Saturday, May 31, 2008

Santhosh Subramanyam

It is the third remake in a row from the director Raja with his younger brother & actor ‘Jayam’ Ravi. Previous films like ‘Unakkum Enakkum’, ‘M Kumaran s/o Mahalaxmi’ & ‘Jayam’ were hits. Asusual the subject of ‘Santhosh Subramanyam’ is also adapted from a telugu blockbuster, ‘Bommarillu’. Here the director has maintained the actors like Prakashraj and Jenelia (‘Boyz’ fame) who acted in the original version also.

‘Santhosh Subramanyam’ is the story of Santhosh (Ravi) who belongs to a rich family. He was born and brought up by his parents (Prakashraj-Geetha) like a pet. He is too obedient to his father. So like any youth he is also good character inside family and when he gets freedom he enjoys maximum with his friends. Without seeking his permission, parents arranges his marriage and soon the engagement is also happened. One day he met Hasini (Genelia) who is an innocent girl, who is also open hearted and sometimes outspoken in behaviour. Santhosh likes her lively attitude and thus both had an affair by this time.
When Subramanyam came to know about this, she is being brought to his house for a week’s time and if she succeeds in winning their hearts she will be accepted as the bride. Whether she won the battle in the end is what the story of ‘Santhosh Subramanyam’ tells us.

‘Santhosh Subramanyam’ has got an excellent performance by Genelia. Prakashraj is asusual at his best. The hero ‘Jeyam’ Ravi is not a bad choice for such a role. Music director Devi Sree Prasad has got some good tunes and background score with the mood. Director Raja has told this three hour episode without any lagging.

In one of the sequences in which the son bursts out in front of the family, this film gives us a message, whether a parent has to take over involvement and support in the activities of a matured son who wants to stand in his own feet.

Only thing you can argue about ‘Santhosh Subramanyam’ is that in this modern century we cant point out a person like Santhosh who is too obedient and you cant see a father who kept restrictions like this..., very sorry...I cant agree with I told you before, film is a make belief medium and if the story is presented in a tolerable and believable way, you have to accept it.

‘Santhosh Subramanyam’ is a family oriented love story and its a time pass for all masses.

Rating : 4 / 5

Friday, May 30, 2008

Annan Thampi

After ‘Dada Sahib’ & ‘Balram vs Tharadas’, Mamootty is doing a double role in his new film ‘Annan Thampi’. It is being directed by young director Anwar Rashid. Both of them had created a sensational hit ‘Rajamanikyam’ before. Script writer Benni P Nayarambalam, Cameraman Lokanathan (‘Moonnamathoraal’ fame), Music director Alex Paul and Editor Donmax are the others in the technical area.

Every double films happened in the industry so far is having a certain formula, here also they are following the same. One of the heroes is dump, he is running a drama camp, living with his wife (Gopika) & the other one leading a jolly life in a faraway town is a market rowdy. He has also got a heroine (Laxmi Rai) & her family doesn’t allow him to marry her. These all things are helpful for the addition of song, fight and chase sequences in the story. From the childhood itself both these brothers are behaving like enemies, so they are being separated and taken to different places by the relatives. In the end, the tragedy happened to the hero’s family in the past is being revealed and the main villain is pointed out and both of them took revenge on him as expected.

Now a days also the same conventional procedures are following for double roles; Both the characters have same appearance, only difference being in the dress code, one usually wears pants & the other one dhotis. The graphical side in creating these two roles stands very ordinary, the action scenes in the climax is presented unrealistically.

The logic in killing one of the heroines unnecessarily in the end is also not acceptable. Also the villain character which is created as suspense is a replica of many action films we have seen before.

Though they are coming in very few scenes in the beginning, the performance of the child artists (twins) who are doing the roles of junior Mammootys, stands below average. The reason why I pointed out this fact is that the hunt for those child artists has been done in two cities and it caught media attention and finally the crew claimed that they had selected the best, but I don’t feel they are the best...

Only thing which is fresh and new in this film is the scene in which the Mammootty's dump character who is also a drama actor, imitating the body language of different stars like Mohanlal, Sureshgopi & Mammootty.

If you have got lot of free time to spend and also want to know whats happening in the malayalam film world now a days, go and watch ‘Annan Thampi’.If you really love the movie, then you can project it as an entertainer.

