Sunday, September 2, 2007

Chakde India & RGV ki Aag

Even amidst of romantic subjects with amulbaby actors, gigantic sets & songs in foreign locations,dont forget that some of the hindi film technicians are still continuing their experiments on different areas and are successful in it. here we can gothrough two films released in august, 'Chakde India' and 'Ramgopalvarma ki Aag' which belong to such category.

'Chakde India'

Bearing the potential in theme,we can say 'chakde india' is the best film released in hindi after 'lagaan'.shahrukh khan has done the key role.this is a big relief for him from his usual unnatural romantic roles.'chakde india' is directed by shimit ameen.Though this name is not popular,years before he has directed the movie 'ab thak chappan',which was technically also the director has kept the shots exceptionally well in the script written by jayadeep sahni.

The story deals with the social attitude towards hockey game in india and also the concept of 'unity in diversity' is treated in a believable way.other than hero, all other characters are new faces, all of them had done exceptionally well.the producer yashraj films & the director had concentrated in selecting new faces from different states in the country which are appropriate for their roles.

To treat a subject dealing with areas like games,players,winning and losing matches etc can lead to a
dragging atmosphere & if failed to handled properly it can sometimes lead to a total failure.but the script here is the backbone of the is carefully and smartly picturised by the new director.the scenes showing the enemity and unity in the team tells the craft.

Shahrukh is very impressive,which can make even his critics happy.'chakde india' can be projected in the top of the list while counting his films.cinematography by sudeep chaterjee & background score by salim-sulaiman goes well versed with the theme.

By making this film,shimit ameen has also entered the list of ace directors like ramgopalvarma,madhur bandarkar & ashutosh gowrikar,those who are always going behind unusual subjects.

grade : 4.5 / 5

'Ramgopalvarma ki Aag'

As the name tells,'ramgopalvarma ki aag' is a real fire from the superhit director ramgopalvarma.the film's theme is impressed by the old superhit film 'sholay'. all the major characters & the story in that film is taken here by rgv,but the environment is changed now to a city backdrop.

The only common factor in both these films is none other than amitabh bachan.but on the contrarory,he who acted as one of the heroes in 'sholay' is now a villain usual the living legend is stealing most of the scenes with his screen presence.
old sanjeev kumar's role is recreated through one of the finest actors in the country,mohanlal.rgv's boldness should be appreciated here.he should be thanked for making mohanlal's character more elaborate than the original version.the film starts & ends with the closeup shots of this south indian
superstar.mohanlal's performance shows that varma's choice was not a bad one.

Ajay devgan is also good in his role.he has also got 2 songs with nisha kothari.the new comer prasanth raj is not upto the mark.but the director managed it by placing shots suited for his performance.sushmitha sen has got a different widow character here. in this film also we can see the notable team from rgv factory as actors.background score by amar mohile is as usual giving the fastness & strength for a ramgopalvarma film.almost all the scenes in the old film is created here by the director according to his interests.ramgopalvarma has once again proved that a film is ultimately a director's craft.

Dont ever compare 'ramgopalvarma ki aag' with 'sholay'. you can watch this as a new film in which mohanlal is the hero & amitabh bachan is the villain.

grade : 3.5 / 5

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John said...

Hi Prasanth,
I saw the movie "Chakde India" and it was really a intresting subject.
The movie comes as a support to all those struggling indians.It addresses most relevant issues that our citizens are facing in their desire to become world class.

Now I am planning to see the RGV Aag.

Keep sending reviews of the movies so that we dont miss any good movies to watch at the theaters.

Keep up with ur good reviews