Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Chennai 600028

We want films like 'Sivaji', 'Pokkiri', 'Gajini' etc, but at the same time we should find sometime to watch & promote small movies like 'Chennai 600028' also.dont you feel some difference in this name itself...?!

Before going into the details of the film, you should be aware who all are behind this film. Film is produced by SPCharan, son of veteran singer SPBalasubramanyam;It is scripted & directed by VenkatPrabhu, elder son of director-producer-writer-lyricist-composer-singer Gangai Amaran;Music is done by YuvanSankarRaja, son of living legend Ilayaraja;Background score is done by PremjiAmaran, younger son of GangaiAmaran;Film's Digital Intermediate & Graphics is done by Ocher Studios,whose owner comes from the superstar's family - Soundarya Rajnikanth.

so, A good film for the youth by the youth is what we can describe about this film in a sentence.

The name of the film resembles a pincode.Yes, it stands for the place 'kamakshi street' where our heroes are living.But,you can't find any heroes in this film.All the artists are heroes and they are all new faces.It is the story of 11 friends who lives in a place,they are working in different places in different organizations,their family belongs to different classes in the society,they are also part of a local cricket team.Their life with happiness, sorrows, quarrellings, victories, failures, love, profession etc are all neatly executed in a realistic humour track by the director.

Hindi film 'Lagaan' might have been an inspiration for this thread.The film starts & ends with a cricket match.The main ambition of our heroes' team,'Sharks' is to find victory over their main rival team 'Rockers' which they cant achieve for the past 4years.Both these teams usually play the finals and victory goes to the same team always.In the end, in a prestigious match whether 'Sharks' got victory to take the cup or not is what the story is.

VenkatPrabhu, who is the script writer-director treated the film in a humorous way.You cant find here any gimmics in telling the story.It is told straight away as if happening in the case of a normal person's life.The dialogue delivery and the incidents happening between the friends will tell you more about this.So one should be careful to follow each & every dialogue in understanding the sequence,since you can find a humour witty track underneath a serious dialogue also.The cricket match scenes are also neatly picturised within the limits.Some of the loving & dreaming sequences are carried away with the help of songs.

The main attraction of the film is the actors,majority of them new faces and all of them has lived in their roles very well.Only face in the team who is familiar to you will be the restaurant supplier boy role done by Aravind ('Nandanam' fame).Another thing is the dialogue used,the Chennai slang is used in a humorous way.The climax and the beach match scenes with kids are remarkable.Director VenkatPrabhu showed that he has also got the talent like his father.As a producer, SPCharan should be appreciated in showing courage to make such a film with many new faces infront & behind camera.

Music director YuvanSankarRaja gave some good beats according to the situations,among them romantic melody 'yaaro...' by SPB & Chitra needs special mention.Cinematograper SakthiSaravanan has good frames featuring cricket grounds and matches in the city backdrop.Background score by PremjiAmaran is excellent.The pathos style bg and songs-bg of 'Nayagan' & 'Manvasanai' used here cope up with the comic situations very well.Premji has also acted well in a role of 12th batsman who dont catch the ball which reaches his hands everytime.

1 or 2 songs could have omitted from the film,but since this is a fantasy medium in which you have a mixture of many things and also the creators of the film comes from the music families, your petition will not be filed.

All in all, this film is a good timepass.

If you got average sense of humour /
if you love cricket /
if you want to remember some moments from your school-college days /
if you can follow tamil dialogues to a certain extend...
then, go and watch 'Chennai 600028'

Rating : 4 / 5

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


After the highly talked ‘RGV Ki Aag’ the ace director RamGopalVarma is coming with his new film ‘Darling’ just within a 2 weeks gap.Highly talked in the sense, the director has got a huge bunch of negative remarks & worse comments from the critics & public for remaking ‘Sholay’. I had read many of those reviews. Among all those what I felt, I was the only person to praise Varma for his
excellent direction & all.

Still I remains in that stand. You should keep in mind, that I told you not to compare ‘RGV Ki Aag’ with any of the old classics, you can watch it as a new Hindi film with a malayalee actor Mohanlal as the hero supported by some hindi actors and the veteran Bachan as the villain.

Any way leave it, but RamGopalVarma’s new film deals with a different horror subject. Before entering the cinema hall, my mind was passing through the memories of this director’s previous horror version, ‘Bhoot’.The haunted feelings & experiences of the night, I watched ‘Bhoot’ still there and I don’t want to remember it often.Inside the theatre while watching that film even at my age of 27, I was closing eyes & ears for some of the scenes like a small child.

