Sunday, September 2, 2007

Kichamani MBA

'Kichamani MBA' is directed by debutant samad mankada,who once produced films like 'anachantham' & 'madhuchandralekha'.my assumption before watching was that he has not got any experience to direct a film after those two flops.but he has kept his name here as a director.he also got the support of experienced cinematographer p sukumar.

This is not a usual angry young man role for sureshgopi.we can see him in a lighter comic image.he is the owner of kichamani associates,which is like a parallel government.any problem dealing with the government & other related organizations can be solved easily through kichamani's company.acording to his theory,corruption is the only solution for corruption.cochin hanif,bijukuttan,abi etc are there to support the hero while salimkumar,jaffer etc is there in the opposite gang.the main theme is the enemity between kichamani & devanarayanan,the political leader role done by bijumenon.the former one is having the support of a minister and some top officials in the government.

The debut women script writer ashna ashish has treated this revenge story with the help of a humour track.some of the witty dialogues shows her talent.such works should be appreciated,since we are having only a few women in the technical side.but the way in which the theme is handled, shows her inexperience in the film language.the concentration of the film from the beginning itself is on the enemity between two characters,rather the script should have been elaborated more to be dealt with different times,both hero & villain are having their own most of the situations,hero has got a command on the villain & in the end as all know kichamani is winning the game.

The only difference for 'kichamani mba' from old hindi films is that hero is not having any romantic situations to project.jayasurya & navya nair's characters from the media world are not having much to expected,it can only be helpful for hero & his sister characters to get a pair in the climax scenes.alexpaul's song 'pokkiriyane...' in which sureshgopi & gang dancing through the roads of kochi is suited for the situation & his characterisation.

'kichamani mba' is not a family bet to promote.if you are having lot of free time to spend,then here you can have a mixture of action,comedy,sentiments etc.also its not advisable to keep the memories of this film while going home.

grade : 2.5/5

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