Rating : 2.5 / 5

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Like Kamalhassan, Mammootty, Jagathi, Sharath Kumar, Vikram, Surya etc., it is now Dileep’s turn to act with a shaven head in his recent venture ‘Mulla’. After the hangover of many flops in a row like ‘Speed Track’, ‘July 4’, ‘Romeo’ & ‘Calcutta News’, Dileep is now in director Lal Jose’ camp. He kept faith in his friend who once gave a big break for him through ‘Meesmadhavan’. Vipin Mohan, who handled the camera for Lal Jose’s first few films like ‘Oru Maravathoor Kanavu’ , ‘Rendam Bhavam’ & ‘Chandranudikkunna Dikkil’ is with them for the support. Script writer Sindhuraj (‘Jalolsavam & ‘Pattanathil Sundaran’) who has not yet received a big name is the writer for ‘Mulla’. Vidhyasagar is in charge of the musical area. A new heroine is introduced here, Meera Nandan ( ‘Idea Star Singer’ fame ) and other casts include Biju Menon, Saiju Kurup, Salim Kumar, Anoop Chandran etc.

‘Mulla’ tells the story of the under world gangs living in the slums. The tug of war between different groups is shown, among them the group lead by Biju Menon holds the key. Dileep is like an younger brother to him. The slum where they stays is just behind the busy railway line, so trains has a good role in the majority scenes.
The heroine who is a regular traveller in the train happens to meet the hero, later the usual cliché of developing this atmosphere into love is happening here also. In the race, they got a baby from the train and it holds a bond between the hero and the heroine. As usual problem arises in her family, a murder happened in her family before is also tracked by the hero. The villain takes revenge on the hero and in the end what happened to the slum and the people attached to it is what we witness through ‘Mulla’.

‘Mulla’ has some positives to project. We cant forget the excellent art work by Gokuldas in creating the slums & the interior of trains, Cinematography by Vipin Mohan in capturing the visuals especially inside train should be appreciated, Vidyasagar has given some variety songs, the way in which Laljose presented the whole story through a song sequence is also something new, Dileep in his serious character has performed well.

But there are also some downfalls in the second half of the journey. The incidents happening there is too complex and the story of the child is shown in many films before.I don’t know why Bhavana is unnecessarily coming in the middle, may be it might have done to create a punch to the interval scene, but the outcome is very poor and childish. Usually people don’t encourage films discussing negative issues like life in slums, poverty, prostitution, abandon children, beggaring, murders etc...

Seeing from far, you cant point out anything fishy here; but when you are near this ‘Mulla’ is not having a pleasing aroma. So it won’t be a comfortable bet for families.

Rating : 2.5 / 5

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Innathe Chinthavishayam

The name of Sathyan Anthikkad’s latest film can give you some nostalgic feelings, especially for those who have studied in malayalam medium schools in the past. The team behind the hit film, ‘Rasathanthram’ is once again here. Mohanlal, Meera Jasmine, Sathyan Anthikkad, Azhakappan and Ilayaraja are working under the same banner Ashirwad Cinemas.

The family problems existing with in the current society is discussed here. 3 families, Mukesh-Sukanya , Vijayaraghavan-Mohini and Asokan-Muthumani are the members who are the victims. The female members of these different families happened to be close friends. The first family has got the mobile phone issues due to the behaviour of husband, second one is having an over caring husband with an unusual attitude, the last one is an orthodox family which doesn’t allow ladies to work. These 3 families are in the brim of divorce. In such an occasion our hero comes to the scene and with the help of the heroine who is an ‘extraordinary genius’ how he solves the problems in the family is what ‘Innathe Chinthavishayam’ deals with.

Though this is a family oriented subject happening in the city atmosphere, we cant omit some of the hurdles and doubts happened in the Chinthavishayam journey. Meera Jasmine’s character is a replica of the one she played in ‘Vinodayathra’, directed by Sathyan Anthikkad. She knows everything in the world and there is also one scene in which the hero praising her intelligence. Also the family story of the heroine is left uncompleted. Mohanlal’s flexibility lacks perfection in certain sequences. One or two songs are happening in unwanted situations. The scene in which the 3 friends trying to trap Meera by blaming theft on her is adapted from some black & white films in the past. The discussion shown between those friends regarding the hero and heroine is sometimes childish and dramatic. In the 28th year of his professional career, Mohanlal is not an ideal pair for Meera Jasmine or viceversa...