But here while watching ‘Darling’ you don’t have to behave childishly, since the treatment of the film is like that only. Here Eesha Deol plays the ghost character. She is being murdered by his boss played by Fardeen Khan. He is living with his wife, played by Isha Gopikar. She got a different appearance, Isha is done well in a typical house-wife role.

After being killed the heroine is chasing the hero everywhere to take revenge. The director should have treated this in a more serious manner. But here he has tried to sail his boat with the wind, he gave a comic appearance for most of the scenes in which hero is being cornered by the ghost. Such scenes are also not shown in a beleivable way.

It is happening like that of a usual hindi film. I strongly feel that, this is not RGV’s track of telling such a story. But in this movie field we have to do compromises; also the music company TSeries is working with him for the first time as the co-producer.Another main challenge here is the chemistry between the hero & the heroine.

The ghost character played by Esha Deol has done exceptionally well, but on the other side the affected character played by Fardeen Khan proved that he is a wrong choice. He is over reactive and not behaving according to the situations. In some of the scenes he has acted well, but in such scenes also his dubbing (dialogue delivery) is not blended well.

As a whole you can see the style and flavor of RamGopalVarma in the scenes. The scenes featuring Zakkir Hussain as the friend of FardeenKhan and also the scenes in which Upendra Limaye as the cop with his assistant lady questioning the hero shows the signature of RamGopalVarma.
The kind of shots he placed is neatly executed with the help of cinematographer Amit Roy, Background score by Prasanna-Sekhar is ok, Music director Himesh Reshammiya also contributed 2 numbers in his style.

If you have not watched the film ‘Bhoot’ in a DTS theatre, I will say its a great miss…since it is one of the best horror films ever produced in India. In that sense ‘Darling’ is not at all in my hit list.

Rating : 2 / 5


Reviewing a Hollywood film is a challenge. since I already started the journey, I have to travel through this narrow road also in the way where there are lot of hurdles, curves and speed breakers.

One day, one of my friends phoned me and asked 'Have you watched the movie Transformers ?'
To be honest, I said 'No, so far that interest has not reached me'. He told ' Its a hit movie, it has got the extreme visual effects, moreover it is coming from Dreamworks'.That made me think about watching the movie.We cant forget Dreamworks who has got Stephen Spielberg on its top; also they gave some excellent movies like Antz, Madagascar, Shrek, Gladiator etc.

You have seen many advertisements inspired from the story or scenes from a feature film, but on the other side you don’t have any examples for a feature film to be inspired from an advertisement.Many of us have seen the Honda Adv in which a car acts like a human being with hands, legs, body, face etc.May be the story of the film might have inspired from such an Adv, almost all the animated characters in the film behaved in this manner only.

Also I heard that ‘Transformers’ is a video game which is popular among kids. In some shows in Kerala, even some of the kids has clapped seeing the introduction scenes of the animated hero characters. Since I have not experienced the game version, I didn’t felt anything special in such scenes. In that sense we can say that this film is adapted from video games.

Like usual Hollywood films here also we can see the evil powers targeting the day today activities and systems in the United States. US President’s official aircraft, Air Force One is also shown here with the security personals trying to save him. A group of some good characters from the other world trying to save the nation from the enemies is also seen. Most of the fighting scenes resemble that of a video game.But the shots are neatly executed after a great research and homework.We cant differentiate between a real shot and a Computer
Graphics shot.

One wont question a sequence in an English film where the whole city with buildings, roads etc are all smashed and destroyed to ground, where we can see the hero and his companions are not hurt and is safe to find victory over the enemies in the end. English films have got such a license from the Indian audience. Here also they have utilized this license very well.

Here I am not mentioning the story of the film. It may be due to the problem with the Creators of
this film or it can also due to my failure in following and understanding each and every dialogue in an English film. Its up to you to decide…!!!

What we have to watch here is another fantasy film with the ultimate visual effects & graphics sequences where the real characters are mixed with the animated characters. There is no scope for thinking about the sense or logic of the story, just go through the motion from the beginning till end, as if sitting in a rollercoaster.

If you are usually / occasionally watching English films, you can watch ‘Transformers’ also.

