Friday, May 30, 2008

Annan Thampi

After ‘Dada Sahib’ & ‘Balram vs Tharadas’, Mamootty is doing a double role in his new film ‘Annan Thampi’. It is being directed by young director Anwar Rashid. Both of them had created a sensational hit ‘Rajamanikyam’ before. Script writer Benni P Nayarambalam, Cameraman Lokanathan (‘Moonnamathoraal’ fame), Music director Alex Paul and Editor Donmax are the others in the technical area.

Every double films happened in the industry so far is having a certain formula, here also they are following the same. One of the heroes is dump, he is running a drama camp, living with his wife (Gopika) & the other one leading a jolly life in a faraway town is a market rowdy. He has also got a heroine (Laxmi Rai) & her family doesn’t allow him to marry her. These all things are helpful for the addition of song, fight and chase sequences in the story. From the childhood itself both these brothers are behaving like enemies, so they are being separated and taken to different places by the relatives. In the end, the tragedy happened to the hero’s family in the past is being revealed and the main villain is pointed out and both of them took revenge on him as expected.

Now a days also the same conventional procedures are following for double roles; Both the characters have same appearance, only difference being in the dress code, one usually wears pants & the other one dhotis. The graphical side in creating these two roles stands very ordinary, the action scenes in the climax is presented unrealistically.

The logic in killing one of the heroines unnecessarily in the end is also not acceptable. Also the villain character which is created as suspense is a replica of many action films we have seen before.

Though they are coming in very few scenes in the beginning, the performance of the child artists (twins) who are doing the roles of junior Mammootys, stands below average. The reason why I pointed out this fact is that the hunt for those child artists has been done in two cities and it caught media attention and finally the crew claimed that they had selected the best, but I don’t feel they are the best...

Only thing which is fresh and new in this film is the scene in which the Mammootty's dump character who is also a drama actor, imitating the body language of different stars like Mohanlal, Sureshgopi & Mammootty.

If you have got lot of free time to spend and also want to know whats happening in the malayalam film world now a days, go and watch ‘Annan Thampi’.If you really love the movie, then you can project it as an entertainer.

Rating : 2.5 / 5

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