Saturday, November 6, 2010


Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Dileep, Akhila, Madhu, G.K.Pillai, Suraaj Venjarammood, Sidhiq, Salim Kumar
Director : Thomson

Music : Berni Ignateous, Rajamani (bg score)

Dileep, who came to the industry as an assistant director, entered the acting area by doing
supporting roles, then gradually started doing the hero oriented characters with 'the boy next door' image, the post 2000 year saw the rise of his stardom by delivering some hit projects. But the situation is not good for him in the last 3 years, specifically after 'Vinodayathra'. His previous movies like 'Paappi Appacha', 'Body Guard' and 'Aagathan' also didn't do well. But these projects didn't bombed at the box office badly, which is due to the fact that he is still a favorite face among the family audiences.

It is almost 18 years since Dileep had started showing his face in front of the camera. 'Kaaryastan' is his 100th movie. It is directed by new comer Thomson. Akhila, an anchor from the mini screen did the heroine role. Star writers Uday Krisha - Sibi K Thomas has written the script. Suraaj Venjarammood, who is not usually seen in the Dileep's camp, did the companion role with the hero (as the situation demands). Veteran actors Madhu and G.K.Pillai have got important characters here.

This is the story of two families, called Puthezhathu and Kizhekkadathu. In the olden days,
the good relationship existed between those neighbors have been broken due to the problems happened in a marriage. Now, after many years, Krishnanunni (Dileep) reaches the house as the 'karyasthan'. How he tried to solve the problems between the two houses, forms the rest of the story.

The story of the movie is good, but it has got resemblances with some telugu - tamil
movies in the past. The scenes in which the hero projects his heroism by jumping out from the horse cart in the introduction, giving coaching to the heroine in the western music and the dance, the fancy dress type appearances of the hero in the song etc are poor episodes which creates a negative effect on the viewers. Dileep is good in his role, but he should have avoided some hero oriented gimmicks done to boost up his character. Suraaj Venjarammood creates some laughter here and there. Salim Kumar is given a thief role. Harisree Asokan is not at all needed in the story. The new face Akhila didn't get a big platform to perform.

The misunderstanding on the
marriage scenes is created here also, like the situation in 'Pulivaal Kalyanam' by the same writers.The director had failed to show the family scenes in a colorful manner like we have seen in 'Kalyaana Raaman'. The flash back episodes had got the touch of movies like 'Raaja Maanikyam' (scripted by T.A.Shahid), 'Annan Thambi', 'Chattambi Naadu' etc (scripted by Benny P. Naayaramblam). Fights by Mafia Sasi cannot be rated best, especially the first one using the sticks are created in a childish manner. Songs by Berny Ignateous are below average only, 'onavillin...' song had got the real flavour of S.A.Rajkumar's tamil songs. The modern vulgarity given to the 'krishne nee...' song cannot be accepted. It is for the serial loving ladies to comment on the impact of the song 'mangalangal...' featuring many mini screen faces and singers. Rajamani's bg score is in his usual style only. P.Sukumar is the cinematographer and Mahesh Narayan is the editor. It is good to see all the technicians worked in the movie, at least through a climax song.

Those who like to watch family comedy dramas can watch 'Kaaryasthan', without keeping much expectations in mind.

Rating : 6 / 10

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