Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Chennai 600028

We want films like 'Sivaji', 'Pokkiri', 'Gajini' etc, but at the same time we should find sometime to watch & promote small movies like 'Chennai 600028' also.dont you feel some difference in this name itself...?!

Before going into the details of the film, you should be aware who all are behind this film. Film is produced by SPCharan, son of veteran singer SPBalasubramanyam;It is scripted & directed by VenkatPrabhu, elder son of director-producer-writer-lyricist-composer-singer Gangai Amaran;Music is done by YuvanSankarRaja, son of living legend Ilayaraja;Background score is done by PremjiAmaran, younger son of GangaiAmaran;Film's Digital Intermediate & Graphics is done by Ocher Studios,whose owner comes from the superstar's family - Soundarya Rajnikanth.

so, A good film for the youth by the youth is what we can describe about this film in a sentence.

The name of the film resembles a pincode.Yes, it stands for the place 'kamakshi street' where our heroes are living.But,you can't find any heroes in this film.All the artists are heroes and they are all new faces.It is the story of 11 friends who lives in a place,they are working in different places in different organizations,their family belongs to different classes in the society,they are also part of a local cricket team.Their life with happiness, sorrows, quarrellings, victories, failures, love, profession etc are all neatly executed in a realistic humour track by the director.

Hindi film 'Lagaan' might have been an inspiration for this thread.The film starts & ends with a cricket match.The main ambition of our heroes' team,'Sharks' is to find victory over their main rival team 'Rockers' which they cant achieve for the past 4years.Both these teams usually play the finals and victory goes to the same team always.In the end, in a prestigious match whether 'Sharks' got victory to take the cup or not is what the story is.

VenkatPrabhu, who is the script writer-director treated the film in a humorous way.You cant find here any gimmics in telling the story.It is told straight away as if happening in the case of a normal person's life.The dialogue delivery and the incidents happening between the friends will tell you more about this.So one should be careful to follow each & every dialogue in understanding the sequence,since you can find a humour witty track underneath a serious dialogue also.The cricket match scenes are also neatly picturised within the limits.Some of the loving & dreaming sequences are carried away with the help of songs.

The main attraction of the film is the actors,majority of them new faces and all of them has lived in their roles very well.Only face in the team who is familiar to you will be the restaurant supplier boy role done by Aravind ('Nandanam' fame).Another thing is the dialogue used,the Chennai slang is used in a humorous way.The climax and the beach match scenes with kids are remarkable.Director VenkatPrabhu showed that he has also got the talent like his father.As a producer, SPCharan should be appreciated in showing courage to make such a film with many new faces infront & behind camera.

Music director YuvanSankarRaja gave some good beats according to the situations,among them romantic melody 'yaaro...' by SPB & Chitra needs special mention.Cinematograper SakthiSaravanan has good frames featuring cricket grounds and matches in the city backdrop.Background score by PremjiAmaran is excellent.The pathos style bg and songs-bg of 'Nayagan' & 'Manvasanai' used here cope up with the comic situations very well.Premji has also acted well in a role of 12th batsman who dont catch the ball which reaches his hands everytime.

1 or 2 songs could have omitted from the film,but since this is a fantasy medium in which you have a mixture of many things and also the creators of the film comes from the music families, your petition will not be filed.

All in all, this film is a good timepass.

If you got average sense of humour /
if you love cricket /
if you want to remember some moments from your school-college days /
if you can follow tamil dialogues to a certain extend...
then, go and watch 'Chennai 600028'

Rating : 4 / 5


SavageKid said...

Good review! Its one of the few good films I saw in the recent past. Reminds me of my life in Chennai. I am sure any one who has played street cricket can relate to this movie. Simple theme well executed!


P.S: I am not drunk and I do remember ur blog address ;)

ebin said...

Its a good movie.. good songs too..