‘Manassiloru Poomaala...’ is a typical Ilayaraja duet and has got the rhythm to be popular. Azhakappan's camera work is good, especially in songs and sequences picturised in tamil nadu.

Since last 3 films, ‘Rasathanthram’, ‘Vinodayathra’ & ‘Innathe Chinthavishayan’, we have seen a script writer also in Sathyan Anthikkad. Seeing those 2 films, we can’t rank him as the best, as far as the script is taken into account. Here also the result is the same. But the success of his previous films and the ‘family oriented’ image may give another hit to the ace director in this summer vacation.

We have seen many family subjects like ‘Innathe Chinthavishayam’ before. One or two issues discussing here is relevant in the current social arena, but the way in which the director portrayed the things and finds a solution for the problems is not upto the mark.

Rating : 2.5 / 5


After the super success of 'Gilli', director Dharani is once again in the Vijay-Thrisha camp. Vijay’s previous film ‘Azhagiya Thamil Makan’ has not created big waves as expected, likewise director Dharani’s previous film, ‘Bangaram’ (telugu) was also a flop. So they both put their hands together to create a hit in their new venture ‘Kuruvi’ produced by Udayagiri Stalin, the grandson of Karunanidhi.

The opening scenes of the film shows a rural village in Andhra where the workers are being tortured and kept as hostages. Watching this, As usual we know that the hero will be arriving here in the end to save them from the villains.

I am not remembering the character names, so here taking the liberty to use actor’s original names...

The hero, Vijay is introduced through a car race, then there is an introduction song. Since his family is having lot of debts to be cleared, as per request from his godfather, Vijay with his friend Vivek reaches Malaysia. There Vijay come across the villain gangs lead by Suman (‘Sivaji’ fame) and in the middle he fell in love with Trisha (villain’s sister) and later escapes to India with her. He came to know about the cheating happened to his father and how he became a hostage in the villain gangs, thus as I predicted in the beginning our hero saves his father from the villain groups.
The story is having all the ingredients for an average tamil masala film. If it is presented excellently, then it can also be another hit for the young star.

Previously, superstar Rajnikanth was having the licence to use superhuman, extraordinary and unusual gimmicks or action sequences in a film. But now a days almost all the artists are taking those techniques to a certain extend to project their heroism. If such scenes are presented in a believable way, people will accept. The reason why I am telling this lies in the fact that ‘Kuruvi’ has got some un believable scenes presented in an un acceptable way.

It includes the first meeting of the hero with the heroine at Malaysia. On the new year day, when the villain gang tries to chase him, he jumps from a huge building (don’t know whether it is a 50 storied or a 100 storied one) holding the rope in one hand and the heroine in the other. Both of them reaches ground safely as if they might have jumped from a bench or a table....!!!

Another scene in which the villain locks the hero in an open lift of a 10 storied building made of metallic bars.
From the top hero is being thrown to the ground with the lift. He goes under the muddy floor with a dynamic speed and reaches a water pool (‘if we dig the ground, we get water’ is the principle applied here)
Then in the very next minute he rebounds and comes out of the ground very fast and lands in the middle of crying family...!!!

On one occasion when the gangs chases our hero, Vijay jumps from the top of a huge building to the top of a railway bridge which is almost a kilometre away and then ran along with the moving train and in the end succeeded to enter the train...!!!

Those scenes can make an average film to an utter flop. This is what happened in the case of ‘Kuruvi’ also.

But the name ‘Kuruvi’ is apt for a film with such scenes, here the hero is flying all the time as if he is like a bird...

Script writer / director Dharani who gave big hits like ‘Gilli’, ‘Dil’, ‘Dhool’ etc in the past has failed totally in delivering a good one here. Cinematographer Gopinath has got some excellent frames especially in the Andhra sequences featuring the villain gangs. Music director Vidyasagar has not scored memorable numbers to be quoted.

This ‘Kuruvi’ doesn’t belong to the category of small birds which gives us a pleasing presence. It is flying very high like a vulture which belongs to the scavenger family.

Rating : 1.5 / 5

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Have you seen any of the films like ‘Mullavalliyum Thenmavum’, ‘Police’, ‘Moonnamathoraal’ etc . May be they all belong to a category of flop films. If you have a serious approach towards films, then you cant cornered the technical brilliance behind these films. Those films has got lot to project as far as the direction / cinematography / editing sides are concernered. ‘Mullavalli’ has got the experienced Thiru to capture the frames, Manikandan woked for ‘Police’ behind the lenses, Lokanathan was the photographer for ‘Moonnamathoraal’...but all these people has delivered the maximum output under the guidance of one man, the director for all these films, VK Prakash. He is a notable name in the Advertisement media.

