Monday, November 29, 2010

Break Ke Baad

Medium : Hindi
Starring : Imraan Khan, Deepika Padukone, Sharmila Tagore
Director : Danish Aslam
Music : Vishal Sekhar, Hithesh Sonik (bg score)

Another love story had released in bollywood. This is Imraan Khan's next project after 'I Hate Luv Storys' and Deepika Padukone had joined him from the sets of 'Lafangey Parindey'. Danish Aslam, who has assisted directors like Sidharth Anand (in 'Salaam Namaste' and 'Tara Rum Pum'), Kunal Kohli (in 'Fanaa' and 'Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic'), is the director of the movie. It is produced by Kunal Kohli (director of 'Hum Tum', 'Fanaa', 'Mujhse Dosti Karoge' etc). The theme of the movie is clearly understood from the title.

Gulati (Imraan Khan) and Aaliya (Deepika Padukone) ar thick friends from their childhood days itself. When grown up, their friendship has been changed to love. Gulati was placed in a high position at his father's company. Aaliya was having her own ambitions, she wished to go to Australia for higher studies. They quarrels usually due to the difference in opinions in many matters. He was not interested in her trip to abroad as he don't want to miss her, but she had started her journey to Australia. She forcibly took a break from him and was working to achieve her dreams. At one stage, Gulati reached Australia with a hope to settle there. What happens to their goals and relationship are shown in the later portions.

There is no big story here to project, the subject is told through certain incidents and sequences happening in the matter of time. The presentation of the movie by the new director thus holds the key. Imraan and Deepika ahd performed well. The title credits shown in the new style is good, but some of them were moving fast or some other not readable (I am saying this, standing on the part of technicians). The tele-brand show that leads to the 'interval' title sequence lagged and it's necessity can also be questioned. Three persons in a row, over hearing the quarreling between the lovers and looking at them, felt unnatural due to the uniformity in the task. The director had used the method of hit songs in the situation to represent the period, which is simply good. Songs by Vishal Sekhar are not the best, it reminds their own tunes in the past. A couple of songs felt unwanted for the situation. Bg score is given by Hithesh Sonik. Cinematographer Andre Menezes had given some colorful visuals. Anand Subayya is the editor.

'Break Ke Baad' cannot be rated best among the love stories, but a regular viewer of bollywood movies can watch it...

Rating : 5.5 / 10

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Medium : English
Starring : Denzel Washington, Chris Pine, Rosario Dawson
Director : Tony Scott

Tony Scott, the director of movies like 'Top Gun', 'Dejaa Vu', 'Man On Fire' etc had come up with his latest flick named 'Unstoppable'. He was also the director of a thrilling train hijacking subject like 'Taking Of Pelham 123'. The director want to repeat the magic he did with his favorite actor Denzel Washington ('Dejaa Vu', 'Man On Fire', 'Taking Of Pelham 123' fame) in the previous projects; thus Denzel once again comes in the lead role along with Chris Pine ('Star Trek', 'Just My Luck', 'Smoking Aces' fame). The movie is based on a real incident that happened in US.

A train carrying goods which had some toxic chemicals inside, forms the base of this story. While moving from the yard, the laziness of some employees had caused a serious fault leading the train to move without a driver. The railway authorities had thought of stopping it as a simple task in the beginning, but as time progresses, the situation went out of their control. The train is running fast. At this moment, another goods train driven by the senior engineer (Denzel Washington) and his new comer assistant (Chris Pine) was coming in the opposite direction. How such a panic situation is solved is being told in an exciting manner by Tony Scott.

I usually love to watch even a passing train shot in any movie. So, when train itself is the subject, the interest and excitement will be more. The theme might gives you the feel of movies in the past like 'Speed', 'Bullet Train' etc; what differs there was that you have got some villain characters as the reason for the problems, here fate and luck factors are playing their own roles. The director had discussed the family affairs of the heroes in a very small rate, in the middle of a conversation, without loosing the tempo of the journey.

The cinematography by Ben Seresin is excellent, especially the hawk's eye and helicopter camera sequences needs special mention. Editing and the visual effects used in the movie are also good. No need to have special words for Denzel Washigton, as usual he is excellent and attractive. Chris Pine also looks good as the newly appointed guy.

'Unstoppable' is an edge of the seat thriller, it is worth watching.

Rating : 8.5 / 10

Swantham Bharya Sindabad

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : 'Guinness' Pakru, Mukesh, Harisree Asokan, Salim Kumar, Shruthi Lakshmi, Tesni Khan
Director : Biju Vattappaara
Music : Kaithapram Viswanathan, Mohan Sitara (bg score)

After 'Albhudadweep' and 'My Big Father', 'Guinness' Pakru is once again coming in a lead role. The movie is called 'Swantham Bhaarya Sindabad'. The script writer of 'Lokanathan IAS', 'Kalabham and the director of 'Raama Raavanan', Biju Vattappara is the director of this movie. Rafi Mathira is the producer, who also hold the credits for the songs and the co-director posts. Shruthi Lakshmy ('Romeo' and 'Holiday's fame) is the heroine.

Vettoor Sivankutty (Guinness Pakru) is a left activist. His brother-in-law (Harisree Asokan) is working in the opposition party. In the house, both of them attacks each other usually through words. Since the ward is reserved for women, the political party had asked Sivankutty to get married. The bride (Shruthi Lakshmy) finds it difficult to adjust with Sivankutty even after many days. At this time the actor Pavan Kumar (Mukesh) reached the village for a shoot. Sivankutty, with the help of his party workers blocked the shooting and acted against the members of the camp, keeping a complex in mind that his wife is a great fan of Pavan. In such a situation, the healthy going of the hero's family matters are also affected, how the problems are solved is shown later.

