Sunday, October 17, 2010

Knock Out

Medium : Hindi
Starring : Sanjay Dutt, Irfan Khan, Gulshan Grover, Sushanth Singh, Kangana Ranaut
Director : Manishankar
Music : Gauravdas Gupta, Atul Raninga and Sanjay Wandrekar (bg score)

It is time for another remake subject in hindi. The new bollywood movie 'Knock Out' is adapted from the english movie 'Phone Booth' starring Colin Farrell, Kiefer Sutherland etc. The hindi version is directed by Manishankar, who gave movies like 'Rudraksh', '16 December', 'Tango Charlie' and 'Mukhbhiir'. Noen of them were hits and the director might have tried his luck this time, by remaking a psychological thriller from hollywood which happened in the beginning of this decade. It is produced by notable producer Ronnie Srewvala for UTV.

Tony Khosla (Irfan Khan) is an investment banker who lives with his wife and daughter. In a busy day, he reaches a public telephone booth to make some calls. As he was about to leave, the phone rings and the anonymous caller (Sanjay Dutt) on the other end tells him that he has got a gun which is right now pointed on Tony's head. To make belief, a couple of shots were even fired. The situation became tensed, thus a large crowd, police and the media gathered. The caller had told his demands and the situation forced Tony to act according to the instructions without leaving the phone booth. What were his demands and what Tony did are all shown in the rest of the portions.

A couple of months before, when I heard that 'Phone Booth' is going to be made in hindi as 'Knock Out', I doubted the possibility of a carbon copy happening here. The beauty and thrill of the english version is due to the fact that the caller is not shown till the end. In the remake, it all happened as I expected. In the beginning itself, the caller is shown as Sanjay Dutt and he is taking a revenge using Irfan Khan's character. Unlike from the original version, the character of Irfan khan is lacking a real identity. The impolite and dominating act by the person (Colin Farrell) just before entering the phone booth was good enough to justify the incidents that follows later, in the case of 'Phone Booth'.

The director had also not worked properly on the scripting side. Such a big incident that caused great media attention is only guarded by a small police team headed by an inspector (Sushanth Singh). The team is also shown as a watch men most of the time, such things should have been avoided. The transfer of an enormous amount of money while in the middle of a shoot-outs is not an unbelievable one. The happy reaction of the crowds hearing the good news through TV is also not an attractive sight. The continuity of the dialogue flow is broken at times. Some of the sequences involving Sanjay Dutt's character reminds us of the movie 'A Wednesday'.

Sanjay Dutt has done an excellent job, it is he who really drives the story which makes the audience in a curious mood. Irfan Khan and Kangan Ranaut, who are usually notable for stealing the shows, has not given their 100% on the performance side. Cinematographer Nataraj Subramanyam ('Love Aaj Kal', 'Jab We Met', 'Lafangey Parindey' fame) has given colorful visuals. Editor Chandan Arora has done his job well. The bg score given by Atul Raninga and Sanjay Wandrekar is good. Director Manishankar should have done more homework to make his job a prominet one.

Don't go for 'Knock Out' with an impression to see a thriller like 'Phone Booth'. It is good to get a dvd of the original version; if you can't, then you can try this remake version.

Rating : 6 / 10

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