Sunday, August 10, 2008


We don’t need to discuss the caliber of malayalee script writer / actor Sreenivasan. Many of his previous films were remade into hindi and other regional languages. So far none of them had become big news. But one film, ‘Kadha Prayumbol’ scripted by him has changed the fate, since its remade into tamil as ‘Kuselan’ and the big thing is that none other than the superstar Rajnikanth is doing the pivotal role in this film. This film has also got the very big opening that usually gets for a Rajnikanth film across the world.

‘Kuselan’ is directed by P.Vasu (don’t forget that it was he who gave the superstar a big come back with ‘Chandramukhi’ after the downfall of ‘Baba’) and produced by K. Balachander and Seven Arts Vijayakumar. Other characters include Pasupathy, Meena, Nayanthara, Vadivelu, Livingston etc.

‘Kuselan’ deals with the hidden friendship between a barber, who belongs to a lower middle class and a superstar from the film world. In that way, ‘Kuselan’ is the carbon copy of ‘Kadha Parayumbol’. Since the team behind has projected it as a Rajni-movie, naturally the superstar’s role is expanded a little more, he has got two songs to perform, he also comes in various get-ups in scenes showing his latest projects. Vadivelu’s character, who is doing the opponent barber’s role is also elongated for creating humour, but he is not so impressive as before.

Rajnikanth has acted without any punch dialogues or super heroism. Pasupathi is suited well for such a role; after ‘Virumandi’ and ‘Veyil’, he has got a golden feather in his hat. The director P.Vasu should also be appreciated for deaing the reel and real life of the actor which was never done before. The interior scenes of barber shop shows the excellent work behind frames by the cinematographer AravindKrishna . Nayantara in the role of a cine artist has got two songs, a solo one being useless in that occasion. The young music director, GV.Prakash has got some fast beats, but they are not big memorable ones. The small township with shops which is the main background has got every loophole that it is manually created.

I don’t understand the logic in which the director showing dolphins jumping across the village river in a song sequence. (do u remember the scene showing a gigantic snake coming out of the house in ‘Chandramukhi’... they all belong to the liberty of a director, you please don’t waste time going behind such unnecassary things!!!)

Since ‘Kadha Prayumbol’ is a relatively new film, those people who had seen it won’t feel much difference when compared with ‘Kuselan’. Former one was an average malayalam film and as every one knows, it was the last 15mnts of the climax that made it a superhit. But in that aspect ‘Kuselan’ had got its domination over ‘Kadha Prayumbol’, by an incredible performance from Pasupathi and Rajnikanth. Maybe Mammootty’s performance was natural and the best, but when compared it was Rajnikanth’s image in public’s mind that enhanced to lift such a scene to the maximum level. So the climax magic can work in the case of ‘Kuselan’ also.

‘Kuselan’ is not a real Rajnikanth film. But it has got a message that is giving hope for every common man to lead his life. (if possible, also dont compare 'Kuselan' with 'Kadha Parayumbol')

Rating : 3.5 / 5

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i don’t know whether they are succeeded in it.” - I think you better say either they succeeded or they didn't succeed.