Most of the political based dialogues told by the hero, his exchange of words with the family members, his combination scenes with the heroine etc had got the flavor of Sreenivasan's style in 'Sandhesham' and 'Vadakku Nokki Yanthram', even if there is no use in comparing classical satires with an ordinary. The director had not carefully watched the problems happened in many shots; In a serious situation, the servant character is placed on the back with out any dialogues, In a couple of crowd scenes some of the participants are behaving odd, the arrival of the actor at the marriage and its after effects are those areas that needs more realistic approach. The question can be raised whether the suspense kept for the heroine character is targeting the viewers (the hero should be aware of such a matter well in advance). The heroine acting in the project and bagging the award for her debut project can be taken as cinematic things. The political motive behind the marriage is not discussed. The brother-in-law trying to attract the heroine is not a digestible thing. The hero trying to attract his wife in different styles won't create much laughing as expected.

The songs are not shown in an attractive way. Bg score by Mohan Sitara is a repetitive thing from his previous projects. Cinematographer is Anpu Mani and Samjith is the editor.

'Swantham Bharya Sindabad', the slogan won't guarantee you good entertainment as you expected, hence it is not advised to join this rally.

Rating : 3.5 / 10

Friday, November 26, 2010

Oru Small Family

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Rajasenan, Kailash, Kalabhavan Mani, Suraaj Venjaarammood, Ananya, Seetha
Director : Rajasenan
Music : M.Jayachandran

A marriage engagement function is happening in the girl's house. All the relatives from both the sides, including the 'proposed boy' is present. The mother is serving alcohol in different brands instead of tea, sweets etc for all of them, the grand father is giving alcohol to the 'boy', as an after effect at one stage the 'boy' even tries to molest the 'girl' at the same occasion. It lead to a group fighting followed by double meaning dialogues exchanged between the two parties and in between the 'porn' clips in the boy's mobile are enjoyed by the girl's relatives and the ladies in the visitor's group are being driven out using sticks and stems by the host ladies and the gents are being locked up in a room, thus the function got collapsed...

Can you imagine such a situation shown in any of the movies. Sadly it has happened in a malayalam movie named 'Oru Small Family'; K.P.A.C Lalitha, Bheeman Raghu, K.T.S.Padannayil, Suraaj Venjaarammood, Kailash etc are those artists who had successfully participated in the scene described above, under the guidance of writer-director Rajasenan. The director had given some notorious projects in the past few years, like 'Nakshathrakkannulla Rajakumaran Avanundoru Rajakumari', 'Swapnam Kondu Thulaabhaaram', 'Immini Nalloraal', 'Madhu Chandralekha', 'Kanaka Simhasanam', 'Romeo' and he even tried his luck by acting himself as a hero in 'Bharya Onnu Makkal Moonnu'. No body can forget movies like 'Melepparambil Aanveedu', 'Ayalathe Adheham', 'Aniyan Bava Chettan Bava', 'Aadyathe Kanmani' etc that came from the same director. He is acting in a lead role in his latest project also.

The sub registrar (Rajasenan) is living with his wife (Seetha) and daughter (Ananya). The girl is in love with the his college mate (Kailash). The father is not accepting it, as the lover belongs to a family that are having alcohol business, more or less they are all (including the ladies ) drunkard peoples. The father who is hating such a drinking habit becomes an alcohol addict later and how the lover boy tries to solve the problems inside his family and the problems related to the love matters are all shown here.

The placement of a liquor shop in front of the heroine's house is a deliberate one and the activities of the drunkards are suited for an amateur stage show at school. The house wife helping the unknown drunkard's (even at night) by giving pickles and omelet from her house is very strange and unrealistic. The director had given the liberty to the art director to do the office interior arrangement, almost same as his previous movie. The drunkard hero's combination scene with the heroine's father is not the best as the flexibility of the former is not the best. The director's way to become a drunkard is an escapism which in turn is a relief for the viewers from his 'classic' acting style. The whole activities happening inside the hero's family like the sharing of liquor, even by the mother won't be the best sight. The assembling of wives at the heroine's house had got a documentary feel. Like this, there are many negatives.

The voice given for Seetha by Pravina feels odd, as the dubbing artist dominates over the performer in most areas. Jibu Jacob is the cinematographer, Raja Mohammed is the editor. Gokulam Movies had distributed the movie.

On the way to watch this movie, my friend asked 'Where are you going ?', when I said the movie's name, he murmured, 'Too sad...It is your fate...!';he was almost right, the fate was decided...

The outcome of 'Oru
Small Family' gives us a feeling that the director had still not attained the 'good form', he managed to enjoy in the 90's...

Rating : 2 / 10 (revised)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kanyakumari Express

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Suresh Gopi, Babu Antony, Jagathi, Shanavas, Gauri Nandana, Sarayu
Director : T.S.Suresh Babu
Music : Sharath, Rajamani (bg score)

Movie freaks like me has to face difficulty in setting the priority basis in watching a movie, occasionally. This has happened last week also, when almost 6 movies got released. So naturally, in addition to the first come first serve basis of selection, the density of project also matters. Thus, a hindi or an english release will get the same weightage as that of a big one in malayalam. In the current scenario, a movie like 'Kanyakumari Express' may not easily enter my top of the list even after it has got a big team behind it, like director T.S.Suresh Babu ('Kottayam Kunjachan', 'Uppukandom Brothers' fame), script writer Dennis Joseph ('New Delhi', 'Nirakkoottu', Raajaavinte Makan', 'Indrajaalam', 'FIR' fame), cinematographer U.K.Senthil Kumar ('Ullathai Allithaa', 'Arunachalam', 'Unakkage Ellaam Unakkage' fame), young editor Don Max ('Chinthamani Kolacase', 'Tiger', 'Chota Mumbai', 'Annan Thambi', 'Sura' fame) and big producers Pyramid International etc working for a crime investigation subject with Suresh Gopi's coming in "another" police officer's role.

In such a situation, a friend called me two-three days back; he was happy to know that he had seen a movie in advance to me, but warned me not to go near the theater playing 'Kanyakumar Express'. Hearing the name, an average viewer like him thought it to be something like a murder investigation happening in a train, but the reaction (even through a phone) conveyed the message that he is deeply irritated. Anyway since this is a routine for me, I decided to watch the movie of the same director and writer combination that gave movies like 'Kottayam Kunjachan', 'Kichakkan Pathrose', 'Maanyanmaar' etc. I am also aware that the director's last movie 'Mark Antony' was a flop one and it was also with the same actor.

