Sunday, November 28, 2010

Swantham Bharya Sindabad

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : 'Guinness' Pakru, Mukesh, Harisree Asokan, Salim Kumar, Shruthi Lakshmi, Tesni Khan
Director : Biju Vattappaara
Music : Kaithapram Viswanathan, Mohan Sitara (bg score)

After 'Albhudadweep' and 'My Big Father', 'Guinness' Pakru is once again coming in a lead role. The movie is called 'Swantham Bhaarya Sindabad'. The script writer of 'Lokanathan IAS', 'Kalabham and the director of 'Raama Raavanan', Biju Vattappara is the director of this movie. Rafi Mathira is the producer, who also hold the credits for the songs and the co-director posts. Shruthi Lakshmy ('Romeo' and 'Holiday's fame) is the heroine.

Vettoor Sivankutty (Guinness Pakru) is a left activist. His brother-in-law (Harisree Asokan) is working in the opposition party. In the house, both of them attacks each other usually through words. Since the ward is reserved for women, the political party had asked Sivankutty to get married. The bride (Shruthi Lakshmy) finds it difficult to adjust with Sivankutty even after many days. At this time the actor Pavan Kumar (Mukesh) reached the village for a shoot. Sivankutty, with the help of his party workers blocked the shooting and acted against the members of the camp, keeping a complex in mind that his wife is a great fan of Pavan. In such a situation, the healthy going of the hero's family matters are also affected, how the problems are solved is shown later.

Most of the political based dialogues told by the hero, his exchange of words with the family members, his combination scenes with the heroine etc had got the flavor of Sreenivasan's style in 'Sandhesham' and 'Vadakku Nokki Yanthram', even if there is no use in comparing classical satires with an ordinary. The director had not carefully watched the problems happened in many shots; In a serious situation, the servant character is placed on the back with out any dialogues, In a couple of crowd scenes some of the participants are behaving odd, the arrival of the actor at the marriage and its after effects are those areas that needs more realistic approach. The question can be raised whether the suspense kept for the heroine character is targeting the viewers (the hero should be aware of such a matter well in advance). The heroine acting in the project and bagging the award for her debut project can be taken as cinematic things. The political motive behind the marriage is not discussed. The brother-in-law trying to attract the heroine is not a digestible thing. The hero trying to attract his wife in different styles won't create much laughing as expected.

The songs are not shown in an attractive way. Bg score by Mohan Sitara is a repetitive thing from his previous projects. Cinematographer is Anpu Mani and Samjith is the editor.

'Swantham Bharya Sindabad', the slogan won't guarantee you good entertainment as you expected, hence it is not advised to join this rally.

Rating : 3.5 / 10