Friday, October 1, 2010


Medium : Tamil
Starring : Rajinikanth, Aiswarya Rai, Danny Denzongpa, Santhanam, Karunaas

Director : Shankar

Music : A.R.Rahman

In the last two decades, the real super star of the Indian industry, Rajinikanth h
as given chance to very few technicians to direct his movies on more than one occasions, they are Suresh Krishna ('Annamalai', 'Veera, 'Basha', 'Baba'), P.Vasu ('Mannan', 'Chandramukhi') and K.S.Ravikumar ('Muthu', 'Padaiyappa'). Now director Shankar also joins them through the actor's previous venture 'Shivaji - The Boss' and 'Enthiran', the costliest movie ever made in the country. Mega distribution banner Sun Pictures has entered the production side through this movie which is made in a heavy budget of about 150crores and the shooting of the movie happened for about two and a half years.

'Enthiran' was titled 'Robo' previously and it was a project planned by Shankar with Kamalhassan in the lead role, after 'Indian'. It didn't worked out and later it was heard that the movie will be made with Shahrukh Khan in hindi. Any way after impressed by the results of 'Shivaji - The Boss', Rajinikanth has given hit maker Shankar, an immediate chance to work with him and thus came 'Yenthiran' (the change in title is done to as per the regionalism issue in giving names).

Since many years, Rajinikanth has been trying to make Aiswarya Rai as his heroine. Now only he is getting the chance to act opposite the former miss world. She worked with Shankar for 'Jeans' previously. As Amitabh Bachan didn't agreed to do a negative role, the director's search for a new face ended up in the hindi actor Danny Denzongpa. Different from the usual setup, Santhanam and Karunaas are given the option to maintain the comedy track. Rathnavelu, who gave an excellent work in movies like 'Vaaranam Aayiram', 'Nanda', 'Sethu', 'Jagadam' (telugu) and 'Cyanide' (kannada), is the cinematographer. Director's favorite editor Anthony is in charge of the cuts. Shankar's usual companion (except for 'Annyan'), A.R.Rahman, is the music director. Starting from 'Gentleman', this is director Shankar's 10th film in his career, along with him late writer Sujatha and Karky got credits in the writer's list. Oscar winner Resool Pookkutty, Arun Varma etc has worked in the sound designing team. Choreographers inculude Prabhu Deva, Raju Sundaram, Remo, Shobi etc.

Vaseegaran (Rajinikanth) is a scientist who is developing a robot, who is capable to do
anything. The robot is named Chitti (Rajinikanth). Chitti will be acting as per instructions of his boss. Sana (Aiswarya Rai) is Vaseegaran's lover. She is also impressed by the performance of Chitti, on one occasion he is helping her from a dangerous situation. Vaseegaran wants to use Chitti for the development of the human kind through the scientific and atomic research activities. The professor (Danny Denzongpa) is not ready to give a clean chit for the research on Chitti, as he was having some other plans. What happens to Vaseegaran and Chitti, forms the rest of the story.

'Enthiran' has got visual effects and computer graphics sequences in its extreme. The robotics and the motion capture techniques has been used in the best way it can. Shankar has done double role sequences effectively in 'Jeans', here it is shown in a more standard style. Legacy Effects, along with other companies who worked for many hollywood movies has done their part here in a first class way. Cinematographer Rathnavelu should be given good credits for showing visuals that requires the maximum chroma shots. Editor Anthony did his part well. Songs by A.R.Rahman are peppy, but it is not so attractive as Shankar's previous ventures, his bg score goes with the mood. The visuals in the songs are rich and colorful. Peter Heins and Yuen Wo Ping had given some fast and destructive action scenes. Sabu Cyril's art work, especially for interior lab portions has got a hollywood look.

This is an out and out Rajinikanth movie, without any punch dialogues. He is rocking in different roles in his style. Aiswarya Rai also did well. Shankar has tried something different on the story side. We can't see the usual political villains or the bribe issues here, but the movie has got the signature of 'S' in it. The first half is more interesting, the second half lags a little here and there, the mosquito episode is lengthy, the situation created for 'kilimanjaro...' song felt deliberate. The scenes leading to the climax is filled with computer graphics to its maximum and they are shown as a total destruction, it can be accepted as the theme demands it, the different style attacking techniques used there enhances the brilliance of the director and it must be the costliest part of the project.

We are ready to accept anything unbelievable, shown in hollywood movies. So, after watching 'Enthiran', please don't ask foolish questions like how is it possible, is that right, do that happen etc. It is a science fiction - fantasy subject and the hero Rajinikanth is a robot, anything is possible and more over the presentation is realistic using the modern technological methods...

'Enthiran' is an extravaganza entertainer by Rajinikanth in Shankar's style, made by the immense support of Sun Pictures. You should watch it (in theaters) to witness the extreme visual effects treat never happened in an Indian movie before.

Rating : 8 / 10


praveen m.kumar said...

ini kaanaam..!!

shanker said...

This type of reviews r not good.bse a to z its a ever time big be careful when u write the reviews. -Shanker

prasanth said...

hope u r not the director Shankar,
i am not minimizing the effort behind such a grand venture. i wrote in a positive way only, the rating given is less as i don't want to give great expectation to the viewers (though it is justified in the movie). i have witnessed some -ves here and there for 'Shivaji' due to the extreme media hype. i can't hear a single person saying anything -ve on 'enthiran', so pls allow me to upgrade the rating...

ജിക്കുമോന്‍ | നല്ല തങ്കപെട്ട മോനാ said...

Its an extravaganza come total destruction... watched on galleria Dubai on the releasing date 30/08/2010 and it was written there as Releasing all over the world excluding INDIA.. how pity.. my ratings 6.5 / 10.. watched anjaana anjaani also its also a good visual treat throghout US of "A".. fun, love, adventure, spontaneous a typical siddharth anand type movie my ratings are 6 /10