Saturday, May 31, 2008

Santhosh Subramanyam

It is the third remake in a row from the director Raja with his younger brother & actor ‘Jayam’ Ravi. Previous films like ‘Unakkum Enakkum’, ‘M Kumaran s/o Mahalaxmi’ & ‘Jayam’ were hits. Asusual the subject of ‘Santhosh Subramanyam’ is also adapted from a telugu blockbuster, ‘Bommarillu’. Here the director has maintained the actors like Prakashraj and Jenelia (‘Boyz’ fame) who acted in the original version also.

‘Santhosh Subramanyam’ is the story of Santhosh (Ravi) who belongs to a rich family. He was born and brought up by his parents (Prakashraj-Geetha) like a pet. He is too obedient to his father. So like any youth he is also good character inside family and when he gets freedom he enjoys maximum with his friends. Without seeking his permission, parents arranges his marriage and soon the engagement is also happened. One day he met Hasini (Genelia) who is an innocent girl, who is also open hearted and sometimes outspoken in behaviour. Santhosh likes her lively attitude and thus both had an affair by this time.
When Subramanyam came to know about this, she is being brought to his house for a week’s time and if she succeeds in winning their hearts she will be accepted as the bride. Whether she won the battle in the end is what the story of ‘Santhosh Subramanyam’ tells us.

‘Santhosh Subramanyam’ has got an excellent performance by Genelia. Prakashraj is asusual at his best. The hero ‘Jeyam’ Ravi is not a bad choice for such a role. Music director Devi Sree Prasad has got some good tunes and background score with the mood. Director Raja has told this three hour episode without any lagging.

In one of the sequences in which the son bursts out in front of the family, this film gives us a message, whether a parent has to take over involvement and support in the activities of a matured son who wants to stand in his own feet.

Only thing you can argue about ‘Santhosh Subramanyam’ is that in this modern century we cant point out a person like Santhosh who is too obedient and you cant see a father who kept restrictions like this..., very sorry...I cant agree with I told you before, film is a make belief medium and if the story is presented in a tolerable and believable way, you have to accept it.

‘Santhosh Subramanyam’ is a family oriented love story and its a time pass for all masses.

Rating : 4 / 5

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