Sunday, October 31, 2010

Crank : High Voltage

Medium : English
Starring : Jason Statham, Amy Smart
Directors : Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor

Most of the hollywood actors who are notable by doing hero oriented roles are ready to do negative roles at the same time. Jason Statham, is one such actor. You will be seeing him as a hero in 'The Transporter' series and 'Death Race', he will be doing supporting characters in 'The Italian Job', 'The Expendables', 'The One', 'The Bank Job' etc and at the same time he comes in a negative appearance in 'Cellular'. He had got a new release in lead role, 'Crank : High Voltage'. This action thriller is the sequel of 'Crank', that got released almost 4 years ago. It was heard that the new movie opens at the same point where the old version ended.

In the beginning Chelios (Jason Statham) is shown falling to the top of a car from a helicopter at height. Soon he is being removed from the place by a Chinese team. He has been attended by a group of doctors and they conducts a surgery, his heart is removed and replaced with an artificial one with batteries and wires. When he came to know that the team is planning to remove some other organ from his body, he escapes from the scene. On an action sequence, Chelios lost his artificial charger setup, he is contacting his friend through phone, who is giving him the necessary advice to stay alive. Chelios is in the news now, police is also chasing him and how he finds the gang leader, forms the rest of the story, told in an action packed manner.

The way in which Chelios charging the body, reminds us of the similar sequence in the tamil movie 'Enthiran', which is now a massive hit around the world. Though Jason Statham did the role in his style, the theme of 'Crank : High Voltage' is not a convincing one. The hero touching the high voltage electrical line is getting charged, nothing happens to him, which is shown as a thing far from logic. Only thing that can attract you is the high voltage action sequence. The television news visuals never felt realistic. The majority of the dialogues are filled with double meaning and bad words. The scenes at the pub, health club, horse race etc are vulgar as per the situation and thus the movie is not advisable for kids. The cartoon type representation for the fight scene at the power house is not a good custom. The climax fight has got an utter chaos and confusion, such an end for the story is not an acceptable one; it looks like the team behind wants to make another sequel using this theme.

Those who have watched the first version 'Crank' or a hard core fan of Jason Statham can try 'Crank : High Voltage'; others don't waste your precious time for a movie that has got an unbelievable theme.

Rating : 4.5 / 10


Shaju said...

Watch "Rakhtha Charithra". One of RGV's best.

Shaju said...

Watch "Rakhtha Charithra". One of RGV's best.