Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Reviewing a Hollywood film is a challenge. since I already started the journey, I have to travel through this narrow road also in the way where there are lot of hurdles, curves and speed breakers.

One day, one of my friends phoned me and asked 'Have you watched the movie Transformers ?'
To be honest, I said 'No, so far that interest has not reached me'. He told ' Its a hit movie, it has got the extreme visual effects, moreover it is coming from Dreamworks'.That made me think about watching the movie.We cant forget Dreamworks who has got Stephen Spielberg on its top; also they gave some excellent movies like Antz, Madagascar, Shrek, Gladiator etc.

You have seen many advertisements inspired from the story or scenes from a feature film, but on the other side you don’t have any examples for a feature film to be inspired from an advertisement.Many of us have seen the Honda Adv in which a car acts like a human being with hands, legs, body, face etc.May be the story of the film might have inspired from such an Adv, almost all the animated characters in the film behaved in this manner only.

Also I heard that ‘Transformers’ is a video game which is popular among kids. In some shows in Kerala, even some of the kids has clapped seeing the introduction scenes of the animated hero characters. Since I have not experienced the game version, I didn’t felt anything special in such scenes. In that sense we can say that this film is adapted from video games.

Like usual Hollywood films here also we can see the evil powers targeting the day today activities and systems in the United States. US President’s official aircraft, Air Force One is also shown here with the security personals trying to save him. A group of some good characters from the other world trying to save the nation from the enemies is also seen. Most of the fighting scenes resemble that of a video game.But the shots are neatly executed after a great research and homework.We cant differentiate between a real shot and a Computer
Graphics shot.

One wont question a sequence in an English film where the whole city with buildings, roads etc are all smashed and destroyed to ground, where we can see the hero and his companions are not hurt and is safe to find victory over the enemies in the end. English films have got such a license from the Indian audience. Here also they have utilized this license very well.

Here I am not mentioning the story of the film. It may be due to the problem with the Creators of
this film or it can also due to my failure in following and understanding each and every dialogue in an English film. Its up to you to decide…!!!

What we have to watch here is another fantasy film with the ultimate visual effects & graphics sequences where the real characters are mixed with the animated characters. There is no scope for thinking about the sense or logic of the story, just go through the motion from the beginning till end, as if sitting in a rollercoaster.

If you are usually / occasionally watching English films, you can watch ‘Transformers’ also.

Rating : 3 / 5

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Anonymous said...

Transformers is originally a cartoon series of the 80's.