Monday, October 25, 2010

The Spy Next Door

Medium : English
Starring : Jackie Chan, Amber Valletta
Director : Brian Levant

In the childhood days itself, we were getting chance to watch English movies by Jackie Chan, most of of them being dubbed ones (from korean, chinese to english). Some of them will be releasing very late, may be by an year or two and a few of them will be coming with a different title. I still remember, on an occasion while watching a movie, a friend of mine shouted loudly that this is the same movie that got released before with a different title. Later such a situation changed when the distance between Hong Kong and Hollywood has been reduced to minimum and thus Asian stars like Jackie Chan started doing english movies also.

In the last decade, the big boom for the Jackie Chan projects are less and some of his movies like 'Myth', 'Around the World in 80 days' etc has not released here. In the modern technological period, the home videos of any world movies are available in our market and thus the viewers area able to watch a movie at the time of its release itself. The reason to tell such a fact is that Jackie Chan's new movie 'The Spy Next Door' got released in theaters this week. This has been released world wide around an year before and many months back itself I had watched it. It is to be noticed that the last movie by the hero, 'The Karate Kid' has caught attention here.

Bob (Jackie Chan) is a spy working for CIA, he is about to retire the official life. He wanted to lead a family life by marrying his neighbor (Amber Valletta). She has got three kids. They don't like her mother getting into an affair with Bob. Hence Bob is able to marry his girl friend only after getting an NOC from the kids. Bob is taking his last official mission to spy the Russian terrorist organization. Their leader is caught and now they are keen on taking revenge on Bob. At the mean time, Bob tries to get company with the kids and what happens to his family life and how he acts against the enemies are all told in the later portions of 'The Spy Next Door'.

The presentation of the movie had got an old look. It will feel like watching a movie in the 80's or early 90's. Jackie Chan movies are always notable for action and comedy sequences at its best, but here can't witness anything like that. The villain, his gang and their activities has never got a professional look. Most of the scenes shown on them are not new also. The kids have done well. Some of the combination scenes between the hero and the kid has got the flavor of the recent hindi movie 'We Are Family'. It is too sad to see that the presence of a legend like Jackie Chan has been wasted by the director and his crew.

No need to waste your time for 'The Spy Next Door', If you really want to see a Jackie Chan movie, please get a good dvd of any of his hits in the past and enjoy.

Rating : 4.5 / 10