Sunday, September 2, 2007


Lohithadas has directed 'nivedhyam',a village subject with many new faces including the hero, heroine & the villain.this is director's next movie after his previous flop 'chakkaramuthu'.

The new comer hero,vinumohan is the grandson of wellknown actor kottarakkara sridharan nair.he is in the role of a junior temple priest.his lady love is done by new face bhama.she is very impressive in her performance.

The characterisation of hero has got some resemblance with dileep's role in 'sallapam'.moreover the circumstances in heroine's family and the villain character is very much related to some of the scenes in 'kasthooriman'.the script writer of all these films happened to be the same lohithadas.

Many scenes in the first half are not tolerable to a certain extend,the one in which kaithapram-m jayachandran-sibi malayil comes,it shows the imaturity in performance of such technicians who are working behind the camera;the portions where each and every girl in the big house is getting love at first sight with the hero is unnatural;the director should have some control in the scene in which the much talkative dominant lady performing in the middle of senior artists inside the temple.there is nothing special in the story,we know what is going to happen in the next scene till the end.some of the scenes involving the hero talking alone inside the temple is handled well.the temple set created by the art director prasanth madhav looks real and extaordinary.

Vinumohan's acting is satisfactory for such a role.the new comer bhama has got a good future.she is remarkable & had given her own voice to the character.other notable artists like gopi,nedumudivenu & kochupreman handled their roles with their experience.m jayachandran has got a catchy romantic melody with 'kolakkuzhalvili ketto...' song.background music by ouseppachan is good.debutant cinematographer sajan kalathil has also got some good frames.

a film with many new artists should need something extraordinary to be a hit,we cant see anything like this in 'nivedhyam'.

grade : 2.5/5

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