Sunday, September 2, 2007


As per 'two in one' policy introduced by distributers johny sagarika,i have to watch films like 'a k g' & 'thakarachenda' in one show.

After watching 'a k g' till interval,i am adjusting my mind to a new culture here.'thakarachenda' is a film based on street beggars & people in slums.sreenivasan & geethu mohandas are the main characters.both of them did well, escpecially the performance of srenivasan as a one legged beggar.

The film is directed by new comer avera rabeka.the cinematography by mj radhakrishnan in showing the low profile areas in the city is also good.most of the characters in the film are new faces,they all did justice to their roles.though not a big film to promote,'thakarachenda' has conveyed a message on the current status of our society.the opening scene and the climax which is the focused on our attitude towards the father of our nation shows the directorial skill.

Its lucky that by a new marketing strategy,this film has also reached the theatres,as we all know here there is only little space for such parallel stream films.

Without interval, watching a full length film like 'thakarachenda' can create a drowziness sometimes.
but once you are out of the theatre,if somebody ask you...
how was the show ?
your reply will be like this,
'thakarachenda' was better than 'a k g'.

grade : 2/5


Praveen said...


Really Appriciate your effort for this. Nice header.

So there are no good movies released for Onam.


Aswin said...

Hello Sanju Chetta,

I should say it's very interesting, very informative one. Very good concept. By this we can know which films will be the winner. All the best.


Vivek said...

It is really good Prashant. Went through the entire thing and your reviews I feel are total (though I have not seen any of those movies). All the best.


Kalpana Chechi said...

Dearest Sanju,
U R doing an excellent job.By this V can know which films R worth watchg. Ur reviews R really great. I do agree wit Ur review on ChakDe & RGV's Aag as I watchd both these. We all out here WISH U THE VRY BEST!!!!
Wit warm wishes,
Kalpna Chechi 4 all out here

ajoy said...

dear prasanth
all the best 4 ur great venture.i feel that u shouldnt ignore english films.just see them n review them also

ajoy said...

dear prasanth
i appreciate ur venture and wish it all l b better if u could inlude english films also in this review

Anonymous said...

dai ur blog is really nice and created well. feel really shame that i visited this only today. Great effort. its really interesting and informative for those whos need to pick a film to watch. nice prasanth