Rating : 3 / 5


Action King, Arjun is having yet another cop’s role in the tamil film, ‘Maruthamalai’. This is director Suraj’s second film. Previously he got success by introducing SundarC as the hero in his first hit film ‘Thalainagaram’. Both these films are produced by the biggie, Oscar Films Ravichandran.

Hero is doing the job of a police constable in a place where there is no election has been conducted for twenty years. Hero has written the SI test and is waiting for the selection to come.

Raghuvaran in the role of Chief Election Commissioner is taking the initial steps to conduct the elections with the help of Officials and Police Dept. This is irritating the villain role played by Lal who is having the constituency in his hands without permitting anyone to caste vote. In the end how the hero claims victory is what the story is.

‘Maruthamalai’ is an action based comedy film. The main attraction is none other than Vadivelu in the role of Head Constable. He is stealing most of the scenes with his immense performance and witty dialogues. Arjun-Vadivelu combination is again getting claps after the hit film, ’Giri’ in which Suraj worked as associate director. So he knows well how to treat those experienced artists.

In the first half, Arjun is working under Vadivelu in the police station & later when Arjun becomes the Inspector and got posting in the same station, Vadivelu comes under him and such humorous scenes are neatly carried by the director without losing the action tempo.

The heroine of the film is Nila, who was introduced in ‘Anbe Aaruyire’ by SJSuryah. She is not at all impressive in her role, may be it is due to the irregularity in delivering the dialogue. The nativity of artists can be a problem when dealing with some serious scenes, the problem is that the audience won’t feel them as their next door lady, so they dont show any sympathy or likings for such heroines though the scenes demands that. The second heroine who is coming in the end in a few scenes is also not up to the mark.

Raghuvaran is showing his talent in the role given to him. Lal is crossing boundaries to other languages. The appearance and body language is giving confidence to the directors in molding such a character for him. He has performed well with the experience he got from the malayalam scenario.

Arjun has done the comedy mixed action role in a well received manner. Cinematogrphy by Senthil Kumar & Vaidhi has captured well all the motions. Iman has a given a good bg score for this film.

Those who love to watch a real tamil film with a mix of comedy and action can watch ‘Maruthamalai’.

Ratings : 3 / 5

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Chakde India & RGV ki Aag

Even amidst of romantic subjects with amulbaby actors, gigantic sets & songs in foreign locations,dont forget that some of the hindi film technicians are still continuing their experiments on different areas and are successful in it. here we can gothrough two films released in august, 'Chakde India' and 'Ramgopalvarma ki Aag' which belong to such category.

'Chakde India'

Bearing the potential in theme,we can say 'chakde india' is the best film released in hindi after 'lagaan'.shahrukh khan has done the key role.this is a big relief for him from his usual unnatural romantic roles.'chakde india' is directed by shimit ameen.Though this name is not popular,years before he has directed the movie 'ab thak chappan',which was technically also the director has kept the shots exceptionally well in the script written by jayadeep sahni.

The story deals with the social attitude towards hockey game in india and also the concept of 'unity in diversity' is treated in a believable way.other than hero, all other characters are new faces, all of them had done exceptionally well.the producer yashraj films & the director had concentrated in selecting new faces from different states in the country which are appropriate for their roles.

To treat a subject dealing with areas like games,players,winning and losing matches etc can lead to a
dragging atmosphere & if failed to handled properly it can sometimes lead to a total failure.but the script here is the backbone of the is carefully and smartly picturised by the new director.the scenes showing the enemity and unity in the team tells the craft.

Shahrukh is very impressive,which can make even his critics happy.'chakde india' can be projected in the top of the list while counting his films.cinematography by sudeep chaterjee & background score by salim-sulaiman goes well versed with the theme.

By making this film,shimit ameen has also entered the list of ace directors like ramgopalvarma,madhur bandarkar & ashutosh gowrikar,those who are always going behind unusual subjects.

grade : 4.5 / 5

'Ramgopalvarma ki Aag'

As the name tells,'ramgopalvarma ki aag' is a real fire from the superhit director ramgopalvarma.the film's theme is impressed by the old superhit film 'sholay'. all the major characters & the story in that film is taken here by rgv,but the environment is changed now to a city backdrop.

