Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kabadi Kabadi

“Are you mad...don’t you know, its risky...Why you want to play near the suicide point ?! “, this was the immediate response when I told my friend about my plan to watch a film. The name of the film happened to be ‘Kabadi Kabadi’...!!!

The film is directed by new comers Sudheer-Manu, it is scripted by Shani Khader (‘Changathipoocha’ fame) and the team behind is projecting this movie as a comedy hungama with Mukesh and Kalabhavan Mani with Rambha in double role, supported by a bulk of comedians; may be these factors might have provoked my friend to comment like that...

Mukesh supported by Harisree Asokan & Jaffer Idukki, Kalabhavan Mani with the company of Suraj Venjarammood & Indrans is fighting each other to get the job in their home town since both of them had written the exam for SI post and they are awaiting the result. They belong to the same family, but they are separated at births since their mother happens to be different. They attack each other physically and when they get time one will get the benefit of other through games like kabadi-kabadi.

In the mean time heroine(s) and her father comes to their native for a post retirement life(the serious father’s character is “wonderfully performed” by the veteran actor Mani C.Kaappan, he is also the producer of the film!!!)

The script writer and the directors has shown justice to the heroes by creating two heroine characters, an usual cliché, a modern lady and a homely lady, both of them done by Rambha (she came to the cine field through the film ‘Sargam’ opposite Vineeth, went to tamil, telugu and kannada rached hindi; she was paired opposite Rajnikanth, Vijay, Chiranjeevi, Govinda, and even Midhun Chakravarthy... but now she is back to the same all happens here)

From the first scene itself, you can witness “shocking comedy” in each and every dialogue. Anyway in the interval time even in the coma stage, from a crowd of 10 numbers, some of us ran out of the theatre...

Kabadi Kabadi’ really makes you mad; what I have seen is worse at its extreme, I am damn sure that the rest will be more...

Rating : 1 / 5

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