The daughter (Sarayu) of a diamond merchant (Shanavas) is being kidnapped. The CM (Jagathi) had handed over the case to DIG Mohan Shankar (Suresh Gopi). Despite his attempt, the girl is killed. Mohan was not willing to spare the people who did the crime. Thus goes the story (?)

The movie is filled with bulk of unwanted, unprofessional and childish elements. The 'ripper' style attack (only) by the kidnappers, The co-workers sitting like statue for the hero's instruction, The IPS officer coming in 'lungi' to CM's house, The IPS officer running through the roads of Trivandrum city for kilometers, The awkward body language of the new face as gang leader, The use of advanced technology like 3G without knowing the relevance, The introduction of villain in the helicopter (3d made) without opening the doors, The performance and the dialogue delivery of Babu Antony and his actions in front of his group members, The placement of some members with hats at the corners of the room, Repetition of accident scene happening to the hero's wife and kid, The joker like behavior of Tamil Nadu police officer, The amateurish look and performance of the new heroine, The throwing of cell phones by the hero in many areas etc are those areas which may be helpful for anyone to lose temper. The title sequences and the text written on screen in between the movie, lacks clarity. The confusion of naming for the hero is there, sometimes he is called 'Kerala Express', other times 'Kanyakumari Express.

Suresh Gopi had sung a couple of songs, but not attractive. U.K.Senthil Kumar gave some colorful visuals. Editor Don Max gave some fast cuts, but it won't help the movie at any cost. Rajamani's bg score is a repetition of his works from many movies. The only good thing happened here is the placement of 'unedited' visuals at the shooting spot, shown during the end credits.

The journey is too horrible, shocking and un pleasant , please avoid traveling in this 'Kanyakumari Express'...

Rating : 2 / 10

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

Medium : English
Starring : Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson
Director : David Yates

The seventh
movie of Harry Potter series has been released. Around the world, the little magician character in the famous literary work has got many fans like any other super heroic characters. The producers want to take the maximum advantage of such a fact, hence they have divided the death hallows section into two parts and the current release is titled 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1'. Most of the characters in the other versions are coming here also.

I was always wondering to see the big crowd coming to watch the Harry Potter series of movies. This may be due to the fact that today's young generation knows every thing about Harry and are more attached to his heroism. Since I have not read any of the stories of Harry Potter, the movie (and any of its sequels) had not created an extra interest in me so far. More over the grayish and light bluish tint given for the frames for the 'Harry Potter' set of movies didn't gives an attractive sight for me, hence in every sense it is like any other ordinary movie for me. For the latest movie also, the environment inside the theater was filled with the positive sounds and big claps, when each characters were introduced. It came especially from the teenagers. I was happy to realize the fact that more than 75% of such people still spend some time for reading, even if it is a work of extreme fantasy.

The story starts with the three friends Harry, Ron & Hermi (Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint & Emma Watson) goes on a mission to destroy the evil destructive programs of Voldemort. On the way, they have to face many dangers and threats. The Ministry of Magic is prepared to take actions against those who are opposing them. Harry was hoping is to find the Horcruxes before Voldemort reaches them. Thus goes the journey in 'Harry Potter and the Death Hallows Part 1'.

The opening scenes were attractive, especially the magic sequences in which many Harrys are created and the chasing sequences at air gave a good energy. Then came dialogues and dialogues, which created an elongated lag. In the middle, you have got an adventurous lap like a python attack, transformation to other bodies, running shots etc. The magic and visual effects sequences used in the movie are excellent as expected. But, there are many areas which can make viewers fed up for minutes. A romantic salsa dance by Harry with the girl, in between a tense situation created a negative howling reaction from the crowd (they know very well that where should they react). Since the sequel version is releasing within an year, the revenge episode is pending.

A regular follower of Harry Potter series can watch 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1'.

Rating : 6 / 10


Medium : Hindi
Starring : Hrithik Roshan, Aiswarya Roy, Aditya Roy Kapoor, Rajat Kapoor, Nafisa Ali
Director : Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Music : Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Tubby - Park (bg score)

This director had done only five movies in his career span of around 15 years. But, he is notable by giving those different movies like 'Khamoshi', 'Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam', 'Devdas', 'Black' and 'Saawariya'; the creator of those, Sanjay Leela Bhansali had come up with his latest. After giving a big flop with Ranbir Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor, this time director had placed Hrithik Roshan in the lead role along with beauty queen Aiswarya Rai (both of them coming together after 'Dhoom 2' and 'Jodhaa Akbar'). Aditya Roya Kapoor of 'Action Replay' fame has also done an important character. The director had shown the extra boldness to be in charge of the role of music director through this movie. Sudeep Chatterjee ('Aashaayein', 'Chake De India', 'Iqbal', 'Road' etc fame) is the cinematographer.

Ethen Mascarenhas (Hrithik Roshan) is a well known magician, who left the profession due to an accident happened during one of his shows, almost 14 years before. With out the help of somebody, he can't move and spending these long years in bed, he has planned something in his mind. He has moved a petition in court seeking for a mercy killing. Sofia (Aiswarya Roy) has been working as his nurse for many years and she is too intimate with Ethen. She is not liking such a hard decision from him. In the mean while, Omar (Aditya Roy Kapoor), a great fan of Ethen, has reached his house to study magic. Ethen has accepted it. How the court reacts to Ethen's wish and what he does even after the request of his close relatives are shown in the later portions of 'Guzaarish'.

