Sunday, November 21, 2010


Medium : Hindi
Starring : Hrithik Roshan, Aiswarya Roy, Aditya Roy Kapoor, Rajat Kapoor, Nafisa Ali
Director : Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Music : Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Tubby - Park (bg score)

This director had done only five movies in his career span of around 15 years. But, he is notable by giving those different movies like 'Khamoshi', 'Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam', 'Devdas', 'Black' and 'Saawariya'; the creator of those, Sanjay Leela Bhansali had come up with his latest. After giving a big flop with Ranbir Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor, this time director had placed Hrithik Roshan in the lead role along with beauty queen Aiswarya Rai (both of them coming together after 'Dhoom 2' and 'Jodhaa Akbar'). Aditya Roya Kapoor of 'Action Replay' fame has also done an important character. The director had shown the extra boldness to be in charge of the role of music director through this movie. Sudeep Chatterjee ('Aashaayein', 'Chake De India', 'Iqbal', 'Road' etc fame) is the cinematographer.

Ethen Mascarenhas (Hrithik Roshan) is a well known magician, who left the profession due to an accident happened during one of his shows, almost 14 years before. With out the help of somebody, he can't move and spending these long years in bed, he has planned something in his mind. He has moved a petition in court seeking for a mercy killing. Sofia (Aiswarya Roy) has been working as his nurse for many years and she is too intimate with Ethen. She is not liking such a hard decision from him. In the mean while, Omar (Aditya Roy Kapoor), a great fan of Ethen, has reached his house to study magic. Ethen has accepted it. How the court reacts to Ethen's wish and what he does even after the request of his close relatives are shown in the later portions of 'Guzaarish'.

The plot of 'Guzaarish' is adapted from the Spanish movie 'The Sea Inside'. Here the characters are changed, but some of the portions are shown as it is from the original. To be honest, comparing the two, the original version was more attractive. Sanjay Leela Bhansali had presented the movie in a serious manner. Hrithik Roshan had done excellent. The acrobatic actor is spending most of his scenes in bed and he is able to move his body in his style in the flash back shots only, which comes in a minimum duration. Aiswarya Rai had grown with the experience she got by working with different directors. She had shown her best emotions in the care-taker role. The chemistry happening between the two actors are good, especially the scene in which she reacts for Ethen's romantic sounds. The court episode at Ethen's house, Sophiya's reaction at the court, Omar's first meeting with Ethen and some of the radio calls are those scenes that are neatly executed. The ending of the movie should have been done in a more neat way.

Sudeep Chatterjee's cinematography is excellent, the light up used to show the majority of the indoor visuals needs praising. Though not the best, song bits by Sanjay Leela Bhansali goes with the mood. Bg score by Tubby - Park is good.

This is not very special, but 'Guzaarish' is a serious and different attempt from bollywood. Please watch it with such an assumption...

Rating : 6.5 / 10

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Thanks da, i saw it yesterday.. its not ok - ok movie.. my rating is 2.75 / 5. too many dramatic sequences which leading to go off from the record. anyways godd.. hmm OK