Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Inganeyum Oraal

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Saikumar, Vinu Mohan, Maamukkoya, Praveena, Sarayoo

Director : Kabir Raothar

Music : Mohan Sitara

I have decided to watch a project like 'Inganeyum Oraal' only because of the fact that I have to write review on it. I didn't get a chance to watch Sreenivasan's movie 'Athmakadha' which l
eft the theaters last week. Some of my blog followers enquired about the review of the particular project, even though it didn't ran for a week only. It is a strange 'coincidence' that many people are interested in asking about the reviews, if I have not written it. So this time, I don't want to commit the mistake !

Balachandra Menon (Saikumar) is a college professor. He is a chronic bachelor who lives with his nephew Rahul (Vinu Mohan) and the servant (Maamukkoya). His well wishers are searching a suitable bride for him, but he is not ready to accept any. A marriage proposal moved by Menon
is rejected by her colleague (Praveena) . He is too sad at this. One day, the marriage broker showed the photo of Priyamvadha (again Praveena), who belongs to a poor family. She was once Menon's student in the same college, years before. Menon and Priyamvadha married soon. As days passed, the stability in the relationship between the couple affected. Rahul has got a lover (Sarayoo, 'Kappalu Muthalaali' fame). Priyamvadha was a open minded lady. Menon became doubtful at his wife's character. The suspicious attitude caused a split in relationship between the two.

The story is told many many times before even from the olden days. The placement of some unrealistic situations and amateurish artists made the environment more polluted. The reason for giving a double role character for Praveena is still not known. I think the old director might be a big fan of her. The climax also raised many doubts, no one can give assurance that whether the couple lived happily or both of them dead on the same place.

The 2-3 seconds pause given to the end of the majority of scenes should have been avoided. The songs done by Mohan Sitara are not memorable. They are also shown too ordinarily, the one in which the lovers in 'Shakunthalam' costumes is horrible and the marriage song is also done without home work. The bg score bit at the introduction of the teacher Praveena, is the same bit used for Mithra Kurian in 'Raama Raavanan' (both are done by Mohan Sitara, since it is adapted from M.Jayachandran's 'maanmizhi poovu...' song bg, I was able to identify both of them easily).

The college atmosphere is filled with many unwanted situations. The students openly making comments at the teacher, they making fun outside the staff room of their favorite teacher, with
out any provocation and the dwarf security defending the entry of teacher are too childish and won't happen in any colleges. The scenes inside the staff room can make you restless. The placement of three servants (Mamukkoya, Indrans, Kolappulli Leela) for such a small family is a questionable thing. The behavior of the servant lady in some areas goes out of control. Some times the family members (KPAC Lalitha, P.Sreekumar etc) are shown, on another times they are absent. The neighbors entering one by one to praise the couples, the accident happening in front of the hero, the hero watching his wife traveling in a bike etc all felt created things only. The dilaogues during the phone talk by the heroine, towards the end, felt too dramatic. It is not good to test the viewers again by giving such cliche misunderstanding situations like the palmistry and bathing episodes. Saikumar, Praveena and Maamukkoya did well in their roles. Vinu Mohan and Sarayoo gave the performances in the way it demanded. Ramachandra Babu is the cinematographer and Beena Paul is the editor.

By the time, you read the review of 'Inganeyum Oraal', there will be many notable projects in theaters; it is better to choose one among them...

Rating : 2.5 / 10

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