anybody can make a good film if he gets a good associate director and a good script. But after 2000, in the modern world of fast films, I think there is an addition to this fact. A good cameraman and a good editor can contribute to a large extend in creating the output at its best these days.

In such a sense, RD Rajasekhar (cinematographer) and Anthony (editor) are two such big names in the tamil field. Though they had worked for many projects, their combination is once again doing magic in ‘Sathyam’, after films like ‘4 the People’, ‘Kaakka Kaakka’ and ‘Gajini’.

Vishal is doing the police officer role for the first time. As the subject demanded, the hero is a brave man who fights against the injustice, corruption etc. Nayantara’s role of a journalist is deliberately created, it doesn’t have much importance and she is there for the songs in her usual glamour.

Nothing big is there to discuss on the story line. After several issues, the good police officer has to take revenge on the political rowdies and in the end it will be the win for hero only. But the most surprising role is Upendra (kannada superstar), who comes in a special appearance. Kotta Sreenivasa Rao (‘Sami’ fame) has also done well in the villain role.

Some of the scenes have got the taste of films like ‘Vettayadu Vilayadu’, 'Bhima' and ‘Kaakka Kaakka’. I would like to describe the song ‘Karka Karka...’ from Kamalhassan film ‘Vettayadu Vilayadu’ as one of the best introduction song ever created for a hero in an action film. Action director Stunt Shiva and Choreographer Brindha who were part of that venture has got another song this time, ‘Aaradi Kaatre...’ for Vishal in Satyam.

Like Mammootty did in ‘Yatra’, Kamalhassan in ‘Aalavandhaan’, Sharath Kumar in ‘Sooryan’, Soorya in ‘Gajini’ and Dileep in ‘Mulla’, this time its the chance for Vishal...dont you know why I quoted these examples...creating suspense in such a point is an offence, so not doing that...Vishal is appearing with a shaven head in few scenes like those heroes did before.

The physical appearance of the hero shows his commitment towards the project. Action scenes and song sequences are neatly choreographed. Some of the superhuman sequences should be taken in the right sense / spirit, since its also part of the action arena. Harris Jayaraj should have given an extra boost for the back ground score.

‘Sathyam’ is not a confident bet, but those who love to watch some realistic action scenes can try it once.

Rating : 3.5 / 5

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