The reason why I gave a cameo introduction for all these films lies in the fact that the new release, ‘Positive’ is being directed by VK Prakash. There is only one difference when his latest project is being compared with the rest. ‘Positive’ is being scripted by one of the experienced writers in the field, SN Swami. The success of CBI series of films proved that he is a dictator in the case of such investigation stories. So naturally, ‘Positive’ also belongs to a category of investigation films.

The beginning portions of the films shows the friendship between the youths in a band played by Skandha (‘Notebook’ fame), Manikkuttan, Ramesh Pisharadi & Vani ('Notebook' fame). In the course of time, Skandha happened to meet Aayilya (new face), their friendship develops and later he came across a murder, being a victim what happens to him, how the case is being resolved by the ACP (Jayasurya) and the Commissioner (Saikumar) is where the story ends. Recent talk of the town like the fake note mafia and drug mafia issues are also discussed here.

All in all, I can say ‘Positive’ has got script writer SN Swami’s craft with the directorial signature by VK Prakash. Cinematographer Ganesh has got some good shots. Alexpaul has done the background score with the mood. All the artists has done justice to their roles especially Jagathi & Saikumar. Moulding Jayasurya into the role of a police officer, the credit goes to VK.Prakash. To digest this in the beginning is little bit tough; later on we are adjusted to it, since the surroundings are not creating any fowl smell as expected in the beginning.

Some of the songs (Sarath Vayalar-Alex Paul) should have avoided since it affects the mood of the story. I don’t know why the character of younger brother of Skandha is unnecessarily created for the junior reality show winner. Also the song picturised fully in graphics is not at its best in output seeing on a big screen.

‘Positive’ is not a bad film, its a time pass. Those who love investigation subjects & if your approach is positive then you will like this film.

Rating : 3.5 / 5

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Shakespeare MA Malayalam

Recently I had watched a song sequence from a new malayalam movie where I saw many stars in the field like Jagathi, Innocent, Rajan P Dev, Kalabhavan Mani, Jayasurya, Salimkumar, Bijukuttan, Anoop Chandran, Suraj Venjarammod etc coming together. This gave me the strength to memorise the name of that movie, ‘Shakespeare MA Malayalam’. There is also another song from the same movie which was shown frequently, It was done in a humorous way using the drama sequence backdrop.

I was not interested in the project after witnessing all these facts, just because I heard it is directed by new comer director duo, produced by new comers and also scripted by a new comer. But, the very next day of the release of this film, I got a call from one of my friends who watched the movie and told that it is excellent one and he gave a good grade (A+) for the film.

Jayasurya is doing the title role of the film. He is the award winning script writer of the drama troupe owned by Kalabhavan Mani. The hero writes the script using the real life of persons living in the society. So here he is searching for a new thread for their new drama. Thus he reaches the village where our heroine (Roma), who belongs to a lower middle class family lives. He decides to take her story for their new project, in the course he fell in love with her and what happens to her is discussed in ‘Shakespeare MA Malayalam’.

Hearing the story, we felt something new. But on the contrast, here the director has treated the subject with an amateur comic way with many intolerable situations.

The debutant director-duo has created a punch for hero’s character in the beginning as if like a superstar film using the name in almost all the scenes. But when the hero is introduced he is been shown with the mask with a group of farmers, this scene is neither serious nor humorous.

The scene in which the hero narrates the story and all the characters dreaming about their own roles, especially Ponnama Babu comes in the frock is not all acceptable and resembles like a C grade serial in Doordarshan.

The scene in which the servant serving food for the troupe members is silly and childish, may be suited for a film in the laughing 80’s.

The heroine role is not at all suited for Roma, though she was good in ‘Notebook’ & ‘Choclate’. Her body language wont create any sympathy, being a non-malayalee, her dialogue delivery and lip movement sometimes creates awkwardness. Likewise, one cant assume Jayasurya to be in the matured role of an award winning drama writer. Anyway film is a make-belief medium.

The scene in which Salimkumar correcting the script is yet another humorous situation which went in vain since it is deliberately created deviating from the story.

The drastic change happens to the heroine’s family in the last stage is not shown in a realistic way.