The plot of 'Guzaarish' is adapted from the Spanish movie 'The Sea Inside'. Here the characters are changed, but some of the portions are shown as it is from the original. To be honest, comparing the two, the original version was more attractive. Sanjay Leela Bhansali had presented the movie in a serious manner. Hrithik Roshan had done excellent. The acrobatic actor is spending most of his scenes in bed and he is able to move his body in his style in the flash back shots only, which comes in a minimum duration. Aiswarya Rai had grown with the experience she got by working with different directors. She had shown her best emotions in the care-taker role. The chemistry happening between the two actors are good, especially the scene in which she reacts for Ethen's romantic sounds. The court episode at Ethen's house, Sophiya's reaction at the court, Omar's first meeting with Ethen and some of the radio calls are those scenes that are neatly executed. The ending of the movie should have been done in a more neat way.

Sudeep Chatterjee's cinematography is excellent, the light up used to show the majority of the indoor visuals needs praising. Though not the best, song bits by Sanjay Leela Bhansali goes with the mood. Bg score by Tubby - Park is good.

This is not very special, but 'Guzaarish' is a serious and different attempt from bollywood. Please watch it with such an assumption...

Rating : 6.5 / 10

Saturday, November 20, 2010

College Days

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Indrajith, Biju Menon, Saikumar, Govind Padmasoorya, Riyan, 'Kaadhal' Sandhya, Dhanya Mary Vargheese, Bhama (guest role)
Director : G.N.Krishna Kumar
Music : Ronnie Raphel

A day before only, we discussed about the new trend happening in the industry, another movie with the young actors had released. It is titled 'College Days' and is directed by new comer G.N.Krishna Kumar, who worked as an assistant to T.S.Suresh Babu in the television field. After 'Naayakan' and 'Chekavar', Indrajith is coming in the lead role here (It is a coincidence that his brother Prithviraj's movie 'The Thriller' has also reached theaters in the same week). From the title itself, it is known that this is a campus subject. Sujith Vasudev ('Chekarvar' fame) is the cinematographer, Ronnie Raphel gave the music. Seven Arts Films had distributed the movie, after the mega venture 'Enthiran'.

The story opens by showing the notorious activities of a five member gang (Riyan, Govind, Sandhya, Dhanya etc) in the medical college. They are responsible for the illegal activities like ragging in the college, the management had warned them many times and as their parents are so rich and powerful, they are freed from all the cases. Rohit (Indrajith) joins the college as a fresher to do house surgency. He acted against the gang in some occasions. They were planning to take vengeance on Rohit, which lead to some series of incidents; what happens to him and the gang, are told in the later portions of 'College Days' through the action oriented atmosphere.

The debutant writer-director G.N.Krishna Kumar had tried to present the revenge based story using an action back ground. The gang members are shown so cruel that situation demanded that some body should be there to put an end for this. The role of Indrajith is kept as a suspense, it would have been more effective if the happenings in the opening scene should have been revealed in the later portions only. The couple of twists happening for the hero character is good. The scenes like planning the trap, the activities done to hide the murder, the police officer acting against the politician, some portions of the revenge episodes etc are neatly done. Cinematography by Sujith Vasudev is excellent. Editor Babu Ratnam had got some neat cuts. Ronnie Raphel had given the fast bg score necessary to give the real action mood. Indrajith and Biju Menon had done well. Sandhya and Dhanya had also done their negative characters well. New comer Riyan and Govind Padmasoorya are there in the negative roles.

The senior girls acting openly at the practical lab in the presence of the teacher felt unrealistic. The title credits shown along with the news paper cuttings, creates a chaos while reading. Due to the small problems in the mixing, a few dialogues (written by Aji.M.S) were not neatly understandable. As other languages, an item song is placed here also, which is not necessary. The grading given for the night scene is good, but the absence of head light on the vehicle created an odd effect.

Watching an youthful action subject like 'College Days' without any expectations, won't give you much hard feelings.

Rating : 5.5 / 10

Friday, November 19, 2010

Best Of Luck

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Mammootty (guest role), Prabhu, Asif Ali, Kailash, Urvasi, Rima Kallingal, Archana Kavi, Jagathy
Director : M.A.Nishad
Music : Euphoria, Rajamani (bg score)

Like other languages, the youth trend is slowly happening in the malayalam cine industry also. The shooting of many such projects are going on. The acceptance of movies like 'Apoorva Raagam' and 'Malarvaadi Arts Club' gave the extra energy for producers to invest amount on projects having young actors. Director of 'Pakal', 'Nagaram', 'Vairam' etc had come up with his new movie 'Best Of Luck' with many popular young faces introduced through 'Rithu' and 'Neelathaamara'; senior actors like Prabhu and Urvasi are placed in notable roles and more important Megastar Mammootty is doing a guest appearance, which makes the project big. Sanjeev Shankar is the cinematographer and Samjith is the editor.

Manu (Asif Ali) and Soorya (Kailash) are friends. Both of them are having their own ambitions in the life. They had got lovers (Rima for Manu and Archana for Soorya). Manu wants to enter the movie industry, Soorya is living with the small amount of money he gets monthly from his step brother (Prabhu). They are having some financial liabilities and wants to solve it by the help of Soorya's brother who is very rich. Soorya called him and told a lie that his marriage has happened. They thought that the brother will register the house in Soorya's name. One day, the brother decided to visit them when Archana was in abroad, Soorya had to show some one as his wife, Rima acted in such a role, there the confusion drama had started. Mean while Manu tells his story to actor Mammootty as a part of doing a movie and the star had asked him to work on it. How the friends achieves their ambitions, is told in a humorous way here.

'Best Of Luck' is not a fresh theme like the recent releases 'Cock Tail', 'Four Friends' and 'Anwar'. It is the remake of hindi movie 'All the Best' starring Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgan and Fardeen Khan by Rohit Shetty ('Golmaal' fame) and some of the episodes reminded us of many situation comedies that came in Priyadarshan movies in the past. But the director had not succeeded in presenting the movie in an acceptable way. This is mainly due to the immaturity of the players who had participated in a game which is not at all familiar to them, even the refree. Asif Ali is ok. Kailash is not flexible, it is neatly evident in many areas especially songs. The performance of Rima Kallingal and Archana Kavi are not natural. Prabhu's heaviness in the character is not revealed as expected. Urvasi's dialogue slang is an over doze in some areas. Bheeman Raghu's role felt too funny at times. The role given for Jagathi and Suraaj Venjarammood are not creating a good comedy.

