Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Veruthe Oru Bharya

A hero, irrespective of the language, has to go through a ‘tough time’ in certain period of their acting career; it is an unwritten law in the acting phenomenon. Jayaram, who was introduced by Padamarajan through ‘Aparan’ in 1988 is going through such a worse period in his acting career never as before. The results of films like ‘Novel’, ‘Kanaka Simhasanam’, ‘Anjil Oraal Arjunan’,
‘Sooryan’, ‘Magic Lamb’, ‘Aanachantham’, ‘Madhuchandralekha’, ‘Amritham’, ‘Alice In Wonderland’, ‘Sarkar Dada’, ‘Pouran’ etc. which is released within last 3 years, substantiate the above fact.(very sorry to quote all these names here, but you should think... why is it so ? it the problem of the actor alone ?....then who is responsible... producers / directors / writers/ audience ...?!)

Any way past is a past (shall we ignore all these, simply saying it!!!) Now Jayaram is coming with a new project ‘Veruthe Oru Bharya’ with Gopika as heroine (this is her last film, since she is also part of the heroine history by quitting her career after marriage). The name of the film clearly indicates the family theme in it; if the post release reports is average, then it is a sure bet among the malayalees.

Akku Akbar is directing the movie (he is the same Akbar from the Akbar-Jose directors’ duo who gave films like ‘Mazhathullikkilukkam’ and ‘Sadhanandhante Samayam’), scripted by Gireesh Kumar, who wrote films like ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘Amritham’. With the team holding such a track record, without expecting much, I decided to watch ‘Veruthe Oru Bharya’.

The first impression was not bad, the opening scene in which heroine is introduced through a song, she is shown as a house wife doing all her house hold activities, then followed by the lengthy scene in which the wife murmuring and scolding to her husband regarding her problems and the latter giving one to one reply for such things quoting the examples of fuel hike, reality shows etc. Hero is an employee from Electricity Board, he is too dependable on his wife for his every actions (Some of the sequences resembles 'Chinthavishtayaya Shyamala'). They got a daughter who is studying in the high school. Till interval, even amidst of some hurdles and obstacles, they lead their life and when an insufferable situation arises, mother went to her house leaving the father and her daughter alone.

The husband takes this occasion as a prestige and he decides to drive the family vehicle alone. So what happens if such a situation arises is shown through ‘Veruthe Oru Bharya’. The subject is not new, but the creators has failed miserably in working out such scenes properly.

It is an issue here, in the second half, this film which was running steadily so far (it seems to be), turns serious and such scenes has got the real flavour of the movie ‘Bhoothakkannadi’. Those areas are not suited for such a film. People don’t want to see such repetitive sequences; they will accept a project only if it is new to them and the performer’s image should also be a deciding factor in some cases. In the end when out of the theater, if you are satisfied, then it is a good film, but here... may be, since our audience are used to many teleserials they can withstand this easily.

Shyam Dharman, the music director has given some nice tunes. The song, ‘manjil kulikkum...’ in which Jayaram imitates many heroes right from Prem Nazir to Suresh Gopi is good to watch. Gireesh Kumar’s script in many areas reflects the issues faced by a current middle class society. Jayaram has done the duty in his usual style.

With all the ingrediants of an average family movie in the first half, the heavy dose in the later areas resists me in promoting it...

‘Veruthe Oru Bharya’ is like milk added with water in non uniform proportions; it happened to be unusable in the end; one might feel "Veruthe Oru Padam"...

Rating : 2.5 / 5

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