Friday, September 10, 2010


Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Mohanlal, Lalu Alex, Jagathi, Kalabhavan Mani, Kailash, Ananya, Sneha, Mythili

Director : M.Padmakumar

Music : M.Jayachandran, Ouseppachan (bg score)

A project planned with Mohanlal and Nasrudeen Sha
h on the background of forest and bamboo trees, has been announced with Viji Thamby as the director, almost 7-8years ago. If my memory is right, Mohanlal's character name 'Balaraaman' itself was the title for the movie. Any way that project didn't happened, in the middle, the name of Lal Jose came in the director's list. Now, the chance has gone for M.Padmakumar ('Ammakkilikkoodu', 'Vasthavam', 'Vargam', 'Parunthu' fame), to be the captain of the ship, a former associate to master craftsman Renjith. 'Shikkar', which is shot in the dense forests of Kothamangalam, Pooyamkutty etc were also in the news as actor Sreenath's end happened during the shooting days of particular movie. S.Suresh Babu ('Thaandavam', 'Daada Saahib' fame) is the script writer.

The story happens in the high range village of Chittaazha which is busy in the bamboo season. Balaraaman (Mohanlal) is a lorry driver, he has got a companion (Kalabhavan Mani) always. He acted against the baddies who came to create an unstable environment with in the workers, thus he is loved by all in the locality. He lost his wife (Sneha), he now stays with his daughter Ganga (Ananya, 'Positive', 'Naadodikal' fame) is a medical student. Some of the incidents that happened in the life of Balaraaman always haunts him. Ganga started loving Manu (Kailash), a press photographer. When known about Manu's past, Balaraaman opposed their relationship and later he was forced to reveal his flash back.

Mohanal is excellent and his appearance has got the flavor of movies like 'Naran' and 'Bhramaram'. M.Padmakumar has not been successful to dominate 'Shikkar' over those projects, the inclusion of some unwanted scenes added to the negative. The tamil song 'Sembakame Sevappazhake...' featuring Lal (director) and a girl with dancers was only helpful for some viewers for going out to have a smoke and come. Please don't forget that Lal doesn't have a Prabhudeva image among the crowd. It is time for Suraaj Venjarammood to be choosy in his roles, more over his character is showing identical behavior as Jagathi's one. Kalabhavan Mani was not at all needed, he is here to support the hero in punches. Jagathi coming in a rich man appearance for the second time, is shown with his son-in-law (Kannan Pattaambi, production controller), such a scene won't creates laughing as you expected; the reason for the former calling the latter as brother-in-law is not known.

The story of 'Shikkar' is good, but the movie is lagging in many areas. The telugu dialogues heard in the forest has got a 'nagavally' tone, which should have been avoided, as the owner of the voice is shown later. The climax fight happening in between the thick mountains and forest shows that the crew had suffered well, but the output was not thrilling as expected. Since the time and location of the incidents are shown in between the title credits, it creates a confusion in the beginning. The relation of Balaraaman and Ganga can be doubtful (at least for me), whether she is his daughter or his brother's ?. The funny dialogues told by most of the characters in the end of every shot or scenes (might have done during dubbing) are not attractive. The characters of Kochu Preman, Sreelatha, N.L.Balakrishnan etc can be used as fillers only. The reason for Jagathy's fear for the hero's character left unknown. The action scenes and its build up in the first half is an adaptation from many such heroic subjects. The hit duet 'Enthedi Enthedi...' should have been visualized welll, in a greenery backdrop rather than the Hyderabad location.

The telugu song and the associated incidents are shown well to register Abdulla's character to a great extend (though I expect the crowd would be restless, it was not like that). The message given in the climax is good. M.Jayachandran had given the songs for the mood. Bg score by Ouseppachan is good. Manoj Pillai's cinematography is excellent. Ranjan Abraham is the editor. By giving her own voice, Ananya did well in the role. Even in a small role Samudrakkani marked his presence.

'Shikkar' won't stands up to your expectation. It can be watched to witness Mohanlal in another rough and tough role.

Rating : 7 / 10


Anonymous said...

I watched the film shikkar!!I think the film is the combination of
1. bhramaram
2. naran
3. baba kalyani
The total story of "shikkar" compare, the "Telungana issue" is good one!!
Locations & landscapes are almost same taste as the film "Ravanan", hey but ravanan is the great camera work


Anonymous said...

Good movie. Awesome climax. 7/10

Anonymous said...

1st half average, 2nd half good.MOHANLAL & SAMUDRAKANI exellent. Great camera. Bad direction & script. Good casting. Exellent location.7/10

prasanth said...

due to some opposing views from the followers/readers (i felt that some of them are genuine), i am increasing the rating of 'shikkar' slightly; pls treat me as a fan of movies only, i am not against any actor or i won't support any one blindly; whether it is low or high, there will be genuine reasons for my rating...