Sunday, September 2, 2007


when the film 'alibhai' was announced an year before,that time itself,i predicted, this project is not going to be useful for the hero or his wellwishers or the all happened as 'thandavam','onnaman' & 'udayon',this is another black feather in the hat of mohanlal.the main culprits are director shajikailas,script writer ta shahid & the driver/pa/'the so called producer' antony perumbavoor.the last guy has also got some closeup shots in the introduction scenes with the hero.though the distributors tried to beat rajnikanth's 'sivaji', who got 86 release centres in kerala, but in the end succeeded in releasing 76 prints only, that too some of them only in papers.

At this point of time,writer ta shahid should realize how his previous projects like 'rajamanikyam' & 'balettan' were succeeded, not because of his excellent scriptwork,rather it has got some other reasons.'rajamanikyam' has a new spoken language in the form of 'thiruvanthoram' slang.'balettan' was a simple subject which was told many times before,at that time mohanlal was going through a hectic period in his career with many flops in a any film without his superman heroism would have given the same result.ta shahid should also analyze result of his other projects like 'mambazhakkalam','kaakki', 'matsaram', 'natturajavu' etc.

Dont be a fool yourselves by asking about the theme of 'alibhai'.he is the leader of calicut market,he will give his life for his friends,he will fight single handed against his enemies & what not.lal's character is an attempt to increase his popularity in the malabar area,but it has already created a negative effect on his fans allover kerala.

There are many actors in the film to make the includes the useless characterisation of jagadish,sudheesh,saikumar,navya nair,cochin hanif,anand,suraj venjaramood and many others.for the first time,muic director alexpaul totally failed to give atleast one catchy song.moreover they are also such situation is that cochin hanif's daughter played by shamna is going to bangalore for IAS training,after few scenes,she is returning saying that she got first rank in the exams...enough...this is a reason for the market people to celeberate with alibhai's song and dance.the new face,who did the villain role is childish.the climax is a godown fight with him which we have already witnessed in many tamil films in the 80's.

We usually say,risingup and downfall of a star is a part of time-machine.after watching 'alibhai',i felt that downfall is not at all a happening,it is created deliberately.

grade : 1/5

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UnniKrishnan said...

I too agree with your review because being expected a lot for this movie i felt tired watching this movie. People are spoiling this wonderful actor who became a megastar through his consistant performances. He was wongly used in this movie.Alibhais should not be repeated