Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Babu Antony, Vijayaraghavan, Shammi Thilakan, Poorna

Director : Simon Kuruvila

Music : S.P.Venikitesh

The early 90's saw the rise of some heroes who were notable through negative roles only, thus many projects were made and marketed under their label. The main participants in that group were Suresh Gopi and Babu Antony. M
ovies like 'Thalasthaanam', 'Ekalavyan', 'Commissioner' etc gave a star image for Suresh Gopi, who acted as villain in many movies since the mid 80's period. Another tall personality Babu Antony, who was introduced by Bharathan (in 'Chilambu'), had also entered the hero position at the same time and gave movies like 'Gaandhaari', 'Arabia', 'Kadal', 'Chandha', 'Bharanakoodam', 'Boxer', 'Kambolam' etc. Though the number of projects were more, the trend lasts for around 3-4years only. After that, he took a gap from the industry, to concentrate more on the personal life. In the second entry he was doing more character and villain roles, now after a gap of around 10years, he had done a hero role in a movie titled 'K.K.Road'.

As there were not
many releases last week, I was forced to watch the movie. Since traveling is a passion for me, I liked the title of the movie, 'K.K.Road' (it means Kottayam-Kumili road, a notable and busy traffic section connecting the districts of Kottayam and the hilly areas of Idukki). I had not heard the director's name Simon Kuruvila before; but the name of political leaders from different parties who were associated with this movie is good enough to give an idea about the personal connection of this producer-director. Some of the politicians who acted in notable roles in the movie includes T.N.Prathapan, C.K.Padmanabhan, P.C.George and V.N.Vaasavan; M.K.Muneer had sung a couple of songs for the movie and Kadannappally Ramachandran's name was there one the top of the voice artists list. Cinematographer Venopalan, who worked for movies like 'Ente veedum Appoontem', 'Mr.Brahmachaari', 'Nammal', 'Pandhayakkozhi', 'Arayannangalude Veedu' etc; is there behind the lenses to give support for the new director. The experienced writer Kalloor Dennis ('Sandharbham', 'Mimics Parade', 'Kudumbasamedham', 'Neelakkurukkan' fame) has written the script.

In the beginning, the dead bodies of 4 members belonging to a family were found in the valley. Haridas (Babu Antony) is the police officer who took in charge of the investigation. The chief minister (C.K.Padmanabhan) gave him full freedom to do his duty. The suspects (Vijayaraghavan, Abu Salim, Nishanth Sagar) were questioned. When the investigation started, a couple of other murders also happened. In the end, the honest officer found out the real culprits.

Viewers are always interested to watch a murder investigation subject even if it is presented in an average way only. We all are aware of such a fact, except the director here. The scripting side it too weak. By placing the politicians (who are inexperienced in the acting area) in some notable roles and lengthy scenes, the whole environment has badly affected. We can't blame 'them' for the poor performance, it is the person who had given them such a burden is really responsible. The characters done by the politicians are given their real names, the reason for that is unknown. The press conference scene and the arrangement of photographers in it are too amateurish. The name of a finance company and its credibility repeated many t
imes by some characters shows that the shooting of the movie happens at least a couple of years before. There is no big suspense element as expected and the motive for the murders are also weak.

Babu Antony did the lead role in his usual way. Action director Palaniraja still follows
the same fighting methods he did for the same hero almost 15years before. Songs by S.P.Venkitesh are very below average, choreographer Shanthi did her work according to the song. Venugopalan's camera work is average only. P.C.Mohanan is the editor. Sun Pictures is the distributor (they are surely not the banner who are producing the 150crore project 'Yendhiran').

In the climax, the hero is chasing the villain in a vehicle, then a fight followed by the running sequence, that didn't ends forever; On the other side a meeting involving most of the leaders (mentioned above) in which the lengthy speech of one by one were also shown, I didn't have the patience and broad mindedness to watch such a horrible situation, I left the theater at that moment...

'K.K.Road' is one such film where some politicians also got the chance to show their faces. Since there is nothing interesting in the subject and its execution, it is better to keep distance.

Rating : 2 / 10

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