Art work in the romantic duet is good only for an amateur album song.

Like this there are many...but I don’t want to mention all those. A good story, hopeless script, a woody house where hero lives created by the side of paddy fields where the most scenes are happening is there to make us felt that this is a village subject. All these things can be supported, if they must have avoided un natural comic situations.

Cinematographer Jibu Jacob & Music director Mohan Sitara has not done anything big to be pointed out.

The drama song in the beginning of the film is picturised humourously, it can be used as a promo for the film to attract the 'innocent' crowd to theatres...

We can smell the mixture of 3 super hit films in the past like ‘Puthukottayile Puthumanavalan’, ‘Ee Puzhayum Kadannu’ & ‘Dhasaratham’ in ‘Shakespeare MA Malayalam’. Inspiration is not a big mistake, but inspiring from the best to create a waste is what we can see here.

So you cant recommend others to watch ‘Shakespeare MA Malayalam’. But the person, I mentioned in the beginning is my close friend. Immediately after watching this movie, I phoned him, he asked me, ‘When did I claimed that "this" is a good film’ ? Once I narrated the whole incident, he said sorry... and told me that, on the particular day he was under the influence of a new brand alcohol and once entered the theatre, he was sleeping all the time...

New comers Shaiju- Shaji ( Directors) and Shiju Ashok(script writer) should realize their mistakes and do their homework well before doing their next project.

‘Shakespeare MA Malayalam’, as the name suggests is not a real degree holder. This malayalee doesn't know how to speak the langauage without any grammatical mistake. So don’t spoil yourselves by going across him as a student.

Rating : 1 / 5


I am here after a bit long gap... Taking this moment to say sorry to all of you for leaving this place without any information.... I was not away...has been watching most of the films through these months.... I think this is the best time to start another series of discussions about new releases.....going towards 'Pachamarathanalil'....

For a film to be noticed, there are many factors. But the best way is to use a good title for the particular film. In such a way, I felt 'Pachamarathanalil' has not been upto the mark.

This film has got some names to project. Sreenivasan and Padmapriya is playing the lead roles after their previous hit film, 'Yes Your Hounour'. Since the hero is very choosy and selective these days, it gives us some weightage in the subject. ‘Pachamarathanalil’ is being scripted and directed by the new comer Leo Thadhevoos. He was an associate to the director Bhadran in films like Sphadikam, Olymbian Anthony Adham, Vellithira etc. The experienced man in the field, Sureshkumar who has produced many hit films with like ‘Aaram Thamburan’, ‘Butterflies’, ‘Kashmeeram’, ‘Odaruthammava Aalariyam’, ‘Poochakkoru Mookkuthi’ etc is producing the film. Moreover the gigantic banner Pyramid Saimira is distributing the film.

The film tells the story of a happy family where Sreenivasan ( cartoonist ), his wife Padmapriya ( accountant ) and their child are the members. The film opens with a dance programme where this child is performing for their school day. Impressed by her performance, one of the Advt firms is taking the child for their new project. Thus the father accompanies the child to Chennai for the shoot and during the days what happens to them is discussed by the debutant director here.

Though the first few scenes of the film looks dramatic, some of the incidents that is happening to the hero’s family during the first half is treated well. Most of the scenes has been carried away by Nasser by his excellent performance in
the role of a police officer. In the second half, the flash back scenes of the family is shown and more about their history is discussed in the anti climax sequence.

‘Pachamarathanlil’ is a small film targeting the family audiences. All in all I can say that the film has created some enthusiasm among the crowd during the interval time. Though not big as expected in the end, the script writer has connected this story with an incident that happened to hero’s life years ago.

Sreenivasan and Padmapriya has delivered their maximum asusual. Lalu Alex as hero’s friend and Suraj Venjarammood as the production controller has done their roles well. Music director Alphonse has scored the songs as the situation demanded and also gave a good background score for the film. Cinematographer Manoj Pillai has got some good frames. Leo Thadhevoos’ name can also be added in the list of new directors. We can give more judgements on his making after his second film. Once you left the theatres what left behind is the incredible performance by the experienced actor / director from tamil, Nasser. The director should be appreciated for portraiting the actor’s character like the way never before.

Dont go for this film with much expectations. This ‘Pachamarathanlil’ wont guard you from 'heavy' sunlight during this summer vacation. But it can withstand small sun shines and small drizzles...

Rating : 3 / 5