Saturday, September 1, 2007


The name 'heartbeats' was in the limelight for months since the south indian queen simran is coming back to acting arena after a short gap.her previous film in malayalam 'indraprastham', released 10years before.

'Heartbeats' deals with the theme of self financing professional colleges.but the script writer babu janardhan has failed totally in delivering anything on this current political issue.rather he deviated from the subject & focused on the friendship of characters played by indrajith,manikkuttan,anoop,govindankutty etc.the college scenes shown in the film is also their journey they came across simran whose character also lacks depth.

I dont know why simaran had chosen such a role in her much awaiting comeback.maybe, the producer of the film who is also the story writer might have convinced her that she is doing
the role of a hiv patient,which nobody has done in malayalam sofar.but since there is no naturality in her characterisation, it failed to reach the viewers.since the director has not shown the romantic situations well, we cant understand the logic in enemity between indrajith and simran. this is director vinu anand's second film after 'oruvan'.the songs by debut music director george peter is not catchy.

I am stopping here,describing anything more about this film can lead to some serious problem with my 'heartbeats'.

grade : 1/5

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