Friday, November 19, 2010

Best Of Luck

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Mammootty (guest role), Prabhu, Asif Ali, Kailash, Urvasi, Rima Kallingal, Archana Kavi, Jagathy
Director : M.A.Nishad
Music : Euphoria, Rajamani (bg score)

Like other languages, the youth trend is slowly happening in the malayalam cine industry also. The shooting of many such projects are going on. The acceptance of movies like 'Apoorva Raagam' and 'Malarvaadi Arts Club' gave the extra energy for producers to invest amount on projects having young actors. Director of 'Pakal', 'Nagaram', 'Vairam' etc had come up with his new movie 'Best Of Luck' with many popular young faces introduced through 'Rithu' and 'Neelathaamara'; senior actors like Prabhu and Urvasi are placed in notable roles and more important Megastar Mammootty is doing a guest appearance, which makes the project big. Sanjeev Shankar is the cinematographer and Samjith is the editor.

Manu (Asif Ali) and Soorya (Kailash) are friends. Both of them are having their own ambitions in the life. They had got lovers (Rima for Manu and Archana for Soorya). Manu wants to enter the movie industry, Soorya is living with the small amount of money he gets monthly from his step brother (Prabhu). They are having some financial liabilities and wants to solve it by the help of Soorya's brother who is very rich. Soorya called him and told a lie that his marriage has happened. They thought that the brother will register the house in Soorya's name. One day, the brother decided to visit them when Archana was in abroad, Soorya had to show some one as his wife, Rima acted in such a role, there the confusion drama had started. Mean while Manu tells his story to actor Mammootty as a part of doing a movie and the star had asked him to work on it. How the friends achieves their ambitions, is told in a humorous way here.

'Best Of Luck' is not a fresh theme like the recent releases 'Cock Tail', 'Four Friends' and 'Anwar'. It is the remake of hindi movie 'All the Best' starring Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgan and Fardeen Khan by Rohit Shetty ('Golmaal' fame) and some of the episodes reminded us of many situation comedies that came in Priyadarshan movies in the past. But the director had not succeeded in presenting the movie in an acceptable way. This is mainly due to the immaturity of the players who had participated in a game which is not at all familiar to them, even the refree. Asif Ali is ok. Kailash is not flexible, it is neatly evident in many areas especially songs. The performance of Rima Kallingal and Archana Kavi are not natural. Prabhu's heaviness in the character is not revealed as expected. Urvasi's dialogue slang is an over doze in some areas. Bheeman Raghu's role felt too funny at times. The role given for Jagathi and Suraaj Venjarammood are not creating a good comedy.

The combination scene involving four-five artists to create the comedy is filled with bad timing sense and hence too horrible most of the time. The dialogues involving chewing gum name had been told many times, which is good for an advertisement only. The songs given by Euphoria band are not good. Bg score by Rajamani is also affected as rest of the situations. Since the majority areas are straightly lifted from hindi, Vinu Kiriyath's task was only to write the dialogues, which is also not done in the best way. Mammootty's role in three scenes is an addition in malayalam version, which is good, but with in all the other instabilities it can't be highlighted alone.

If you are very particular about this comedy subject, it is good to take the dvd of hindi movie 'All The Best' and enjoy; those who want to watch Mammootty, try some of his good movies; At any cost no need to "die" for a bad remake like 'Best Of Luck'.

Rating : 2 / 10

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