Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Action King, Arjun is having yet another cop’s role in the tamil film, ‘Maruthamalai’. This is director Suraj’s second film. Previously he got success by introducing SundarC as the hero in his first hit film ‘Thalainagaram’. Both these films are produced by the biggie, Oscar Films Ravichandran.

Hero is doing the job of a police constable in a place where there is no election has been conducted for twenty years. Hero has written the SI test and is waiting for the selection to come.

Raghuvaran in the role of Chief Election Commissioner is taking the initial steps to conduct the elections with the help of Officials and Police Dept. This is irritating the villain role played by Lal who is having the constituency in his hands without permitting anyone to caste vote. In the end how the hero claims victory is what the story is.

‘Maruthamalai’ is an action based comedy film. The main attraction is none other than Vadivelu in the role of Head Constable. He is stealing most of the scenes with his immense performance and witty dialogues. Arjun-Vadivelu combination is again getting claps after the hit film, ’Giri’ in which Suraj worked as associate director. So he knows well how to treat those experienced artists.

In the first half, Arjun is working under Vadivelu in the police station & later when Arjun becomes the Inspector and got posting in the same station, Vadivelu comes under him and such humorous scenes are neatly carried by the director without losing the action tempo.

The heroine of the film is Nila, who was introduced in ‘Anbe Aaruyire’ by SJSuryah. She is not at all impressive in her role, may be it is due to the irregularity in delivering the dialogue. The nativity of artists can be a problem when dealing with some serious scenes, the problem is that the audience won’t feel them as their next door lady, so they dont show any sympathy or likings for such heroines though the scenes demands that. The second heroine who is coming in the end in a few scenes is also not up to the mark.

Raghuvaran is showing his talent in the role given to him. Lal is crossing boundaries to other languages. The appearance and body language is giving confidence to the directors in molding such a character for him. He has performed well with the experience he got from the malayalam scenario.

Arjun has done the comedy mixed action role in a well received manner. Cinematogrphy by Senthil Kumar & Vaidhi has captured well all the motions. Iman has a given a good bg score for this film.

Those who love to watch a real tamil film with a mix of comedy and action can watch ‘Maruthamalai’.

Ratings : 3 / 5

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