Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kanyakumari Express

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Suresh Gopi, Babu Antony, Jagathi, Shanavas, Gauri Nandana, Sarayu
Director : T.S.Suresh Babu
Music : Sharath, Rajamani (bg score)

Movie freaks like me has to face difficulty in setting the priority basis in watching a movie, occasionally. This has happened last week also, when almost 6 movies got released. So naturally, in addition to the first come first serve basis of selection, the density of project also matters. Thus, a hindi or an english release will get the same weightage as that of a big one in malayalam. In the current scenario, a movie like 'Kanyakumari Express' may not easily enter my top of the list even after it has got a big team behind it, like director T.S.Suresh Babu ('Kottayam Kunjachan', 'Uppukandom Brothers' fame), script writer Dennis Joseph ('New Delhi', 'Nirakkoottu', Raajaavinte Makan', 'Indrajaalam', 'FIR' fame), cinematographer U.K.Senthil Kumar ('Ullathai Allithaa', 'Arunachalam', 'Unakkage Ellaam Unakkage' fame), young editor Don Max ('Chinthamani Kolacase', 'Tiger', 'Chota Mumbai', 'Annan Thambi', 'Sura' fame) and big producers Pyramid International etc working for a crime investigation subject with Suresh Gopi's coming in "another" police officer's role.

In such a situation, a friend called me two-three days back; he was happy to know that he had seen a movie in advance to me, but warned me not to go near the theater playing 'Kanyakumar Express'. Hearing the name, an average viewer like him thought it to be something like a murder investigation happening in a train, but the reaction (even through a phone) conveyed the message that he is deeply irritated. Anyway since this is a routine for me, I decided to watch the movie of the same director and writer combination that gave movies like 'Kottayam Kunjachan', 'Kichakkan Pathrose', 'Maanyanmaar' etc. I am also aware that the director's last movie 'Mark Antony' was a flop one and it was also with the same actor.

The daughter (Sarayu) of a diamond merchant (Shanavas) is being kidnapped. The CM (Jagathi) had handed over the case to DIG Mohan Shankar (Suresh Gopi). Despite his attempt, the girl is killed. Mohan was not willing to spare the people who did the crime. Thus goes the story (?)

The movie is filled with bulk of unwanted, unprofessional and childish elements. The 'ripper' style attack (only) by the kidnappers, The co-workers sitting like statue for the hero's instruction, The IPS officer coming in 'lungi' to CM's house, The IPS officer running through the roads of Trivandrum city for kilometers, The awkward body language of the new face as gang leader, The use of advanced technology like 3G without knowing the relevance, The introduction of villain in the helicopter (3d made) without opening the doors, The performance and the dialogue delivery of Babu Antony and his actions in front of his group members, The placement of some members with hats at the corners of the room, Repetition of accident scene happening to the hero's wife and kid, The joker like behavior of Tamil Nadu police officer, The amateurish look and performance of the new heroine, The throwing of cell phones by the hero in many areas etc are those areas which may be helpful for anyone to lose temper. The title sequences and the text written on screen in between the movie, lacks clarity. The confusion of naming for the hero is there, sometimes he is called 'Kerala Express', other times 'Kanyakumari Express.

Suresh Gopi had sung a couple of songs, but not attractive. U.K.Senthil Kumar gave some colorful visuals. Editor Don Max gave some fast cuts, but it won't help the movie at any cost. Rajamani's bg score is a repetition of his works from many movies. The only good thing happened here is the placement of 'unedited' visuals at the shooting spot, shown during the end credits.

The journey is too horrible, shocking and un pleasant , please avoid traveling in this 'Kanyakumari Express'...

Rating : 2 / 10


ജിക്കുമോന്‍ - said...

അളിയാ കൊറച്ചു ദിവസമായി അളിയന്റെ കാശ് മലയാളം സിനിമ ലോകം തിന്നുക ആണല്ലോ.. ആന്റെ ഒക്കെ കന്യാകുമാരി എക്സ്പ്രസ്സ്‌ പോലും.. തീയറ്ററിനു തീ വെച്ചിട്ട് പോകാത്ത എന്തെ അളിയാ..

nikhimenon said...

why do yu go and watch all this shit?