The combination scene involving four-five artists to create the comedy is filled with bad timing sense and hence too horrible most of the time. The dialogues involving chewing gum name had been told many times, which is good for an advertisement only. The songs given by Euphoria band are not good. Bg score by Rajamani is also affected as rest of the situations. Since the majority areas are straightly lifted from hindi, Vinu Kiriyath's task was only to write the dialogues, which is also not done in the best way. Mammootty's role in three scenes is an addition in malayalam version, which is good, but with in all the other instabilities it can't be highlighted alone.

If you are very particular about this comedy subject, it is good to take the dvd of hindi movie 'All The Best' and enjoy; those who want to watch Mammootty, try some of his good movies; At any cost no need to "die" for a bad remake like 'Best Of Luck'.

Rating : 2 / 10

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Thriller

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Prithviraj, Sampath Raj, Subair, Sidhiq, Lalu Alex, Katherine Theresa
Director : B.Unnikrishnan
Music : Dharan, Shaan Mon (bg score)

After 'Raavanan' and 'Anwar', young star Prithviraj's next role is also an action oriented one, the name of the movie being 'The Thriller'. It is directed by B.Unnikrishnan ('Pramaani', 'Maadambi', 'IG', 'Smart City' fame). He was also the writer of police stories like 'Sivam' and 'The Tiger' (both directed by Shaji Kailas). Sabu Cheriyan ('For The People', 'Finger Print' fame) is the producer. Cinematography is by Bharani.K Dharan ('Puthiya Mugham', 'Police Police' fame). Dharan (tamil movie 'Paarijaatham' fame) is the music director.

Niranjan IPS (Prithviraj), the DCP is investigating the murder of the young business man Simon Palathinkal (Prajin). Simon is brutally killed on the road at mid night. His last words were taken by Niranjan as a lead towards those who did the crime. He had arrested few and also assumes that the two friends who traveled with Simon just before the murder, should have some links with the case. Any way the top officials were ready to close the case since most of the men behind were caught. But Niranjan was not satisfied, he was going behind the real culprits, until it is revealed in the climax part of 'The Thriller'.

The story of the movie is based on a sensational murder incident happened in the state. The director had presented it the best way needed for a suspense investigation thriller. The maximum heroism has been given for Prithviraj, especially the introduction action scene followed by a song. His police role is reminding some of the Suresh Gopi movies in the past. The dialogues (like "born to one father...") and some of the situations created between officers in the police force, villain and the hero etc has got the flavor of the movies like 'Commissioner', 'FIR', 'Tiger' etc. Bharani.K Dharan's fast visuals gives an action mood and it has been edited neatly by Manoj, but some where the over projection of heroism to the lead character through shots were evident. Sampath Raj ('Anwar', 'Goa', 'Chennai 600028' fame) did well in his character.

The heroine Katherine Theresa needs more maturity in performance, though her role is not big. The romantic song featuring the old lovers and the item song were not needed in such a situation. The way in which the heroine tried to express her feeling towards the lover, creates a negative reaction on the viewers. The running scenes followed by actions are created in such a way that the hero is badly needed to end any illegal activities happening or to catch any criminals. Action scenes by Anal Arasu ('Anwar', 'Sagar Alias Jackie', 'Big B', 'The Tiger', 'Keerthichakra' fame) are fast and catchy, but he should take extra care to notice the fact that floor carpet beds for the extra artists to fall are revealed in many shots. The gun shots in the climax fight felt unrealistic. Songs by Dharan are not the best. Bg score by Shaan Mon ('Ring Tone' fame) matches the mood.

Those who love to watch murder investigation subjects with a suspense, can watch 'The Thriller'; here Prithviraj comes in a stylish cop's role.

Rating : 6.5 / 10

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Kalabhavan Mani, Vinu Mohan, Sudheesh, Anoop Chandran, Muktha, Shruthi Lakshmi
Director : Dr.M.M.Ramachadran
Music : Alex Paul, Rajamani (bg score)

After M.Mani ('Engane Nee Marakkum', 'Love Story'), Maani.C.Kaappan ('Mannar Mathai Speaking'), Samad Mankada ('Kichamani MBA'), M.A.Nishad ('Pakal', 'Nagaram', 'Vairam' etc), East Coast Vijayan ('Novel') etc; it is time for another producer / business man to enter the direction field. The chance is for Dr.M.M.Ramachadran alias Atlas Ramachandran. He had produced some notable movies in the past like 'Vaishali', 'Sukrutham', 'Dhanam' etc. He had tried a youthful subject with many young faces (including Sudheesh!, since 20years, he is doing the same) and Kalabhavan Mani coming in a notable role. Mohan Thomas, a not so familiar name, has written the script, along with doing the chief associate job for the new director. Utpal.V Nayanar is the cinematographer.

The movie opens with a song at Bangkok featuring all the main faces. In 'Happy Husbands' also we have seen the same, so no need for an issue. A group of people (Vinu Mohan, Sudheesh, Anoop Chandran, Renjith Menon, Muktha etc) reaches Cochin with some plans. They came here from Banglore to attend the engagement function of one among the girl in their group, who in turn is the daughter of a political leader (Devan). The girl is in love with a person (Sudheesh) from the same group, so their motive is to help the lovers in registering their marriage without the help of the parents. On the way, the group had acted against a quotation gang who tried to attack another girl (Shruthi Lakshmi) in the same bus. Later, nothing happened according to their plans. What is the trap, what happens to the girl, how the fiends had arranged the marriage of the lovers etc are shown in the second half portions of 'Holidays'.

