Sunday, September 2, 2007

Orey Kadal

Shyamaprasad has scripted & directed 'orey kadal',roaming around 4 characters played by mammootty,meera jasmin,narein & ramyakrishnan.the film is based on a bengali novel.the problem in translating a literature work to the celluloid has happened here also.

The film's theme deals with the extra marital affairs.due to its after effects,heroine character who is the victim,gets mentally distorted.but the director has totally failed to express his views through 'orey kadal'.we can see the contrasting attitude of the scientist character played by mammootty,in the beginning he says that he has friendship & physical relations with many women,he dont have time to love any woman etc.but in the later time,this bold man is losing his control & is terribly adicted to alchohol.

I cant understand what is happening in the end,the victim lady is leaving her dearest ones to reach the womanizer.a negative ending is what the audience loves to see in such a situation.only thing the director can argue is that you cant expect the climax according to the subject in such a category of films.also we cant find any justice for the neighbour character played by niyaz misbehaving with meera.even at one point,mammootty's character tells his girl friend,'whats wrong when a couple is having 2 or 3 children & if one of the child's father is somebody from outside'.so what does the director who wrote such dialogues mean by all such we cant see a genuine attempt by him to show illegal extra marital relationships and its consequences.he should have treated this in a more serious manner,rather he has showed the mental problems due to such things,also the climax portions show the total failure of the script.

Most of the dialogues in the film is good to have in books only.shyamaprasad should have concentrated more on this area,especially where hero tells his intention to someother's wife by describing her beauty.all the actors in the film has performed exceptionally well,its like right men in the wrong work by azhakappan is good.ousappachan's background music & songs cope up with the situations well.only question raised here is, what message did 'orey kadal' conveyed in 110mnts ?

In the half time,heroine is mentally ill,later hero's character is behaving in a disorder manner & in the end,once out of the theatres that mental disorder is transferred to the audience.

grade : 2/5

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