The only common factor in both these films is none other than amitabh bachan.but on the contrarory,he who acted as one of the heroes in 'sholay' is now a villain usual the living legend is stealing most of the scenes with his screen presence.
old sanjeev kumar's role is recreated through one of the finest actors in the country,mohanlal.rgv's boldness should be appreciated here.he should be thanked for making mohanlal's character more elaborate than the original version.the film starts & ends with the closeup shots of this south indian
superstar.mohanlal's performance shows that varma's choice was not a bad one.

Ajay devgan is also good in his role.he has also got 2 songs with nisha kothari.the new comer prasanth raj is not upto the mark.but the director managed it by placing shots suited for his performance.sushmitha sen has got a different widow character here. in this film also we can see the notable team from rgv factory as actors.background score by amar mohile is as usual giving the fastness & strength for a ramgopalvarma film.almost all the scenes in the old film is created here by the director according to his interests.ramgopalvarma has once again proved that a film is ultimately a director's craft.

Dont ever compare 'ramgopalvarma ki aag' with 'sholay'. you can watch this as a new film in which mohanlal is the hero & amitabh bachan is the villain.

grade : 3.5 / 5

August Releases - a Review

The month of august has its versatility with the kind of films includes
'heartbeats', 'a k g', 'thakarachenda','alibhai', 'kichamani mba', 'orey kadal' & 'nivedhyam'.

A new marketing strategy has been introduced by the distributors,johny sagarika to attract crowd to theatres - 'two in one' policy - two films for one ticket,sothat you can watch films like 'a k g' & 'thakarachenda' in one show.

before reading next line, gothrough detailed review of each films from their particular link.

Among the lot here is the best...

best actor - mammootty in 'orey kadal'
best actress - bhama in 'nivedhyam'
best performance - sreenivasan in 'thakarachenda'
best director - avera rabeka for 'thakarachenda'
best song - 'kolakkuzhalvili...' from 'nivedhyam'
best music - ouseppachan for 'orey kadal'
best singer - bombay jayasree for 'orey kadal'
best camera - sajan kalathil for 'nivedhyam'
best art director - prasanth madhav for 'nivedhyam'

now a days, we dont have any good films coming in malayalam;
only thing we can do is to select the best from the here that job is left to you...
it is very sad & never happened in the past that we cant point out a single film to watch during the biggest festival season of the state.


Lohithadas has directed 'nivedhyam',a village subject with many new faces including the hero, heroine & the villain.this is director's next movie after his previous flop 'chakkaramuthu'.

The new comer hero,vinumohan is the grandson of wellknown actor kottarakkara sridharan nair.he is in the role of a junior temple priest.his lady love is done by new face bhama.she is very impressive in her performance.

The characterisation of hero has got some resemblance with dileep's role in 'sallapam'.moreover the circumstances in heroine's family and the villain character is very much related to some of the scenes in 'kasthooriman'.the script writer of all these films happened to be the same lohithadas.

Many scenes in the first half are not tolerable to a certain extend,the one in which kaithapram-m jayachandran-sibi malayil comes,it shows the imaturity in performance of such technicians who are working behind the camera;the portions where each and every girl in the big house is getting love at first sight with the hero is unnatural;the director should have some control in the scene in which the much talkative dominant lady performing in the middle of senior artists inside the temple.there is nothing special in the story,we know what is going to happen in the next scene till the end.some of the scenes involving the hero talking alone inside the temple is handled well.the temple set created by the art director prasanth madhav looks real and extaordinary.

Vinumohan's acting is satisfactory for such a role.the new comer bhama has got a good future.she is remarkable & had given her own voice to the character.other notable artists like gopi,nedumudivenu & kochupreman handled their roles with their experience.m jayachandran has got a catchy romantic melody with 'kolakkuzhalvili ketto...' song.background music by ouseppachan is good.debutant cinematographer sajan kalathil has also got some good frames.

a film with many new artists should need something extraordinary to be a hit,we cant see anything like this in 'nivedhyam'.

grade : 2.5/5

Kichamani MBA

'Kichamani MBA' is directed by debutant samad mankada,who once produced films like 'anachantham' & 'madhuchandralekha'.my assumption before watching was that he has not got any experience to direct a film after those two flops.but he has kept his name here as a director.he also got the support of experienced cinematographer p sukumar.