In one line, the story is ok to be presented. The lack of maturity in the direction and the performance sides are clearly evident. Three of the songs are shown in foreign locations. The situations leading to all the songs are not natural. A couple of songs are coming as an imagination of a supporting character like Anoop Chandran, which includes an item song in which all the boys dancing at the sets. The behavior of Anoop Chandran's character at the bus stand, inside the bus, at the hotel, at the massage parlor etc are good enough to lose one's temper. The word 'tension...' is repeated by many characters almost 100 times, which will create more tension to the viewers.

The unnatural wig and the heroism given to Vinu Mohan's character won't be an easily digestive thing. Mafia Sasi has tried for a couple of rope shots for him in action sequence, the end result felt too pity. The dialogue delivery of Renjith Menon ('Goal' fame) and the other guy from the group felt unnatural. Harisree Ashokan's driver character doesn't have any attractive dialogues to keep in mind. The murder happening in the movie is created as a suspense, but due to the unnatural behavior of the character committing the crime, the culprit is
revealed at the half time itself. The straight investigation done by the IPS officer for a murder is not a natural phenomenon. Bg score by Rajamani is according to the standard of the movie.

It is good to spend your holidays with some other good movies, not by this 'Holidays'.

Rating : 3.5 / 10

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Medium : Hindi
Starring : Mallika Sherawat, Irfan Khan, Divya Dutta
Director : Jennifer Chambers Lynch
Music : Alexander Von Bubenheim

She has not acted in many movies, the movie that told the story of illegal relationship itself made her popular, in a short span of her career of around seven years, she had done a movie opposite Kamal Hassan and even she got the chance to act in an English project by the Asian action hero Jackie Chan. She is none other than Mallika Sherawat who is notable through the movies like 'Murder', 'Dasavathaaram', 'Myth' etc. Recently I watched a trailer having the hollywood standard, featuring Mallika and the scenes showed that it is a different investigation thriller, the name of the movie was 'Hisss'. Those scenes can create an extra interest for any viewer.

The story starts with a foreigner suffering from brain cancer, reaching the thick forests with a group to collect the 'Naagmani', which can give him a long life. He captures a male snake. The female snake takes the form of a human being (Mallika Sherawat) and searches for her partner. She mingles with the society and kills those people who are nuisances to others by taking the form of a big snake. The police officer (Irfan Khan) is investigating the case. How the snake woman takes the revenge is shown in the end.

Mallika Sherawat has acted in the movie with out any dialogues. She has done almost a nude appearance to make the character more realistic, but her attempt had been wasted for such an unprofessional project. The costumes and the visual effects given for her character in some areas are ok. The reason for showing a past episode in the beginning is not known. The foreigner is behaving like a mad personality and kills those people who are working for him, which is not good to watch. His hindi dialogues are also not easy to follow. There is no logic in the story and the scenes are having no connections also. The editing is weak. The investigation scenes are also below average. The computer graphics featuring the snake shots are amateur. The chasing, song sung by the mother and daughter in law, the experiment done by the foreigner etc are those areas which will make you loose the temper.

A movie should not be made like this - 'Hisss' can be projected to substantiate such a fact. It happened in spite of many of the hollywood technicians who worked behind it.

Rating : 1.5 / 10

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Medium : Tamil
Starring : Arjun, Ashish Vidyarthi, Suresh, Livingston, Ganja Karuppu, Haripriya
Director : A.Venkitesh
Music : Dhina

In the last decade, actor Arjun has not got any big hits, other than an average one like 'Giri' to maintain his name 'Action King'. The last release from him was just a month before, where he joined hands with Mammootty for the movie 'Vandemaatharam'; but the result was not positive for him. A.Venkitesh, the director of action entertainers like 'Aye', 'Kuthu', 'Dum', 'Bhagavathi', 'Malai Malai', 'Maanja Velu' etc had decided to take the megaphone for Arjun. The two had teamed up before for movies like 'Durai' and 'Vathiyar', which were not popular as expected.

The promotional stills of the hero in different appearances, reminds the director Shankar's debut hit, 'Gentleman'. When going through the titles, I was surprised to see the name of malayalees for the story credit. They are none other than Rafi-Mecartin; the doubt is clarified during the first scene inside the jail, the conclusion is that 'Vallakkottai' is the remake of Mammootty's hit movie, 'Mayavi'. The interest gradually came down, only thing to be noted here is that how far the new version been successful in keeping us alive.

Muthuvel (Arjun) is lucky to be freed from the jail on the independence day. He reached Vallakkottai to make money so that can help his friend's brother who has to undergo a major surgery. When reached there, he got involved in the grudge happening between two families (lead by Ashish Vidyarthi and Suresh). He is taking revenge without revealing his identity, in the name of Vaayu Puthiran.

The jail scenes involving Vennirai Aadai Moorthy in the beginning are not attractive. The villain in the jail is not flexible, he is seen many times in the second half also, which is not a good sight. The different get ups given for Arjun, reminds us of the black and white movies, where heroes like NTR, MGR, Prem Nazir etc hides their identity using a single dark mole in their face. In the current age, it is pity to repeat some attempts almost similar to it. The carpets on the floor are clearly revealed in the action scenes, which shows that it is done by some inexperienced people.

Arjun's old look is revealed in his appearance, his flexibility is not at the best. It is time for him to concentrate on the script (like 'Karna') and direction sides more. Don't forget that he has directed movies like 'Sevagan', 'Prathap', 'Jai Hind', 'Vedham', Ezhumalai' etc. Mammootty was good for the title role, but Arjun is not fully fit for the role that demands some comedy elements also. Kannada girl Haripriya ('Kanakavel Kaakka' fame) is not having the great looks necessary for a heroine. Sathyan, who comes as hero' companion has also not done well. Songs by Dhina are not good, hence it has affected the dance choreography also. Anjaneyalu is the cinematographer and Kay Kay is the editor.

The relevance in which the songs at abroad are shot in the coastal areas and back water sides are not understanding, as the story of the movie is happening in a place which is surrounded by water. The director had decided to shot the movie at the same place where the original version happened, thus the scenes in the boat, swimming in water, harbor area etc have been repeated here also, which is not a good custom. Even the friend's character of the hero is a similar figure that of Manoj K.Jayan.

