Saturday, May 24, 2008


Have you seen any of the films like ‘Mullavalliyum Thenmavum’, ‘Police’, ‘Moonnamathoraal’ etc . May be they all belong to a category of flop films. If you have a serious approach towards films, then you cant cornered the technical brilliance behind these films. Those films has got lot to project as far as the direction / cinematography / editing sides are concernered. ‘Mullavalli’ has got the experienced Thiru to capture the frames, Manikandan woked for ‘Police’ behind the lenses, Lokanathan was the photographer for ‘Moonnamathoraal’...but all these people has delivered the maximum output under the guidance of one man, the director for all these films, VK Prakash. He is a notable name in the Advertisement media.

The reason why I gave a cameo introduction for all these films lies in the fact that the new release, ‘Positive’ is being directed by VK Prakash. There is only one difference when his latest project is being compared with the rest. ‘Positive’ is being scripted by one of the experienced writers in the field, SN Swami. The success of CBI series of films proved that he is a dictator in the case of such investigation stories. So naturally, ‘Positive’ also belongs to a category of investigation films.

The beginning portions of the films shows the friendship between the youths in a band played by Skandha (‘Notebook’ fame), Manikkuttan, Ramesh Pisharadi & Vani ('Notebook' fame). In the course of time, Skandha happened to meet Aayilya (new face), their friendship develops and later he came across a murder, being a victim what happens to him, how the case is being resolved by the ACP (Jayasurya) and the Commissioner (Saikumar) is where the story ends. Recent talk of the town like the fake note mafia and drug mafia issues are also discussed here.

All in all, I can say ‘Positive’ has got script writer SN Swami’s craft with the directorial signature by VK Prakash. Cinematographer Ganesh has got some good shots. Alexpaul has done the background score with the mood. All the artists has done justice to their roles especially Jagathi & Saikumar. Moulding Jayasurya into the role of a police officer, the credit goes to VK.Prakash. To digest this in the beginning is little bit tough; later on we are adjusted to it, since the surroundings are not creating any fowl smell as expected in the beginning.

Some of the songs (Sarath Vayalar-Alex Paul) should have avoided since it affects the mood of the story. I don’t know why the character of younger brother of Skandha is unnecessarily created for the junior reality show winner. Also the song picturised fully in graphics is not at its best in output seeing on a big screen.

‘Positive’ is not a bad film, its a time pass. Those who love investigation subjects & if your approach is positive then you will like this film.

Rating : 3.5 / 5

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