This is not a usual angry young man role for sureshgopi.we can see him in a lighter comic image.he is the owner of kichamani associates,which is like a parallel government.any problem dealing with the government & other related organizations can be solved easily through kichamani's company.acording to his theory,corruption is the only solution for corruption.cochin hanif,bijukuttan,abi etc are there to support the hero while salimkumar,jaffer etc is there in the opposite gang.the main theme is the enemity between kichamani & devanarayanan,the political leader role done by bijumenon.the former one is having the support of a minister and some top officials in the government.

The debut women script writer ashna ashish has treated this revenge story with the help of a humour track.some of the witty dialogues shows her talent.such works should be appreciated,since we are having only a few women in the technical side.but the way in which the theme is handled, shows her inexperience in the film language.the concentration of the film from the beginning itself is on the enemity between two characters,rather the script should have been elaborated more to be dealt with different times,both hero & villain are having their own most of the situations,hero has got a command on the villain & in the end as all know kichamani is winning the game.

The only difference for 'kichamani mba' from old hindi films is that hero is not having any romantic situations to project.jayasurya & navya nair's characters from the media world are not having much to expected,it can only be helpful for hero & his sister characters to get a pair in the climax scenes.alexpaul's song 'pokkiriyane...' in which sureshgopi & gang dancing through the roads of kochi is suited for the situation & his characterisation.

'kichamani mba' is not a family bet to promote.if you are having lot of free time to spend,then here you can have a mixture of action,comedy,sentiments etc.also its not advisable to keep the memories of this film while going home.

grade : 2.5/5

Orey Kadal

Shyamaprasad has scripted & directed 'orey kadal',roaming around 4 characters played by mammootty,meera jasmin,narein & ramyakrishnan.the film is based on a bengali novel.the problem in translating a literature work to the celluloid has happened here also.

The film's theme deals with the extra marital affairs.due to its after effects,heroine character who is the victim,gets mentally distorted.but the director has totally failed to express his views through 'orey kadal'.we can see the contrasting attitude of the scientist character played by mammootty,in the beginning he says that he has friendship & physical relations with many women,he dont have time to love any woman etc.but in the later time,this bold man is losing his control & is terribly adicted to alchohol.

I cant understand what is happening in the end,the victim lady is leaving her dearest ones to reach the womanizer.a negative ending is what the audience loves to see in such a situation.only thing the director can argue is that you cant expect the climax according to the subject in such a category of films.also we cant find any justice for the neighbour character played by niyaz misbehaving with meera.even at one point,mammootty's character tells his girl friend,'whats wrong when a couple is having 2 or 3 children & if one of the child's father is somebody from outside'.so what does the director who wrote such dialogues mean by all such we cant see a genuine attempt by him to show illegal extra marital relationships and its consequences.he should have treated this in a more serious manner,rather he has showed the mental problems due to such things,also the climax portions show the total failure of the script.

Most of the dialogues in the film is good to have in books only.shyamaprasad should have concentrated more on this area,especially where hero tells his intention to someother's wife by describing her beauty.all the actors in the film has performed exceptionally well,its like right men in the wrong work by azhakappan is good.ousappachan's background music & songs cope up with the situations well.only question raised here is, what message did 'orey kadal' conveyed in 110mnts ?

In the half time,heroine is mentally ill,later hero's character is behaving in a disorder manner & in the end,once out of the theatres that mental disorder is transferred to the audience.

grade : 2/5


when the film 'alibhai' was announced an year before,that time itself,i predicted, this project is not going to be useful for the hero or his wellwishers or the all happened as 'thandavam','onnaman' & 'udayon',this is another black feather in the hat of mohanlal.the main culprits are director shajikailas,script writer ta shahid & the driver/pa/'the so called producer' antony perumbavoor.the last guy has also got some closeup shots in the introduction scenes with the hero.though the distributors tried to beat rajnikanth's 'sivaji', who got 86 release centres in kerala, but in the end succeeded in releasing 76 prints only, that too some of them only in papers.

At this point of time,writer ta shahid should realize how his previous projects like 'rajamanikyam' & 'balettan' were succeeded, not because of his excellent scriptwork,rather it has got some other reasons.'rajamanikyam' has a new spoken language in the form of 'thiruvanthoram' slang.'balettan' was a simple subject which was told many times before,at that time mohanlal was going through a hectic period in his career with many flops in a any film without his superman heroism would have given the same result.ta shahid should also analyze result of his other projects like 'mambazhakkalam','kaakki', 'matsaram', 'natturajavu' etc.