Even after getting a promotable story, the scripting and the presentation sides can make a movie weaker; 'Vallakkottai' is the best example for such a phenomenon.

Rating : 3.5 / 10

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Golmaal 3

Medium : Hindi
Starring : Ajay Devgan, Mithun Chakravarthy, Kareena Kapoor, Arshad Warsi, Thushar Kapoor, Shreyas Talpade, Kunal Khemu, Johny Lever, Ratna Pathak Shah
Director : Rohit Shetty
Music : Pritam, Sanjoy Chowdhary (bg score)

It is time for a comedy sequel. 'Golmaal Returns' came after two years from the successful 'Golmaal', now the same team had come up with another part 'Golmaal 3'. Almost all the actors who came in the last movie are maintained with the senior actor Mithun Chakravarthy and Kunal Khemu ('Kalyug', '99' fame) being the new comers. Rohit Shetty, who had directed the previous versions along with other movies like 'All The Best', 'Sunday' etc is the director of 'Golmaal 3'. He had decided to enter the list of comedy creators like David Dhavan and Priyadarshan. Pritam is the music director, Dudley is the cinematographer. The shooting of the movie took place at the coastal areas of Goa.

The story mainly focuses on two groups lead by Pritam (Mithun Chakravarthy) and Geetha (Ratna Pathak Shah). Both of them were lovers once, their marriage didn't happened as the lady's father (Prem Chopra) objected it. Pritam and Geetha are now the guardian of the three members each. Arshad Warsi, Thushar Kapoor and Kunal Khemu are in the first family so as Ajay Devgan, Shreyas Talpade and Kareena Kapoor belongs to the second group. Those members always hated each other. Pritam and Geetha met after a long gap; As per the help of Dabbu (Kareena Kapoor), they decided to get married. Without informing others, how they got into the family life and the after effects of such a thing is told in the later protions of 'Golmaal 3'.

Like the previous versions, here also the director had given importance for out and out comedy situations. There is laughing chances in almost every scenes. The flash back scenes of Mithun Chakravarthy accompanied by the songs from 'Disco Dancer', the revenge happening between the two groups, the opponent group afraid of the finger breaking habit by Ajay Devgan, the step brothers fought each other in the house through actions, attack episodes on Mithun Chakravarthy, the actions of Shreyas Talpade and Thushaar Kapoor, the quotes given by Kunal Khemu, teaser episode on the police inspector, Johny Lever's 'Ghajini' syndrome etc are some of the areas that creates comedy. The chasing scenes are filled with some un realistic shots.

Pritam had given some peppy numbers. Bg score by Sanjoy Chowdhary is good. Songs are shown colorfully. Action scene is also neatly done, filled with some unlimited slow motions. Cinematography by Dudley is colorful. Steven H. Bernard is the editor. Ajay Devgan is a rough and tough guy. Arshad Warsi and Kunal Khemu have done the role with ease. The talking style of Thushar Kapoor and Shreyas Talpade creates laughter. Mithun Chakrabarthy in his serious role creates humor. Kareena Kapoor and Ratna Pathak Shah (w/o Nasarudeen Shah, 'Jaane Tu Yaa Jaane Naa' fame) have also done well.

If you want unlimited fun without looking for the logic, you can watch the comedy entertainer 'Golmaal 3'.

Rating : 6.5 / 10

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Uthama Puthiran

Medium : Tamil
Starring : Dhanush, Genelia D'Souza, Vivek, Bhagyaraj, Ashish Vidyarthi, Ambika, Rekha
Director : Mithran Javahar
Music : Vijay Antony

Director of remakes, Mithran Javahar had come up with another one for his favorite star. This time it is 'Uthama Puthiran', borrowed from the telugu hit 'Ready' by Raam and Genelia. Previous projects from the director like 'Yaradee Nee Mohini' done by Dhanush and Nayantara (remake of 'Aadavari Matalaku Ardhalu Verule' by Venkatesh and Thrisha) and 'Kutty' done by Dhanush and Shriya Sharan (remake of 'Arya' by Allu Arjun and Anu Mehta) had done fairly well at the box office. Hence Dhanush wants to continue his luck with the same director. They had kept Genelia D'Souza ('Boyz', 'Unakkum Enakkum', 'Santhosh Subramanyam' fame) here also, the girl who acted in the original version. Vijay Antony is the msuic director and Balasubramanyam is the cinematographer.

Siva (Dhanush) and his companions are kidnapping a girl from the marriage hall for her friend. Later, he came to the know that she was not the right girl to be brought. When got up, the girl named Pooja (Genelia D'Souza), was not ready to go back and she also thanked them to take her out of a function that is not interested to her. The villains are also chasing them. Siva and Pooja spend some days and as per former's idea, she is reaching Siva's house. Her uncle (Bhagyaraj) is allowing her to stay there. Siva and Pooja stayed there without revealing others that they know each other, a love track was developing within them. At one stage, Pooja's family members reached there and take her away. How Siva got success in his love is told in a lengthy second half.

The story and the family situations here reminds us of movies like 'Unakkum Enakkum' and 'Santhosh Subramanyam' which were also telugu remakes. The heroine's character is having the flavor of those movies and Genelia had done well in charming role in her style. The family scenes sometimes felt a cinematic thing (such a big canvas is a part of the telugu industry). The second half is told in a comedy background, Vivek had stolen most of the scenes there with his performance. The cheating scenes done by the hero's family have been shown many times before.

Dhanush is ok for the role (his continuity in the appearance is affected in some areas). Ashish Vidyarthi and telugu actor Jaya Prakash Reddy who comes in the role of brothers did a good job. Master Bharath, who comes as the latter's son and his activities are good. Vijay Antony had given some fast numbers. His bg score is also good. Action scenes are not the best. Cinematography by Balasubramanyam ('Maja', 'Azhagiya Thamil Magan', 'Ninaithaale Inikkum', 'Kutty' fame) is colorful. The director should have taken care to cut short the length of the movie, which would come nearing three hours. Comparing the two, I felt that the original version is the

'Uthama Puthiran' is a family entertainer having ingredients like comedy, songs, dances, fights, sentiments etc.

