Friday, October 12, 2007


Madhavan is coming in title role in the film 'Arya' directed by Balamaurugan.Lady leady is by Bhavana.After reaching tamil she has acted in hitfilms like 'Veyil' with Bharath & 'Deepavali' with Jayam Ravi.Another main character is done by the super artist Prakashraj.he is the most wanted actor inalmost all the south indian languages now a days.(evenafter charging 2.5lakhs+ per day for his availability in a film, he is too busy!!!)

Nothing special in the storyline here.Bhavana plays the cruel & cunning sisterrole of Prakashraj,who is a don in the city.She wants to study for mbbs in the middle of an annual year so that his brother - who will do anything for her - is selecting another student with the same name as her sister & forcing her to leave the college with tc.When she refuses the villainkills her infront of minister & the college principal,thus his siter got admission in the college.This is how the film starts.

From this scene itself we know what is going to be happen through out & what will be theclimax in the film.As we expected the hero is transfered from kovai medical college tothe city.He joins as a senior student in the same college where our heroine studies(i dont know whether she is coming to college for studying, no such scenes where she is sitting in the classes are shown, also she is behaving as if she is having the power of a Health Minister, the principal & teachers are afraid of her)

As expected, the heroine is showing her dominancy with the hero.he dont like her attitude & tries to teach her a lesson.she is taking revenge on hero with the help of her brother.gradually the revenge turns to affection.We all know, in the end what will happen.

Nothing big to specify about the theme & team of the film.Performance by hero & the heroine is asusual.With such a theme as discussed 1000 times before they had nothing extraordinary to do.But there is another guy who catch attention in the scenes he is appearing, prakashraj, he is excellent in his usual style & body langauage.i personally feel that he is the biggest discovery in tamil-telugu cinefield in the last by manisharma stands average.

'Arya' is an old wine in the same old bottle.

Rating : 1.5 / 5

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