Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Medium : Tamil
Starring : Arjun, Ashish Vidyarthi, Suresh, Livingston, Ganja Karuppu, Haripriya
Director : A.Venkitesh
Music : Dhina

In the last decade, actor Arjun has not got any big hits, other than an average one like 'Giri' to maintain his name 'Action King'. The last release from him was just a month before, where he joined hands with Mammootty for the movie 'Vandemaatharam'; but the result was not positive for him. A.Venkitesh, the director of action entertainers like 'Aye', 'Kuthu', 'Dum', 'Bhagavathi', 'Malai Malai', 'Maanja Velu' etc had decided to take the megaphone for Arjun. The two had teamed up before for movies like 'Durai' and 'Vathiyar', which were not popular as expected.

The promotional stills of the hero in different appearances, reminds the director Shankar's debut hit, 'Gentleman'. When going through the titles, I was surprised to see the name of malayalees for the story credit. They are none other than Rafi-Mecartin; the doubt is clarified during the first scene inside the jail, the conclusion is that 'Vallakkottai' is the remake of Mammootty's hit movie, 'Mayavi'. The interest gradually came down, only thing to be noted here is that how far the new version been successful in keeping us alive.

Muthuvel (Arjun) is lucky to be freed from the jail on the independence day. He reached Vallakkottai to make money so that can help his friend's brother who has to undergo a major surgery. When reached there, he got involved in the grudge happening between two families (lead by Ashish Vidyarthi and Suresh). He is taking revenge without revealing his identity, in the name of Vaayu Puthiran.

The jail scenes involving Vennirai Aadai Moorthy in the beginning are not attractive. The villain in the jail is not flexible, he is seen many times in the second half also, which is not a good sight. The different get ups given for Arjun, reminds us of the black and white movies, where heroes like NTR, MGR, Prem Nazir etc hides their identity using a single dark mole in their face. In the current age, it is pity to repeat some attempts almost similar to it. The carpets on the floor are clearly revealed in the action scenes, which shows that it is done by some inexperienced people.

Arjun's old look is revealed in his appearance, his flexibility is not at the best. It is time for him to concentrate on the script (like 'Karna') and direction sides more. Don't forget that he has directed movies like 'Sevagan', 'Prathap', 'Jai Hind', 'Vedham', Ezhumalai' etc. Mammootty was good for the title role, but Arjun is not fully fit for the role that demands some comedy elements also. Kannada girl Haripriya ('Kanakavel Kaakka' fame) is not having the great looks necessary for a heroine. Sathyan, who comes as hero' companion has also not done well. Songs by Dhina are not good, hence it has affected the dance choreography also. Anjaneyalu is the cinematographer and Kay Kay is the editor.

The relevance in which the songs at abroad are shot in the coastal areas and back water sides are not understanding, as the story of the movie is happening in a place which is surrounded by water. The director had decided to shot the movie at the same place where the original version happened, thus the scenes in the boat, swimming in water, harbor area etc have been repeated here also, which is not a good custom. Even the friend's character of the hero is a similar figure that of Manoj K.Jayan.

Even after getting a promotable story, the scripting and the presentation sides can make a movie weaker; 'Vallakkottai' is the best example for such a phenomenon.

Rating : 3.5 / 10