Rating : 6.5 / 10

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Action Replayy

Medium : Hindi
Starring : Akshay Kumar, Aiswarya Rai, Aditya Roy, Randhir Kapoor, Ompuri, Neha Dhupia
Director : Vipul Amrutlal Shah
Music : Pritam, Salim Sulaiman (bg score)

The director of 'Aankhen', 'Waqt', 'Namstey London' & 'London Dreams', Vipul Amrutlal Shah had come up with his new movie, 'Action Replayy'. The hero of the director's first three movies, Akshay Kumar did the lead role with Aiswarya Rai. They have teamed before in Rajkumar Santhoshi's 'Kaakki', which happened 7 years before. The posters and the promotional scenes of the movie with hero - heroines in different appearances, showed that the story is happening in the olden days.

Bunty (Aditya Roy) is the only son of rich couple Kishen (Akshay Kumar) and Maala (Aiswarya Rai). He is fed up after witnessing the quarreling happening between his father and mother for silly things. Hence he don't want to marry his lover. One day, he got a chance to meet the latter's uncle (Randhir Kapoor), who has developed a time machine with which one can travel against time in the past. Using the equipment, Bunty tried to go to the time when his parents started loving, thus comes the flashback where he is shown as it is with his parents at their younger age.

The story of the movie, based on a gujarati play, is an unbelievable one, though we have seen similar ideas in english movies like 'De Jaavu' and 'Inception' before. Here also the director had tried something similar to it, but the motive is not so strong and the climax given to the movie is not easily conveying. It is not easy to digest the fact that a child (even before his birth) is planning to make his father getting love with mother. It would have been better if the director would have avoided such a negative logic to tell that story. The mid 70s period is totally wasted to tell the hero becoming glamorous and bold to express his love. The changes happening to the hero is all on a sudden. The machine used by the scientist to travel through the past looks like the one that used by bike riders in circus. The passing shots of extra artists wearing the old style dress in many sequences, felt that it is deliberately created.

The title sequences had got good visual effects similar to the old style movies. Salim Sulaiman had given the essential bg score there. It comes here and there, but is not maintained through out in all portions. Songs by Pritam have got the beats, but not the best. Cinematography by Sejal Shah is colorful. Aiswarya Rai's make up is not suited some times, as her old look is revealed. She had done well in the dance scenes. Akshay Kumar is ok, needs more improvement in performance as an old man. As a new face Aditya Roy did well.

No need to go for 'Action Replayy' with the impression of a different entertainer. The story and its presentation is not good enough to attract you.

Rating : 4.5 / 10


Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Dileep, Akhila, Madhu, G.K.Pillai, Suraaj Venjarammood, Sidhiq, Salim Kumar
Director : Thomson

Music : Berni Ignateous, Rajamani (bg score)

Dileep, who came to the industry as an assistant director, entered the acting area by doing
supporting roles, then gradually started doing the hero oriented characters with 'the boy next door' image, the post 2000 year saw the rise of his stardom by delivering some hit projects. But the situation is not good for him in the last 3 years, specifically after 'Vinodayathra'. His previous movies like 'Paappi Appacha', 'Body Guard' and 'Aagathan' also didn't do well. But these projects didn't bombed at the box office badly, which is due to the fact that he is still a favorite face among the family audiences.

It is almost 18 years since Dileep had started showing his face in front of the camera. 'Kaaryastan' is his 100th movie. It is directed by new comer Thomson. Akhila, an anchor from the mini screen did the heroine role. Star writers Uday Krisha - Sibi K Thomas has written the script. Suraaj Venjarammood, who is not usually seen in the Dileep's camp, did the companion role with the hero (as the situation demands). Veteran actors Madhu and G.K.Pillai have got important characters here.

This is the story of two families, called Puthezhathu and Kizhekkadathu. In the olden days,
the good relationship existed between those neighbors have been broken due to the problems happened in a marriage. Now, after many years, Krishnanunni (Dileep) reaches the house as the 'karyasthan'. How he tried to solve the problems between the two houses, forms the rest of the story.

The story of the movie is good, but it has got resemblances with some telugu - tamil
movies in the past. The scenes in which the hero projects his heroism by jumping out from the horse cart in the introduction, giving coaching to the heroine in the western music and the dance, the fancy dress type appearances of the hero in the song etc are poor episodes which creates a negative effect on the viewers. Dileep is good in his role, but he should have avoided some hero oriented gimmicks done to boost up his character. Suraaj Venjarammood creates some laughter here and there. Salim Kumar is given a thief role. Harisree Asokan is not at all needed in the story. The new face Akhila didn't get a big platform to perform.

The misunderstanding on the
marriage scenes is created here also, like the situation in 'Pulivaal Kalyanam' by the same writers.The director had failed to show the family scenes in a colorful manner like we have seen in 'Kalyaana Raaman'. The flash back episodes had got the touch of movies like 'Raaja Maanikyam' (scripted by T.A.Shahid), 'Annan Thambi', 'Chattambi Naadu' etc (scripted by Benny P. Naayaramblam). Fights by Mafia Sasi cannot be rated best, especially the first one using the sticks are created in a childish manner. Songs by Berny Ignateous are below average only, 'onavillin...' song had got the real flavour of S.A.Rajkumar's tamil songs. The modern vulgarity given to the 'krishne nee...' song cannot be accepted. It is for the serial loving ladies to comment on the impact of the song 'mangalangal...' featuring many mini screen faces and singers. Rajamani's bg score is in his usual style only. P.Sukumar is the cinematographer and Mahesh Narayan is the editor. It is good to see all the technicians worked in the movie, at least through a climax song.

Those who like to watch family comedy dramas can watch 'Kaaryasthan', without keeping much expectations in mind.

Rating : 6 / 10