Wednesday, October 31, 2007


'Malaikottai' is another action flick from Vishal directed by Bhoopathipandyan('Thiruvilayadal Aarambham' fame). The heroine here is Priyamani.One should not forget that she is here after delivering her excellent performance through the film 'Paruthiveeran'.Like actresses Revathi,Radhika,Rekha, Radha,Ranjitha etc; she was also introduced by the veteran director Bharathiraja.But as other heroines she has not changed her name to a different name starting with director's lucky letter 'R'. I dont know whether that has affected her luck in career.But the film field people always believe in such unwanted superstitions.

For those who needs introduction about actor Vishal - He is the one who emerged as a star in the tamil field within a short span of 3-4years.Before acting he was working as an assistant director to actor-director Arjun. Though his first movie 'Chellame' was a hit,he took his name thru his next film 'Sandaikkozhi' directed by Lingusamy,then came another hit 'Thimir',followed by 'Sivapathikaram' & 'Thamirabarani'. May be you can ask, whats his speciality ? There is no such thing to point out, but the real tamilian-look & his youthfulness helped him to keep his place.

Also there is no much speciality in the story of 'Malaikottai'.Hero who is a residentee of Puthukottai met with a rowdy,as a result of such a police case he is being transfered to his uncle's place by his family.After reaching Trichy,his attitude remains the same.That place is ruled by another don.

Hero happened to come across this don's brother,where the latter is beaten brutally like anything & he finally suicides since ashamed of facing the public again.In the climax how the hero takes victory over villain with the help of his uncle who is a police inspector is what 'Malaikottai' is.

The story almost comes to an end in the first half itself.It is elongated to the maximum with the help of songs,romantic situations and some action sequences.The incident in which the heroine pointing the villain's brother claiming that he is her lover,felt different.But in that scene the negative character is shown in an excentric manner.I dont know why the director has asked him to behave like so in most of the scenes.Since his body language himself shows that he is a villain,whats the use in such an overacting ?! Kannada actor Devraj has done good in the leading negative role.

This is the period of Remix songs.'Malaikottai' has also got one.Ilayaraja's old hit number 'hey aatha athorama...' is remixed here & is also picturised colorfuly.Music director Manisharma's hit number 'hey baby...' has also got attractive visuals.

Another name to be quoted here is the action director Kanalkannan.He is the one who has took fame through action squences in 'Citizen','Padayappa', 'Muthalvan' etc. In 'Malaikottai' also he has much to do.

( i dont know whether you people will enjoy an action scene in which a villain is being throwed/hit to 50-100feets by the hero,but i always love to watch a neatly choreographed action sequence in the modern DTS mix technology.Since cinema is a fantasy medium - songs & action scenes are also part of it, you cant laugh at me...)

'Malikottai' is not upto the mark compared to the list of hero's previous hit films.If you have not seen any of the films of Vishal, then you can watch this film to know what he is...

Rating : 2.5 / 5

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