Sunday, November 14, 2010


Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Kalabhavan Mani, Vinu Mohan, Sudheesh, Anoop Chandran, Muktha, Shruthi Lakshmi
Director : Dr.M.M.Ramachadran
Music : Alex Paul, Rajamani (bg score)

After M.Mani ('Engane Nee Marakkum', 'Love Story'), Maani.C.Kaappan ('Mannar Mathai Speaking'), Samad Mankada ('Kichamani MBA'), M.A.Nishad ('Pakal', 'Nagaram', 'Vairam' etc), East Coast Vijayan ('Novel') etc; it is time for another producer / business man to enter the direction field. The chance is for Dr.M.M.Ramachadran alias Atlas Ramachandran. He had produced some notable movies in the past like 'Vaishali', 'Sukrutham', 'Dhanam' etc. He had tried a youthful subject with many young faces (including Sudheesh!, since 20years, he is doing the same) and Kalabhavan Mani coming in a notable role. Mohan Thomas, a not so familiar name, has written the script, along with doing the chief associate job for the new director. Utpal.V Nayanar is the cinematographer.

The movie opens with a song at Bangkok featuring all the main faces. In 'Happy Husbands' also we have seen the same, so no need for an issue. A group of people (Vinu Mohan, Sudheesh, Anoop Chandran, Renjith Menon, Muktha etc) reaches Cochin with some plans. They came here from Banglore to attend the engagement function of one among the girl in their group, who in turn is the daughter of a political leader (Devan). The girl is in love with a person (Sudheesh) from the same group, so their motive is to help the lovers in registering their marriage without the help of the parents. On the way, the group had acted against a quotation gang who tried to attack another girl (Shruthi Lakshmi) in the same bus. Later, nothing happened according to their plans. What is the trap, what happens to the girl, how the fiends had arranged the marriage of the lovers etc are shown in the second half portions of 'Holidays'.

In one line, the story is ok to be presented. The lack of maturity in the direction and the performance sides are clearly evident. Three of the songs are shown in foreign locations. The situations leading to all the songs are not natural. A couple of songs are coming as an imagination of a supporting character like Anoop Chandran, which includes an item song in which all the boys dancing at the sets. The behavior of Anoop Chandran's character at the bus stand, inside the bus, at the hotel, at the massage parlor etc are good enough to lose one's temper. The word 'tension...' is repeated by many characters almost 100 times, which will create more tension to the viewers.

The unnatural wig and the heroism given to Vinu Mohan's character won't be an easily digestive thing. Mafia Sasi has tried for a couple of rope shots for him in action sequence, the end result felt too pity. The dialogue delivery of Renjith Menon ('Goal' fame) and the other guy from the group felt unnatural. Harisree Ashokan's driver character doesn't have any attractive dialogues to keep in mind. The murder happening in the movie is created as a suspense, but due to the unnatural behavior of the character committing the crime, the culprit is
revealed at the half time itself. The straight investigation done by the IPS officer for a murder is not a natural phenomenon. Bg score by Rajamani is according to the standard of the movie.

It is good to spend your holidays with some other good movies, not by this 'Holidays'.

Rating : 3.5 / 10


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