Dont be a fool yourselves by asking about the theme of 'alibhai'.he is the leader of calicut market,he will give his life for his friends,he will fight single handed against his enemies & what not.lal's character is an attempt to increase his popularity in the malabar area,but it has already created a negative effect on his fans allover kerala.

There are many actors in the film to make the includes the useless characterisation of jagadish,sudheesh,saikumar,navya nair,cochin hanif,anand,suraj venjaramood and many others.for the first time,muic director alexpaul totally failed to give atleast one catchy song.moreover they are also such situation is that cochin hanif's daughter played by shamna is going to bangalore for IAS training,after few scenes,she is returning saying that she got first rank in the exams...enough...this is a reason for the market people to celeberate with alibhai's song and dance.the new face,who did the villain role is childish.the climax is a godown fight with him which we have already witnessed in many tamil films in the 80's.

We usually say,risingup and downfall of a star is a part of time-machine.after watching 'alibhai',i felt that downfall is not at all a happening,it is created deliberately.

grade : 1/5


As per 'two in one' policy introduced by distributers johny sagarika,i have to watch films like 'a k g' & 'thakarachenda' in one show.

After watching 'a k g' till interval,i am adjusting my mind to a new culture here.'thakarachenda' is a film based on street beggars & people in slums.sreenivasan & geethu mohandas are the main characters.both of them did well, escpecially the performance of srenivasan as a one legged beggar.

The film is directed by new comer avera rabeka.the cinematography by mj radhakrishnan in showing the low profile areas in the city is also good.most of the characters in the film are new faces,they all did justice to their roles.though not a big film to promote,'thakarachenda' has conveyed a message on the current status of our society.the opening scene and the climax which is the focused on our attitude towards the father of our nation shows the directorial skill.

Its lucky that by a new marketing strategy,this film has also reached the theatres,as we all know here there is only little space for such parallel stream films.

Without interval, watching a full length film like 'thakarachenda' can create a drowziness sometimes.
but once you are out of the theatre,if somebody ask you...
how was the show ?
your reply will be like this,
'thakarachenda' was better than 'a k g'.

grade : 2/5


'A K G' is not a feature film.its a 70mnt docuvision - mix of film & documentary - on the great communist leader ak is directed by shaji n karun who once gave 'piravi','swam' & 'vanaprastham'.the lead role of akg is being done by sreekumar who has acted in comedy & villain roles in the main stream films;one cant forget his role of police officer in 'achuvinte amma'.in akg's role we can see a contrasting change from his previous characters.archana from the television field,who has done the role of akg's wife is also impressive.

Some of the incidents happened in akg's life is honestly created by the director between,there are also talks by cpm leaders likeprakash karat,somanath chaterjee,vs achuthananadan,pinarayi vijayan etc.this is useful to bring the documentary effect,but it wont be good enough to attract people to theatres.'a k g' would have been a hit, if shaji n karun has picturised this as a full length feature film treating it like a biography.the characterisation of leaders like ems,ch,pc chako,ek nayanar etc stands natural.but indira gandhi's character stands below average in appearance,even we will think,veteran actress sheela's appearance in sureshgopi's film 'pathaka' was better than this.

'A K G' has not attracted the masses.while watching the show,in the darkness,somebody inside the theatre was screaming 'no spirit',people who really know akg & his speaches will give such honest comments.

grade : 2/5

Saturday, September 1, 2007


The name 'heartbeats' was in the limelight for months since the south indian queen simran is coming back to acting arena after a short gap.her previous film in malayalam 'indraprastham', released 10years before.

'Heartbeats' deals with the theme of self financing professional colleges.but the script writer babu janardhan has failed totally in delivering anything on this current political issue.rather he deviated from the subject & focused on the friendship of characters played by indrajith,manikkuttan,anoop,govindankutty etc.the college scenes shown in the film is also their journey they came across simran whose character also lacks depth.

I dont know why simaran had chosen such a role in her much awaiting comeback.maybe, the producer of the film who is also the story writer might have convinced her that she is doing
the role of a hiv patient,which nobody has done in malayalam sofar.but since there is no naturality in her characterisation, it failed to reach the viewers.since the director has not shown the romantic situations well, we cant understand the logic in enemity between indrajith and simran. this is director vinu anand's second film after 'oruvan'.the songs by debut music director george peter is not catchy.

I am stopping here,describing anything more about this film can lead to some serious problem with my 'heartbeats'.

grade : 1/5