Thursday, November 1, 2007


Sarathkumar's new tamil film 'Namnaadu' is a political subject.He is acted as the Home minister.The fim is directed by Suresh,who once did films like 'Arasu' & 'Gambheeram' with the same hero.This is Karthika's debutant film in tmil as heroine.Nasser has done a supporting character in the film.

The actor turned politician Sarathkumar after being expelled from DMK,formed a new political party.So taking into account of the current political situation in Tamilnadu,i think this is the ideal role for Sarathkumar.Different from Kerala's scenario,there the heroism can reflect on one's political image also.

Hero's father role done by Nasser is a corrupted minister.
The hero character fights against his illegal behaviors and emerge as a good leader among the public. Finally when the current ministry resigns,he wins as independent candidate against his father.

Hero's seat is vital for the winning party to hold majority,he became the home minister. He is doing good for the people,finally the enemity between the father & son comes to an end, the son-in-law who is the villain doesn't like this, kills the former and in the end the hero takes revenge on him.

You might have heard this story somewhere...yes, 'Namnaadu' is the remake of malayalam film 'Lion' acted by Dileep.

Sarathkumar, who once gave superhits like Sooryan','Nattamai', 'Sooryavamasam' etc has not done justice to his role here.Most of the times,he is not active & his body language is average and ordinary.I felt this is due to his entry in the political field.In the middle of such busy schedules as a public servant,he is not at all fit to do a film where there are many retakes & dramas.

So may be the director might had given NOC to most of the shots considering the person who financed for this film.As a result there is no punch in the dialogues as well as the scenes.

Also there are many negatives on the dubbing side,mixing engineer should have concentrated more on this side.The characterisation of hero's mother & heroine's mother is very poor.I dont know why there is scarcity for artists who is doing the roles of supporting characters.
Karthika,who holds a malayalee homely image,after crossing the limits of Valayar,like any other previous artists, she has also done some extra glamour in songs.Charanraj & Riyaz Khan has done their roles satisfactory.

Only good thing that is noticable in 'Namnaadu' is the Kerala Secratariate building,which is never picturised in many tamil films before.It is shown as the Tamilnadu Secratariate where hero's office is situated.

'Namnaadu' is not a promotable one.If you have watched 'Lion',then its more than enough.

Rating : 1.5 / 5

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