Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Resident Evil : After Life (3D)

Medium : English
Starring : Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, Kim Coates
Director : Paul Anderson

As I told earlier, since there is a permanent 3D screen being set in the capital city, I am getting the chance to watch the 3D versions of the majority
of hollywood movies released these days. I have not get a thrilling experience in any of the movies other than 'Avatar' and 'Final Destination 4'. The latest release in such a version is 'Resident Evil : After Life' which is inspired from a video game. The movie is directed by Paul Anderson ('Alien vs Predator', 'Moratal Kombat', 'Resident Evil' fame). The promotional trailers shown almost a month before had caught attention. It was heard that this movie is the forth part of the 'Resident Evil' series of movies.

As I have not watched any of the previous versions, to understand the concept was a hectic task. Here we are shown, Alice (Milla Jovovich who acted in the previous versions) searching for the group who have conducted the genetic experiments that led to the total destruction. She got the company of four other people to take the revenge. In their journey
, the virus carriers are attacking them. They kills them one by one and in the end reached the ship where the villain stays. Though those persons in the captivities are saved, the villain even after being shot terribly, escapes in a flight and got blasts up in the air. We are not sure whether he is dead or whether he comes back when the next version is planned.

The hollyw
ood creators are still not fed up even after creating so many movies with unbelievable and unnatural themes; still they are wandering for such subjects. It is a fact that they will present the movies in a believable or lovable way. but for every thing there is a limit. Here also you are given a similar theme. This time, the enemy is a viral attack. Those infected by the virus will behave badly as per instructions of the villain. The heroine is successful in destroying all of them. In one such scene, she is shown killing a gang of around 1000 numbers without a single wound in her body. She is using her gun as the weapon and after the incident, she escapes in a rope like the way 'Tarzan' does. In the middle she and her companion (another girl), fights against a giant personality of around 10-12 foot tall and kills him. The movie is having visuals effects in the majority of sequences, they are done well.

The 3D technology available in the theater is not the good one. It is creating an effect, but the main problem happens in the case of clarity. By wearing glasses, the
actual contrast required in the output is not available as it is and thus causes a darker environment, a torch light is required to get the real output (anybody who got the real 3D experience from abroad, please comment on this).

'Resident Evil : After Life (3D)' doesn't gives you a thrilling experience as its trailer, so it won't be a recommended one.

Rating : 5 / 10

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