Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Thriller

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Prithviraj, Sampath Raj, Subair, Sidhiq, Lalu Alex, Katherine Theresa
Director : B.Unnikrishnan
Music : Dharan, Shaan Mon (bg score)

After 'Raavanan' and 'Anwar', young star Prithviraj's next role is also an action oriented one, the name of the movie being 'The Thriller'. It is directed by B.Unnikrishnan ('Pramaani', 'Maadambi', 'IG', 'Smart City' fame). He was also the writer of police stories like 'Sivam' and 'The Tiger' (both directed by Shaji Kailas). Sabu Cheriyan ('For The People', 'Finger Print' fame) is the producer. Cinematography is by Bharani.K Dharan ('Puthiya Mugham', 'Police Police' fame). Dharan (tamil movie 'Paarijaatham' fame) is the music director.

Niranjan IPS (Prithviraj), the DCP is investigating the murder of the young business man Simon Palathinkal (Prajin). Simon is brutally killed on the road at mid night. His last words were taken by Niranjan as a lead towards those who did the crime. He had arrested few and also assumes that the two friends who traveled with Simon just before the murder, should have some links with the case. Any way the top officials were ready to close the case since most of the men behind were caught. But Niranjan was not satisfied, he was going behind the real culprits, until it is revealed in the climax part of 'The Thriller'.

The story of the movie is based on a sensational murder incident happened in the state. The director had presented it the best way needed for a suspense investigation thriller. The maximum heroism has been given for Prithviraj, especially the introduction action scene followed by a song. His police role is reminding some of the Suresh Gopi movies in the past. The dialogues (like "born to one father...") and some of the situations created between officers in the police force, villain and the hero etc has got the flavor of the movies like 'Commissioner', 'FIR', 'Tiger' etc. Bharani.K Dharan's fast visuals gives an action mood and it has been edited neatly by Manoj, but some where the over projection of heroism to the lead character through shots were evident. Sampath Raj ('Anwar', 'Goa', 'Chennai 600028' fame) did well in his character.

The heroine Katherine Theresa needs more maturity in performance, though her role is not big. The romantic song featuring the old lovers and the item song were not needed in such a situation. The way in which the heroine tried to express her feeling towards the lover, creates a negative reaction on the viewers. The running scenes followed by actions are created in such a way that the hero is badly needed to end any illegal activities happening or to catch any criminals. Action scenes by Anal Arasu ('Anwar', 'Sagar Alias Jackie', 'Big B', 'The Tiger', 'Keerthichakra' fame) are fast and catchy, but he should take extra care to notice the fact that floor carpet beds for the extra artists to fall are revealed in many shots. The gun shots in the climax fight felt unrealistic. Songs by Dharan are not the best. Bg score by Shaan Mon ('Ring Tone' fame) matches the mood.

Those who love to watch murder investigation subjects with a suspense, can watch 'The Thriller'; here Prithviraj comes in a stylish cop's role.

Rating : 6.5 / 10


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Thrilling 'thriller'.Good movie frm b.unnikrishnan.

Anonymous said...

good movie. Excellent pritviraj. 7/10

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i heard its bakwaas film from my friend vinu bangalore

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The film is just for those who are not reading newspaper daily