Friday, September 24, 2010


Medium : Tamil
Starring : Vikranth, Harish, Ramakrishnan, Singam Puli, Poongodi, Swasthika

Director : Raasu Madhavan

Music : Sabesh Murali

The hang over of movies like 'Subramanyapuram', 'Nadodikal', 'Renigunta' etc is still there in the
kollywood. This time, director Raasu Madhavan ('Mayandi Kudumbathaarar' fame) has come up with a village based action subject placing many new faces. Actor Vijay's cousin Vikranth ('Karka Kasadra', 'Nenjathai Killathe', 'Engal Aasaan' fame) has done a notable character in the movie. Director Nanda Periyasamy comes in the negative role.

As every such projects, here also the story happens in a pla
ce around Madhurai, named Goripalayam. This is the story of four friends who were not having an attractive childhood. The circumstances had made them to involve in all kinds of criminal activities. On the other side, they are also having the kindheartedness to help others. On an occasion, a rich family in the locality, acted against the gang. This is due to the fact that the elder brother of the rich family misunderstood that his sister being loved by a member of the gang. They gave the quotation of destroying the whole gang to a professional killer. Who all remains after the battle is shown in the bloodshed second half of 'Goripalayam'.

The conventional way in which the past of each of the group members shown in the beginning, should have been avoided. The love track in which the rich girl getting into an affair with the
baddie is not a believable thing. The ambition of Vikranth's character and the way in which his character is portrayed has got a mismatch. The lead scene dialogue for the song given to him is a reason provided for the song. The first half area in which the life of the group members shown is too rough. The way in which the hero reacts to the family members due to the drug effect might be realistic, but it won't be an attractive thing for the viewers. The scenes in which one of the group member's mother getting into an illegal relationship with the neighbor should have been treated in a professional way. The way in which Mayilsamy's character tells his flashback and the group reacts in a sentimental way cannot be treated as a perfect sight.

The suspense element that is put on the marriage related portion is good. The scenes in which the group reacts to the established gang leader from outside and the way in which they enters the colony and run away from there are done neatly. Cinematography is done by Balabharani. Music directors duo Sabesh Murali has given mostly 'gana' songs, one of them is a romantic number. By putting many new faces and that too in a violent background, director Raasu Madhavan tried to tell something, but in the end it is not at all conveyed to the expected level.

There are romance, sentiments, songs, fights etc mixed with extreme violence in 'Goripalayam'; but it won't give an attractive sight as you expects...

Rating : 4.5 / 10

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