Wednesday, May 28, 2008


After the super success of 'Gilli', director Dharani is once again in the Vijay-Thrisha camp. Vijay’s previous film ‘Azhagiya Thamil Makan’ has not created big waves as expected, likewise director Dharani’s previous film, ‘Bangaram’ (telugu) was also a flop. So they both put their hands together to create a hit in their new venture ‘Kuruvi’ produced by Udayagiri Stalin, the grandson of Karunanidhi.

The opening scenes of the film shows a rural village in Andhra where the workers are being tortured and kept as hostages. Watching this, As usual we know that the hero will be arriving here in the end to save them from the villains.

I am not remembering the character names, so here taking the liberty to use actor’s original names...

The hero, Vijay is introduced through a car race, then there is an introduction song. Since his family is having lot of debts to be cleared, as per request from his godfather, Vijay with his friend Vivek reaches Malaysia. There Vijay come across the villain gangs lead by Suman (‘Sivaji’ fame) and in the middle he fell in love with Trisha (villain’s sister) and later escapes to India with her. He came to know about the cheating happened to his father and how he became a hostage in the villain gangs, thus as I predicted in the beginning our hero saves his father from the villain groups.
The story is having all the ingredients for an average tamil masala film. If it is presented excellently, then it can also be another hit for the young star.

Previously, superstar Rajnikanth was having the licence to use superhuman, extraordinary and unusual gimmicks or action sequences in a film. But now a days almost all the artists are taking those techniques to a certain extend to project their heroism. If such scenes are presented in a believable way, people will accept. The reason why I am telling this lies in the fact that ‘Kuruvi’ has got some un believable scenes presented in an un acceptable way.

It includes the first meeting of the hero with the heroine at Malaysia. On the new year day, when the villain gang tries to chase him, he jumps from a huge building (don’t know whether it is a 50 storied or a 100 storied one) holding the rope in one hand and the heroine in the other. Both of them reaches ground safely as if they might have jumped from a bench or a table....!!!

Another scene in which the villain locks the hero in an open lift of a 10 storied building made of metallic bars.
From the top hero is being thrown to the ground with the lift. He goes under the muddy floor with a dynamic speed and reaches a water pool (‘if we dig the ground, we get water’ is the principle applied here)
Then in the very next minute he rebounds and comes out of the ground very fast and lands in the middle of crying family...!!!

On one occasion when the gangs chases our hero, Vijay jumps from the top of a huge building to the top of a railway bridge which is almost a kilometre away and then ran along with the moving train and in the end succeeded to enter the train...!!!

Those scenes can make an average film to an utter flop. This is what happened in the case of ‘Kuruvi’ also.

But the name ‘Kuruvi’ is apt for a film with such scenes, here the hero is flying all the time as if he is like a bird...

Script writer / director Dharani who gave big hits like ‘Gilli’, ‘Dil’, ‘Dhool’ etc in the past has failed totally in delivering a good one here. Cinematographer Gopinath has got some excellent frames especially in the Andhra sequences featuring the villain gangs. Music director Vidyasagar has not scored memorable numbers to be quoted.

This ‘Kuruvi’ doesn’t belong to the category of small birds which gives us a pleasing presence. It is flying very high like a vulture which belongs to the scavenger family.

Rating : 1.5 / 5

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