Monday, November 12, 2007

Azhakiya Thamizh Makan

'Azhakiya Thamizh Makan' is young star Vijay's next tamil film after his previous hit 'Pokiri'. This film is directed by new comer Bharathan.Music of this film is given by the trend setter man, AR Rehman. Superstar's heroine in 'Sivaji',Shreya is playing the lady lead here. 'Azhakiya Thamizh Makan' has got some malayalee-connections also.The big budget one is produced by Appachan under the big banner Swargachitra.They once gave us hit films like 'Inharihar Nagar', 'Godfather','Friends' etc.

As every hero oriented subject, this film also started with an action sequence followed by a song. The hero meets his lady love asusual in the temple.Songs are there to bind their relation well.
In the plot,one twist has been given by the writer/director here;may be he might have inspired this from the english film named 'Final Destination' or malayalam film 'Iyer the Great'.Thus the extra sense of the hero is also not new to us.

Another thing that is shown here is hero's double role,where the second guy plays the negative role.As far as actor Vijay is concerned this is new,but this cliche is shown in many ways since the old days of 'Seetha aur Geetha'.The misunderstandings which is happening when both these characters are interchanged is not conceived seriously in a make belief manner.In the climax portions,how the postive character wins the match is what explained in 'Azhakiya Thamizh Makan'.

The negative character has got a glamorous heroine in the form of Namitha who comes in three scenes including an item song.Also the way in which she comes in the climax portion reminds us the unnatural masala films in the 90's.Sex bomb Shakeela's role & the comedy sequence created with the a malayalee character who comes to take a film on her is not at all appealing.Lack of good comic situations or a solid depth in story is witnessed very well in the film.

AR Rehman's songs is like an Ayurvedic medicine.Though it will take sometime to be a hit,it is matching the scenes well.Among them there is also an extra modern remix of old hit song, 'Manmadhan vanthal...' Asusual, Rehman has done an excellent job in re-recording.Cinematographer Balasubramanyam who was once associate to KV Anand is a promising name like his guru.I felt no identity or differentiation in acting when the two roles done by Vijay is compared.Sreya is charming in her role.Songs are colorful,especially the steps in the introduction song is notable.

The name 'Azhakiya Thamizh Makan' suggests something different, but it is not so beautiful as you expects.

Rating : 3 / 5

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